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img img Romance img When Love lasts
When Love lasts

When Love lasts

img Romance
img 32 Chapters
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Author: Jaxxanee14
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"I am a jerk for hurting you physically and emotionally. I am a stupid for choosing someone I don't love rather than you.I am a fool for believing someone rather than hearing your explanation. I am stupid for pushing you out of my life. I am an asshole for letting you go. " "I regret what I've done to you. I regret my decisions! I regret EVERYTHING what I've done in the past except for loving and cherishing you. " Its been 5 years of regretting. I should stop and find you. I want to hold you. Hug you. Kiss you. Feel you and be my wife again. I want you back in my life again, baby. I want you to color my dark world again. I want you to put sunshine in my world again. I want you to fill it with love and happiness. Even though you have someone beside you now. I still want you back. I will do everything just to win you back. By hook or by crook,baby. You know I don't want someone taking what's mine. I will kill him. Mark my word, baby. I can do anything and no one can't stop me. You're mine. I own you. You're exclusively mine only. I am Sylvester Rain West I will get you back. Wait for me baby.

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