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Alpha Human Mate

Alpha Human Mate

img Werewolf
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Author: Sony drae
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He's rumored to be the son of the devil. The beast, the living dead, and the man who brought hell down to earth. Prince Orlan Titan has been on the earth for centuries, for he's a cursed immortal who's a werewolf, and also a vampire, and according to prophecy, no one could kill him except his mate, which was still unknown to him. He has been wandering on Earth, looking for his mate. He invades packs, and the big city filled with humans, in search of his mate, who he later found was being abused. Scarlett Hunter is a human girl, who's considered an orphan. She was adopted by a nice couple, but they became her worst nightmare after producing their children. Scarlett grew up seeing what others couldn't see, which were creatures and living dead. When Scarlett was already of age, she was married off to the person who is known as Devil himself. What would emerge of Scarlett when she realized that those creatures which she always sees around are real, and she's mated to one of them?. Would she be able to accept her fate of killing her husband, after finding out that he's not a human?.

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