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img img Werewolf img Fiery whites: mated to the Alpha
Fiery whites: mated to the Alpha

Fiery whites: mated to the Alpha

img Werewolf
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Author: summerpen
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She can't be, I don't want her to be. She hates me. I made her hate me and now I'm bearing the consequences. She's my MATE. The smell of wild roses came again. God I had no idea she smelled this good. I found myself walking towards her. No stop, stop walking. I inwardly barked but my wolf kept on pushing me forward. Touch her. You now we want to. My wolf barked at me. I really do want to touch her. But how would she react. She suddenly turned towards me and I saw the fear in her eyes. She was scared of me. My heart ached. But I kept on walking anyway. When she noticed I was coming for her. She stood up and ran. I followed her. You caused this. my wolf cried out in horror. Yeah and now I'm regretting it. ***************************** Olivia Flemming a school nerd who has been bullied by Casper Sanchez for as long as she can remember. Gets the shock of her life when she's being forced into accepting him as her mate. She hates him and she's willing to keep the hatred very well intact. She knows the feeling of being mated can overpower the determination of remaining enemies. But nevertheless, she's willing to go on with it. Not after what he did to her.

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