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Author: Nvy_M
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One betrayal was all it took to destroy her life to ashes and she had nothing left to live for. And when such deliberate betrayal cost her everything she loved, how could she see her betrayer happy?? And so she took a step that was enough to change her life forever..... Ava was a down to earth girl and a diva of every boy in her high-school, but she had high standards that was just an excuse for an ancient secret she hid deep in her heart until she fell for Liam, who had a powerful aura that affected her heart to an unimaginable level. 5 centuries ago, Princess Ava had betrayed Warrior Zara in the worst way that snatched both her family and honour. As a revenge, Zara entered Ava's body and surrendered it to her soul, making her the host of Ava's body and exacted her revenge on her even though she had to accept Ava's identity from there on. But everything goes chaotic when Kyle, the man for whom Ava had done such a brutal betrayal to Zara, steps back into their life. This ends up resurfacing Ava's soul that was buried deep inside her body by Zara’s soul. Now, will Zara’s soul rise up to a better life by choosing her love or will she destroy herself for sake of her vengeance????

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