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Blood Awakening

Blood Awakening

img Romance
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Author: Randy Boodram
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The most notorious hunters of the night were always thought to be just a myth, but they were real. Rohit is an average university student working his way through school as he holds down two part-time jobs. He doesn’t get involved with a lot of things around him unless it’s concerning his job, but one fated night changes all that. During his graveyard shift, he encounters a young woman of similar age, and quickly finds out that she’s a vampire, and from a noble lineage too. After he directs her pursuers away, Ingrid von Anfang takes an interest in the young man, whom she thinks will help her in her mission. Though borne from the first vampire bloodline, Ingrid was robbed of a normal life from birth, and wants no part in the underworld. Meanwhile, the Vampire Hunters have dispatched an assassin to discard the noble heiress, but her interaction with Rohit may very well help her sway from her purpose, which had been ingrained in her since birth. Rohit’s life then becomes all about helping two girls find their purpose in this world, as he too tries to balance his own ambitions. The cycle of the hunter and the hunted converges to a single route all because of one man mediating a millennium of conflict.

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