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Secret of a one night stand

Secret of a one night stand

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One year ago, an innocent one-night-stand leaves her with the best gift of her life – a little surprise. Brittany gets her life together and moves on, creating a life for her baby. There is no room for men in her life or her bed. However, she bumps into the very man who wanted nothing to do with her, the man who had taken her all and left her broken, a man who she still desires more than she’d ever admit.

Chapter 1 My secret

On January 3rd, it was my friend's birthday and my fateful day turned around. The trajectory of my life also changed that day.

Anne Vyalitsyna – my best friend. That day, he celebrated a huge birthday, at a famous Airi bar in this Los Acosta metropolis. He has a wide circle of friends, so his birthday party is also very crowded. Mainly male and female students of the school.

That day, I wore a tight dress, the neckline was slightly lowered to reveal the tattoo of devil wings on my chest. Looks very charming. During his birthday party, I noticed a playboy in a black shirt with a charming smile sitting over there. He is one of the hot sports boys of the block.

His name is Simon Howard, people call him Sliver. His ball movement speed in ball-related sports is extremely respectable. Just like the wind and always the one to bring victory to the team.

After swaying to the tired music for a while, I took a sip of my wine glass under the chin. Less than five minutes later, my head was pounding with an uncomfortable uneasiness. At this point, it was only a little conscious that I was drugged. Someone picked me up and there seemed to be a commotion. After that, I don't remember anything.

Eight hours later I woke up in the bar's break room, it was only 5am. Everything had a bit of light and so was this room. The shower curtain is black, but I can still see everything around me dimly.

My head hurt like a hammer, after a while I realized that I was not wearing any clothes. And next to me there was a boy who was sleeping soundly, he was also naked. The person is naked, the blanket is wrapped around the lower half of the body. God, I freaked out then.

I got up and walked unsteadily to the bathroom to get dressed and leave peacefully. Because it wasn't quite bright yet, plus the black curtains, I couldn't see her face clearly. I could only see faintly on his chest a tattoo of a snake wrapped around a cross.

Without lingering for long, I left quickly before he woke up. But that was the biggest mistake of my life. I should have stayed and held him accountable for what he did.

About a month after that fateful night, I had symptoms of nausea when I smelled food. Thinking I had a stomach ache, I planned to skip school on Sunday and go to the doctor.

At that time, my face was so deformed, why did every teacher "concern" about everything. Anne too, she told me I looked so much like her sister-in-law. Asked her sister-in-law what was wrong, she said her sister-in-law was pregnant.

Two words pregnant like “the thunder that burns my ears” me. It kept "flying" in my mind for the rest of the week.

Sunday also came, I canceled the plan to go to the doctor to see if there was anything wrong with my stomach, I went to the maternity hospital instead. Standing in front of the hospital gate, my legs were weak. With a lot of effort, I went inside to buy a book and register for a check-up.

While waiting, I saw the people around each have a facial expression, happy yes, sad yes, happy yes, scared yes, ...

The nurse called my name, I stood up like a machine, just followed her instructions but my mind was blank right now, nothing could be stored.

After the examination, I still had to wait about ten minutes to get the results. When the nurse called my name again, my god, my heart almost stopped.

Entering the room earlier, the doctor's face was tense and scary. She stared at the paper. She only needs to say that I am not pregnant and I will volunteer to be her horse for the rest of her life. But maybe God loves me, God doesn't want me to be a cow for her, so I heard her say that I wanted to faint on the spot.

"Are you Brittany Wang?"


"You should be prepared to listen to me."

At that time, I wanted to scream at her, say whatever you want to say, but open and close like this, I had a heart attack and fell to my death. That said, I silently nodded.

"I'm going to be a mother!"

"Huh?" My eyes must have widened in horror or why she turned the paper over to me. My eyes were glued to the words "ONE MONTH pregnant".

I stood up and left the room feeling mixed up, what should I do about it. What will my future be, create it or destroy it. I struggled with thoughts all the way back. The important thing is now how do I find his father. Then I have to tell my parents about this. My grandparents killed me. Am I only eighteen years old?

I dragged home like a corpse without a soul, went up to my room and lay face down on the pillow and cried. Where is that guy with the cross tattoo now, how can I find him? I'm pregnant with your baby.

A week later, I stopped going to school, but when I got home, I could only cry. I don't know how to deal with this. It's gone too far from my control.

Crying until the eighth day, I decided to tell my parents about this. Anyway, adults are smarter than me.

During today's meal, I decided to talk about everything.

"Dad, I have something to say!"

“What's the matter, girl? Do you want to go shopping?” My mother looked at me lovingly. At this point, I feel so sorry for my mother. I put down my chopsticks, clutching the hem of my shirt.

“I…I…have…have…pregnant!” Tears welled up in my eyes, filling my vision.

"What?" My father asked.

"I'm pregnant!" I don't understand why I'm saying it so lightly now.

“Pump, pop” The sound of cups breaking and a very strong splash hit my face. My father stood up and pushed the chair out. His eyes are bloodshot, I know right now he's angry.

“Whose is it? Whose filthy thing you're carrying?"

My father pointed directly at my face, grabbed my shoulder and shook it. I just shook my head and cried. Tears streamed down my face. I saw him grab a nearby rattan whip. I closed my eyes and waited for that blow. But no, why not?

I opened my eyes and saw that my third sister and second brother were standing in front of me. She hugged me, and the second brother held Dad's whip.

"Daddy will solve everything slowly, don't hit him like that, didn't he hear you say I'm pregnant?" My brother is loud

“What do you think now, Britt? Did you give birth to it or give it up?"

