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What Took You So Long

What Took You So Long

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Have you ever had a love that feels so right but somehow at the wrong time? Cassy and Dash have a picture-perfect relationship but he believes this can also hinder them from reaching their dreams. Can the mind rule over the heart?

Chapter 1 Different Dimensions

I'll be your lighthouse

I'll make it okay

When I see your monsters

I'll stand there so brave

And chase them all away …

Cassy closed her eyes to feel the song even more. She can feel the cold-like emotion that surrounded her heart. “I know, someday, I will be someone’s lighthouse.”, this is what inside’s Cassy’s head. She hopes that someday someone will be in her life, take her hand, and run away with her.

“I will be waiting for you and be patience until the day that you come…” she can already imagine a scene. One day, they will bump to each other and feel that slow-motion effect like in movies…….

“Cassandra!” – this loud voice from a man ended her daydream.

Leon entered her room without even knocking. What an attitude really, he has? He has been so comfortable doing everything he wanted just because he is her childhood friend. She met Leon when they moved here 13 years ago. Since they are the same age, they became friends and inseparable at times, but this guy started to irritate her recently.

“Leonardo, don’t you know how to knock?” she screamed showing her irritated face to him. If he is not just her friend for a long time, she will not hesitate to throw the glass on the bedside table.

“Cassy, stop! Don’t give me an attitude today.” Leon exclaims to her.

“Woo, so I am the one that gives you an attitude now? She said exasperatedly. She turned off the music. She lost her good mood already. “Leon, how many times do I have to say that please knock when you enter my room?” she said as she tries to calm herself down.

Leon just stared at her. He gave him a curious stare in which at the same time gave him an amusing look.

“It sounds like we are grownups. “Leon said in an apologetic voice. “I am sorry Cassy. I always forget that we aren’t kids anymore.”

She let out a deep sigh. Yes, Leon is too comfortable with her. “That’s okay. What do you need from me?” she asks.

“I came here because I wanted to show you something and you have always stayed here in your room,” Leon said. He looked around her room.

She furnished her room in pink, showing how delicate she is behind the tigress attitude she shows to Leon and the other people around her. This room is her shrine. This is where she imagines the beautiful story that God writes for her. Different plots come into her mind every time.

Again, she let out a deep sigh. To end the conversation, she stood up, “Okay, let’s go.” She said to Leon.

With that said, Leon grabs her hands and took her outside.

“Aunt Lisa, we will just be going out.” He said to her mom.

“Alright, just ensure she will be back by dinner,” Lisa responded without even looking at them. That shows how comfortable her family is when she is with Leon.

Leon covered her eyes with his hands and guided her walk. She gasps her breath when he removed his hands from her eyes. She is seeing a small, beautiful rose garden. Roses abound in this garden. She can tell that each one of the roses has different scents based on the fragrance she smells which truly captured her heart.

“You have been so gloomy recently, Cassy,” Leon said in a soft voice. “We have been together since we were little kids and no matter how you shout and show irritation to me whenever I look into your eyes, it is as if I can still see a window of sadness in your eyes.” He continues.


Sudden sadness filled the atmosphere. Leon knows her very much. He might know her more than herself.

“Since that day, you never have been the same, Cassy”. He said as he stares sadly at her. “I know that you love roses, so I planted them and promise myself to take you here when the flowers bloom.”

She cannot speak. She cannot find the right words to say. Tears started to roll in her eyes. He is right, since that day, life has never been the same. She closed her eyes, and she can feel the pain inside her heart as if it is being squeezed.

She can’t deny the fact that since that happened, she lost herself.

She thanked God, she got Leon by her side. Though most of the time, he pesters her, he’s one of the reasons why she still able to dream and she laughs in every passing day.

Cassy sobbed. Leon took her head and rest it in his chest.

Why is she making everything hard for Leon?

Since that day that Dash broke up with her, she never felt the same. She finds it very hard to smile and understand the beauty of things.

How can she picture love so dark? Yes, she honestly admits. She is damn hurt the way Dash left her hanging in the air. He made her like a fool and play on her feelings. Is love just like a prank for him?


Dash suddenly woke up as the light enters through his windows. Someone raised the window blinds.

What time did he sleep again last night?

“Dash, get up. It’s almost 1 pm and you are still in bed!” her mom Samantha said. “What time did you come home last night?” she continues.

“I am sorry, Mom but I am not sure what time.” He spoke.

“I know you are already grown up, but you shouldn’t be abusing yourself going out and coming home late.” Her mom said as she stares at him with concern. “Your father is not happy at all with the night activities you are doing.”

He stood up and started to fix his bed. He knows his mom tries to calm herself down. He is already 18 but they still wanted to treat him like a baby.

“Don’t worry mom, I am just with Nathan. We didn’t go out. We just stayed in his room and played Xbox.” He said to calm her down. He stared at his mom to whom he got his expressive eyes.

“That’s good then. Finish that quickly and go downstairs to eat. I have cooked your favorite food.” Samantha said as she closed the door.

Tomorrow will be Monday again and there are lots of things that need to be done in school. Yes, he might be going out with his friends and come home late but he still does his best in his school to make his parents proud. Though he admits that he always wanted to get what he wants.

He finished his bed quickly and ran downstairs. While going down, he can already smell the fragrance of the delicious meal that his mother prepared for him.

He cannot ask for anything. He is blessed to have his parents.

He went near the table and started to get food and fill in his plate.

His dad came into the kitchen, and he greeted him happily.

“ Hi, Dad! Please join me.”, he said.

“I have already finished, Son.” Damian said.” How are you? You came in late last night.”

He smiled. “ I am okay, Dad. Nothing to worry about. I am a grown-up now and I surely know how to take care of myself. Besides, I am just with Nathan, we didn’t go out just played Xbox in his room.” He explained.

This is why he loves his parents and doesn’t want to disappoint them. They love him so much as their only son, but they never insisted anything to him and give him the freedom that he wanted.

He finished his food and went up again to his room.

Staring blankly in the ceiling as he goes back to his bed, Dash is surprised with his thoughts. He is 18 but he is making the most out of his youthful years so his future self will thank him.

He is handsome and he knows that. Everyone that sees him says, he can have every woman he wanted. People mistaken him to be playing on a girl’s heart but don’t they know the word falling out of love?

Well, there are girls in school that give him letters. In short, they are making the first move. No one really catches his attention.

He let out a deep sigh. Why would at this moment he is thinking about his foolishness? He enjoys what he is having at the moment. Yes, she plays with girls but when it comes to his studies and parents he can say he is doing good.

He grabs his headset and put it in his ears and started to play a piece of music to turn away the nonsense thoughts in his mind.

Tomorrow is Monday so that means he needs to prepare his things for school. He reached for his school bag and check if all the stuff he needs tomorrow is in there.

There’s a lot more to think of rather than girls. He is an only son, and he wants to ensure that he will not be doing anything that can disappoint his loving parents.

It is not a secret to him how he was conceived by her mom, and that it almost caused her life. He is forever thankful for all their sacrifices for him and that is why he will put his study as a priority. To finish his education is his one way to express his love to his parents. This is when he thought, no girlfriend, no problem. He can focus more on his studies and have flying colors in school that will surely make his parents proud.

Dash cannot help not to smile just having thoughts about his parents. So, for now, to all the girls around him, sorry but he isn’t having a serious relationship.

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