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img img Romance img I desire to be in your heart, notice me
I desire to be in your heart, notice me

I desire to be in your heart, notice me

img Romance
img 30 Chapters
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Author: Muskan_Umata
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There's a saying...that reminds us of the value of those around us. one doesn't know what they have until it's gone. I woke up and found that you did not exist, that everything was only a dream, but for some reason did I still love you. I wish that I lived in that world a little longer, I wish I held you for another moment...i long to gaze into your eyes and play with your hair. it may have been a dream, one I could not wake up from, but I wished that it was all real. Elizah is left as a nobody after dropping 2 of her careers due to an arm injury. After a year of training goes by with her overbearing sensei, she marries him and begins a journey to the top with him. Elizah and Omar battle her ex-friends' gangsterism trying to console her broken heart, along with her childhood friend who does not only have a metal leg...but owns a metal heart too. Hardened by rejection... Elizah wakes up from her comma where she experienced several flashbacks from her previous life... she finds that everything wasn't as it seemed...and is forced to love someone else, in this life. #first love daily updates

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