"Birth" I also don't understand why I say that, I know, if I give birth to it, my future will be turned off but I don't want to give it up. It's very virtuous, it's my child after all.

“Okay, if you give birth to it, then from this moment, get up and pack up and get out of my house! As if from now on I don't have a child like you! Scat!"

My father took my hand and pushed me towards the stairs. My feet unconsciously walked up to the dressing room. The third sister and the second brother ran after him.

“Britt, don't go! Britt, listen to me, I'll apologize to my dad and he'll let go, he loves me the most."

My third sister held my hand and cried, she didn't want me to go.

“Sister! I have smeared ashes on the honor of my family, my father did it right, I will not blame him. My sister and brother take care of my parents instead of me."

I wiped the tears from my face and tried to smile. Second brother hugged me, he didn't say anything, I know, he always respects my opinion.

I brought my suitcase down, my mother could only cry. Now I feel sorry for them too. My father sat on the sofa. I went to get the teddy bear on the chair, my eyes looking around the house one last time.

"Father, my mother goes!"

They didn't say anything, I looked at them and then went straight to the door.

"Dad, think again, his brother is still small, if you chase him away, will he live?" My sister ran to hold Dad's hand and begged, I know he won't change his mind but I still wait for his answer.

"From now on, it's not my baby anymore, I don't have a daughter named Britt!"

I shed tears because of that statement, although I already knew the answer, but now I am so disappointed. I quickly walked out the door, I didn't want my mom and dad to see me now. Disastrous. I caused it myself and now it's time for me to take responsibility for what I've done.

I walk unconsciously in the busy crowd, where should I go? I don't have a penny in my body right now, it's difficult to rent a room.

It suddenly rained, yes, rain is good, rain poured out all my emotions. I walked quietly in the rain, not even knowing I was crying.

It was raining harder and harder, and the wind was stronger than ever. Drag the suitcase to store each heavy foot across the street.

"Tin Tin "

I looked back, a car was coming, I didn't go any further. Stand there and wait for the scythe of death to fall. I don't want to live anymore, when this child is born, it will only make it more miserable. Death is the final release for both.

A minute, two minutes passed, I felt no pain. I was still standing there and there was a woman holding an umbrella for me. That's my aunt. I cried and hugged my aunt. My aunt hugged me, still tender like her mother.

“Where are you going, Britt? Why are you standing in the middle of the road? Come on, get in the car, go to your aunt's house and we'll talk, you're all wet!"

She didn't wait for me to answer and grabbed my hand and pulled me into her seven-seat Toyota.

After bathing and changing, my aunt made me a cup of hot cocoa to warm my body. My aunt sat down next to me, stroking my hair.

"Tell me, where are you going with all your stuff?"

“I was kicked out of the house!” At this point, my tears were about to overflow, I wiped my tears with my hand, I tried to put on a smile to let her know that I was okay. But my smile is filled with tears

"Why?" Aunt asked. I told her the whole story, she just clicked her tongue and nodded. I just sit and cry

“Shut up Britt, it's not your fault, everything that happened was an accident. An unfortunate accident that no one wanted. You do it right, after all, it is your blood and blood, it deserves to receive this beautiful life. It has no errors. Don't think too much, stay healthy and give birth to a healthy baby! Where are you going yet? If not, then stay here with aunt, aunt's house is large, aunt is alone, very sad, having children will be happier. After I give birth to this baby, the house will be even more crowded!" She put her hand on my flat stomach. Auntie smiled at me, I just lowered my head.


"No but nothing, I've decided, you have to stay here, okay?"

Auntie stood up, chin of a cup of cocoa that had cooled down, and left the room. This is the aunt's expression when she doesn't want to hear rebuttal. That's my aunt, a successful but single woman who likes to make her own decisions. So far, it's still like that.

I stood up, went to the window near the ground, it had stopped raining. Leaning on the porch, my hand involuntarily rested on my stomach. I feel here there is life growing up day by day. “I will give birth to you, I will let you be born! Believe in Mom!” I whispered.

The next day, I still had to go to school to study because there were only two months left until the second semester exams for the eleventh grade started. Looking in the mirror, there was only one day when I was clearly pale. Smack some blush on it, it'll probably help a lot.

Stepping out of the house, I intended to walk to school as usual, but suddenly realized that I was no longer at my house. My aunt's house is quite far from the school, so I had to take the bus

"Get in my aunt's car to drive me to school!" my aunt called from behind me.

"Come on, auntie, it's too much for you, let me take the bus."

"You're pregnant, have you forgotten?" She squinted her eyes at me. It was her aunt's displeasure. I obediently got into the car to let my aunt drive me to school. Anyway, right now I need a spiritual support, so I have to please my aunt.

Going to school, aunt asked for the class schedule, what time to come back, then dozens of other things, the last thing was for her to give money. Auntie opened the trunk of the car to get a wallet, gave me one hundred thousand, but she still spoke little. This amount is more than my parents send me to school every week.

When I got to class, I immediately met Anne sitting with her mouth closed and looking in the mirror. It creates all shapes and styles, fortunately it's beautiful so it doesn't look too offensive.

“Did you go to the doctor? What happened? Open?" Its banana tea voice is boring to hear. How many things I eat in the morning want to overflow


“Then, I have… ah, I have a stomach ache.” I almost said I was pregnant., I'd better keep this under wraps so I can get through the last two months of the school year. I don't want to be like Ophelia in the story. Either way, best friends are the most dangerous.

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