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img Werewolf
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Author: Angel Mark
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"Don’t worry, we would soon hand you over to a mate just as misery as you are. But we are even finding it difficult to get such a person. You are just so disgusting” These were the exact words Sam told his little sister, Scarlet. What happens when a feeble female werewolf is tortured, maltreated, satirized, and despised by the same people she calls family? What happens when her alpha lover turns his back on her at the point when she needed him the most, and enacted a decree restraining her from ever appearing before him? What happens when she is forced into a marriage with a ruthless alpha? What happens when in her new forced home the mistress of her husband swore to take her life? Having had enough, Scarlet went into a self-imposed exile, and there she met an old lady who handed over to her a seemingly supposedly worthless stone amulet which turns out to be a gift from the moon goddess. Life was filled with uncertainty for Scarlet, and it was a voyage of discoveries for her. A life puzzle, which could only be unraveled by patience, love, wisdom, and above all, the dictates of fate. Living through this puzzle, she had to fight against her blood (family), conquer the Titans, force the rogues to bend to her will, rule over the Pixies, and finally subdue alphas, kings, lords, and nations. Now, the once feeble werewolf is bent on ensuring that she does not get bitten a second time, and thus, she must rule with jealousy and guard against future betrayers to ensure maximum loyalty. And to achieve the almost impossible, she has to do an act never conceived in the heart of men. Follow Scarlet to find out just what the moon goddess has in stock for her, and how she navigates through life's thorns to get to the petals. With a hope for victory, we must fight to win.

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