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Finding Her Lost Mate

Finding Her Lost Mate

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Listening to the advice of her parents, Emma gives up her true love and marries Lucien, a cold and cruel Alpha. Five years later, Emma comes face to face with Dex, the man she cruelly abandoned. Now an Alpha, Dex finds himself drawn back to Emma, though he doesn’t want to be hurt again. Will Emma have the strength to leave her marriage and find happiness…or will dangerous forces once again separate the star crossed lovers? He looked down at her, but she couldn’t see his expression. His body language didn’t ask her to move away so she went up on her toes and planted a sweet kiss on his lips. He tasted as she remembered. Man. Wolf. Mate. When she was about to break contact, he put his hand on the back of her head and deepened the kiss. Her mind began to swirl out of control. She remembered the passion between them. She remembered the friendship. She remembered it all. Finding Her Lost Mate is created by Chris Redding, an EGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

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Latest Release: Chapter 50 : Wedding Day   10-12 18:01
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