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The Vampire's Curse

The Vampire's Curse

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She is the product of a broken agreement, a curse and he is her owner. To him, to beg mercy is a call for death and not salvation. What happens if you were born to be owned by a vampire? ☆ "Let me bite you," he asked in a dark guttural tone, as his cold breath brushed to my cheek. "Does that mean I'm going to be a vampire? " I look at him with my misty eyes, begging the heavens to save me. "You'll just be my queen," and our world unite.

Chapter 1 The Beginning

Under the bright light of the moon, there was a beast who never aged. His skin was as pale as the moon and his fangs were the sharpest in the world. He devoured to live and kill for survival.

He is ruthless, merciless and remorseless. Vampires were believe to only live during the night however he's different, he walks along the rays of the sun as the lightrays reflects on his smooth pale skin.

They say he's more beautiful than the empress, yet he never shows himself to anyone. Whoever dared will suffer the consequence of his actions.

They call him "the dark lord".

Silence-a word to describe salvation. The world is a battle ground, a prison and a venue where death takes place.

The time runs towards the call of death, however, there was a man; a beast-they called him. Whose stuck between life and death.

Nor it was the curse implied

to him that changed his fate.

He watched the world changed, and the people died and rebirth.

And walks towards the day without the reflection of his shadow. Long time ago there was a tale of love inside him but peoples greediness drown him through madness and darkness.

"Spare me mercy, my lord!" The human begged on his knees, in the midst of his death.

"Mercy," he stated.

Under the strong light of the moon that shines within the dark prison. The beast himself appeared through the wind. His eyes were devious red, mad and ready to devour. To take life for his food.

His skin reflects the color of the moon, and the beauty he possessed proclaimed himself as the deity of the underworld.

"Pleasure is mine for your mercy." he grinned revealing those sharp fangs.

"Thank you! My lord!" the human exclaimed with the sense of relief. But that didn't last for a second, his gratefulness vanished and like a bolt of lightning the beast dance invisibly through the wind.

"Ahhhh!" the human screamed out of fear and intense pain.

His long slender yet calloused fingers buried upon his neck, as his fangs penetrated his skin.

The blood that drips upon his mouth fulfilled his hunger however, it hasn't yet exceed his satisfaction.

"Mercy is a call for death-not salvation."

To him, you do not beg mercy for salvation. You work for it, strive hard to get it but what human beings don't understand is how to achieve it–and not just asked for it. For mercy isn't as free as good things in the world.

He once begged mercy on his knees, asking forgiveness for his sins to refrained punishment but, instead they cursed him into a beast. A beast that life's consist of immortality and the thirst for blood.

He worked for his own salvation but he learned that they really never intend to give it to him at last. They want him to remain a beast intimidated by everyone.

His hands played the cell door as he walked through the hallway of the secret prison. A place where fresh food comes from.

When he arrived at the 17th door, the human cried for the last time. His time stopped the moment his track stopped on his doorstep.

He dragged him, rough and raised him into the air.

"H-hahhh!" he stammered fearly.

"You are evil! I will never beg mercy to you even in the dust on my own grave!" the kick of his courage saved his fleash from being teared upon his belligerent fangs, but it doesn't mean he escaped the pain of death within the vampire's hands.

"You don't have to, mercy is death not salvation." the vampire took a chain out from the fire. It was blazing hot and peradventurely punishing as it looks.

"Evil!" he screamed from his lungs, where the pain of the heat slowly kills him. Enable to punish the strong they had to become weak, to crawl upon their knees and beg for death.

His limbs began to get amputated, such as his howls are filling every corner of the place.

"I... will... never... beg ... mercy! Ahhhhhh!"

The struggle for him to speak those words which is hereby followed by a prolong scream, that therefore states his near death.

'Til his time stop ticking, drown by the silence of his death. Blood, scattered on the floor as his body that was encircled by the blazing hot chain which teared the barriers of his skin, resulting to the unidentified body that's in a form of being melted away from the intense heat.

He didn't beg for death, in a quick and less painful manner but rather walk on his way towards his own death. Severely painful and punishing, where pain penetrates deep down his veins.

Making him weaker than any man whose weak.

Afterwards that violence, the vampire ignite a huge fire, burning the body of those human he devoured. As long as the moon hasn't vanished yet from the sky, the cursed won't follow their paths to after life.

The vampire then began to walk within the murky forest, that is covered with a thick fog. As his body is covered with a long black coat, which forbids anyone to be able to see his face.

His footsteps were soundless and yet the blood upon his long slender hands keeps dripping off the ground as he walks.

But then, he suddenly stopped from his track upon hearing the crack of a wood branch behind him. In a matter of seconds, he vanished from his post and reappeared before the frail lady's very eyes.

The lady was astounded by his quick action, she knew from that moment that she followed the wrong person.

Her eyes traveled shakily, meeting his red intimidating eyes. She gulped in fear as her knees fell upon the ground.

"Y-you are the dark lord," she uttered anxiously, as her body tried to moved backwards on the leafy path.

The vampire walk forward and bent himself to equal her legnth. He was staring at the woman whose closing her eyes probably from expecting that he would devour her for seeing his entire face but her assumptions were wrong, he didn't eat her instead he keep his eyes stilled on her until she open them again.

"Please don't hurt me, I am pregnant." she begged in a sluggish and frail voice.

There was only silence around them, his eyes were still on her. Scruntinizing her as if he knew her at all.

Does he know her?

Yes, he do. The woman on front of him is the exact reincarnation of the only woman he ever loved long time ago but she died out from the people's hand.

Although they resemble a lot but he knew himself that she isn't the woman he loved anymore. For the woman he love would ptotect him against the world, and loved him despite knowing he's a beast himself however, the woman on front of him is intimidated by him, she couldn't even bare to look on his eyes steadily.

His other hand then reached out upon her shoulders but, she cried and shakened out of fear. He was disappointed and mad for knowing that but he was trying to grasp with it.

"Please i beg you, have mercy on my child."

His hand folded out of anger, he lets go of her and stood up. He looked at her like a rug on the floor and like a dirt on the ground.

"I will spare you and your child's life but in return, on your child's 18th birthday she will be mine. Any opposing actions nor contradiction upon the agreement will caused you consequence."

"What would be the consequence?"

"A curse"

After his negotiation he vanished in the wind and was never seen again. When the woman gave birth to the child, she decided to kill the child than to give her to him.

Due to her selfishness, that has evoked the vampire's curse into her child's next life.

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