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Dreams do come true. That was what Sophia thought the day she opened Indiana's birthday present to her and discovered it was a letter of acceptance from a publishing agency. That moment had changed her life and cemented her love for the boy who hardly said more than a few words at a stretch. Her book, "Angels of Tarirah" was published and garnered largely positive reviews and soon, she was writing on a yearly basis. They were sitting as they always did by the river, their legs brushing the water when Indiana said, "I'm going to college". Time stopped. Sophia tried desperately to process that information, but all her brain could tell her was that Indiana was going away. "You're going away?" She asked. "No Sophia, I'm just going to college, I can always come back for holidays and you can always visit me. It's no big deal". She stood up angrily. "It's no big deal? Really? Indiana, you're going away and it's no big deal?" "Whoa, whoa calm down Sophia. I thought this was expected, I have to do something with my life". "I see. Well you have to decide if going to college is more important to you than being with me!" She shouted. "Sophia! That's ridiculous…" "No, you're the ridiculous one Indiana, we have all we've ever dreamt of, what do you need to go to college for?" Indiana was losing it, "this is your dream not mine, I can't live your dream…" "You don't love me then", her voice was colored with sadness and she turned and began walking away from him. "C'mon Sophia, it hasn't gotten to this!" He shouted after her. The answer he got was his voice echoing back at him telling him that he had lost everything.

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