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Demon's Contract Bride

Demon's Contract Bride

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"Five years ago, Emma Brown inadvertently broke his phone when she met him for the first time at the airport, While Bruce White injured her arm in a car accident when they met the second time. It seemed that their encounter was never a fortune. However, when she was trapped, he gave a hand to her. When he was betrayed, she firmly stood with him. It seemed that it was a destiny that they finally fell in love with each other. But love is never easy, Emma escaped from him recklessly with their baby for misunderstanding. Five years later, they met again. Time changes but love remains the same. Bruce White, the powerful but faithful man, vowed to marry her and love her to death."

Chapter 1 Returning Home

The plane slowly landed at Rachon Airport, A City. There was a screeching sound of airplane wheels rubbing against the runway. Emma Brown, who just disembarked from the plane, carried a small backpack. She dragged the suitcase while looking down at the phone in her hand. She touched the screen and checked the tweets.

"Make way, please, make way." And then a man directly across the street was pushing a luggage cart through the crowd quickly. He shouted for the people in front of him to move out of the way, as if he was trying to catch a flight.

"General Manager, this is the report you need. The project of the resort has been approved by the government, and construction will be started next week." There were three men in fitted professional suits behind Emma Brown. The twenty-something man in the middle was very handsome. He wore a high-fashion Armani suit, making him even more elegant and noble. With the phone in one hand, he received and listened to a report handed over by his assistant, Paul White...

"Oops!" At the same time as the voice sounded, Bruce White only felt his right hand was hit by something, and his phone flew out all of a sudden. Before he had time to react, a small body fell into his arms, and he caught the person who "threw herself at him" instinctively. A fragrance of jasmine entered his nose, and the smell was light and pleasant. He instantly froze when he looked down. He saw a pair of eyes, which was clean, clear, and translucent...

"Are you okay, General Manager?" The assistant beside him reacted and asked. The other subordinate immediately went to pick up Bruce's phone that he had just thrown out.

"Ah! I'm sorry." At this time, Emma Brown also reacted and immediately broke away from the man's arms. She stood and bent down to apologize.

"It's fine." Bruce White frowned and replied back. It wasn't clear if he was answering the assistant beside him or the person in front of him. But anyway, hearing this, Emma stood up straight.

"Manager, it is your cell phone." The subordinate who went to pick up the cell phone returned, but he was holding two cell phones that looked almost identical in appearance.

Bruce White took the two phones and looked at one of the phone's screen. The corners of his eyes frowned and he looked at the screen speechlessly. He only saw the holographic film affixed to the black screen showed two dark grey letters - "get rich." Was this crazy to think about money?

"It was my phone." Emma Brown recognized the phone in Bruce White's hand was hers, and she immediately reached out and snatched over. She pressed the phone's sensor button, and the phone screen immediately lit up. Phew~ it wasn't broken.

"That... "Emma looked at Bruce's phone. Bruce magically comprehended her intentions while seeing her staring at his phone, and he also pressed the sensor and the phone lit up.

"Nothing." All right. For someone who was a stranger and had no business dealings, Bruce's behavior was already quite good. Although in Emma's opinion, he still had a rather high and cold attitude.

"That's good, I'll leave first then. I'm very sorry, and I just bumped into you to avoid that cart driver. Thank you for catching me just now. Here's my phone number, you can check it when you go back, and if there's still something wrong with the phone, you can call me on this number. I'll... I'll pay you back then! "After saying that, Emma took out the small sticky note she had with her from her backpack. She wrote down her phone number and name and handed it to Bruce with both hands.

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