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img img Fantasy img My hot non-human prince
My hot non-human prince

My hot non-human prince

img Fantasy
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Author: mhis ife
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"Hey mister!!! Mr gardener!!!" Sarah called at the top of her voice and ran after him. She ran into the bush and he suddenly stopped. She torched him twice He turned around and took a look at her. "You?" "Yes me!!!" She shouted at the top of her voice and breathe in and out heavily. "Are you a bird or something, wow," she sighed and creased her brows. "You killed her right?" "Who?" "Stop acting all innocent Mr gardener!" She snorted and he smirked. Who is he? Who is the strange gardener?? Is he a human? Is he a god? Meet Sahel, he is a prince from the j world. J world stays at the middle of heaven and Earth, rules by an absolute monarch. They aren't devils nor Angels. They retrieves evil spirits and turned them to good. Taking the heart of the wicked souls is their jobs. The evil souls getting reincarnated turning to good souls. There are the most wisest ever lived, the most purest of all and also the most dangerous of all. They are the J Limas. Sarah, an ordinary wanderer. Let's call her a wanderer cause she loves discovering new stuffs. She got interested in Sahel and wanted to know more about him. She went into the dept of both the angels and the demons, till she falls herself into trouble .....

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