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img img Fantasy img The Destinable Of Light
The Destinable Of Light

The Destinable Of Light

img Fantasy
img 13 Chapters
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Author: Johan Gara
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As a demi-demon raised by an ordinary human, there are two things wrapped around Nando's life: The first thing, living in the human realm without being humiliated, but having to risk his life every time. The second thing, living in the Tumaya realm without facing any danger, yet constantly being humiliated as the weakest half-demon. While his great love for a girl in the human realm and high self-esteem as a prince in the Tumaya realm requires him to face both things. Then how are Nando's efforts to maintain the good name of the family while protecting the people he loves so much? Will he be able to prove himself as the strongest half-demon in the Tumaya realm?

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