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img img Modern img The Assassin- No Can Melt My Icy Heart
The Assassin- No Can Melt My Icy Heart

The Assassin- No Can Melt My Icy Heart

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Author: Eros Zoe
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“Please don’t kill me, I will give you whatever you demand for” the man am about to kill pleaded. . “OH! You sound nice, gentleman, I have been paid, and the thing is, I don’t collect money twice. And according to what you said, I NEED YOUR LIFE, nothing else, than your LIFE” I said repeatedly and smile sheepishly. And the word LIFE keeps echoing in my brain. “I don’t mean that, please spare my life” he pleaded crying and trembling. “OH! SORRY! It’s too late, maybe when you come back in your next life, I can help you eliminate the person that asked me to terminate your life” I said with a smiling face. “Please I promised to pay you handsomelly if you spare my life” the man said shaking., “Fuck that up man, am a very honest person and never betrayed my partner. But I will give you a chance to say your last prayer and if you don’t have anything to say. I have a message I want you to deliver to my mother and siblings, just help me tell them I missed them a lot. “RIP” I said and pull the trigger, which pump out his brain with blood splitting out all over the place. “Ouch! Did I just killed him?. Ohh MY HEART JUST MELT, but is not my fault am a good girl you know. “I said and look at the man lieing lifeless on the floor” I nod my head in pity “I need to get out of here, I said and jump through the window. I Know people will soon be here cause of the sound of the gun. I will have used my silent pistol but the person, who gave me the job, said, he want his dead to be announced as soon as possible, so I need to draw people attention. Meet Alice Heron nickname TERROR. A very beautiful and smart lady. She’s very cool or should I say dangerous. Did I just say cool. Maybe she’s cool and fun to be with, but you can never predict, she’s the most dangerous and wanted assassin. She’s a comedian not a famous one but a community comedian, she’s makes everyone smile, but when she was sent to an household she makes them cry bitterly. I think she’s cool and at the same time dangerous like I said. None of the people she worked for have ever seen her face, because she’s always on mask wherever she’s out for a mission. Meet Tyler Harry nickname SMART. A very smart and rich military guy. He was choose to figure out the assasin that has been disturbing people’s live. “What happened when a job was given to TERROR to kill SMART. The two smart people are on a mission of each other. Do you think she will succeed in killing him?. Do you think he will succeed in bringing her out to the world, has the most wanted assasin?. Do you also think they will fall in love? Grap your popcorn now and let’s go on a mission to watch the thrilling moment that’s about to be shown on our screen.

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