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Let take a look at the upside world of Cheryl, Cole and Evan Three collided high school wannabe besties You know what they say, that life isn’t full of candies and sweet, in fact it full of thorns and more looking at this three life’s. Love met with Hatred Hatred had a clash with Power Power befriend Chaos Chaos the king of Destruction Read now to explore more about this three life’s.

Chapter 1 (Welcome to Vixen High)


(Revolution Of Mean 😈🔥)

Season 1

Episode one

Who are the HAZEL’s girls?!

“I heard Harley was mean because she is in-love with her brother,”

“One time Harley glared at me, I almost fainted,” she said with a blush ☺️

“Rumor as it the HAZEL’s are insecure that’s why they constantly bully,”

“Heard Leah make-out with Harley’s twin brother,”

“Rumor made it Harley once kissed a girl, so I kiss my bff till now we’re no longer friends,” she said with a sober look.

“Students says Harley was once pregnant, so I got pregnant for her to notice me, too bad she wasn’t even pregnant in the first place instead she mocked me real hard,” the girl said already crying.

“My hot brother was approached by her, but when he turns her down she made my brother crawl at her feet for weeks,”

“Anna once smile at me, but Harley smack it off her face,”

“Heard Zoey make out with tons of teachers for good grades,”

“Rumor as it Emma is in-love with some poor dude,”

For all we know HAZEL’s girls are the meanest in the whole world of existence


I can smell and feel the fresh breaths of *Vixenville High School* passing through my lungs as I walk in my new school with elegancy, heading straight to my first class, while glancing at some exciting school views at the hallway.

I walk in on the teacher teaching, I stopped on my track feeling immediately like a shadow, then move in slowly dragging my feet like it wasn’t mine, slowly I got to the miss’s front then close my eyes and wave gently at her and the whole class. Gosh this is the moment I actually wish I never existed, holy embarrassment take me home and wipe my memories.

“Are you the new kid the principal was talking about?” She asked lowering her glass.

I opened one of my eyes, peering at her, before picking up a chalk then walks over to the chalkboard and wrote *Yes*.

“Uhmm great, so what’s your name?, introduce yourself to the whole class!” She said, obviously surprised by my antics.

I cleaned the *Yes* then wrote *I’m Cheryl, Cheryl Blossom that’s all I can share please.*

“Wait! Are you sure you’re okay kiddo?”

I cleaned and wrote *100%*

She *uhhhhhhh* for some time before saying “I see, go and take a sit.”

“So I was saying......” she continue her speech or teaching rather.

I walk boldly approaching an empty seat, with everyone looking at me super weirdly, guess I did made some moves.

I took a seat beside this young looking nerd of a guy; I mean what type of teenage guy wears on big glasses in a age of lens, and teeth braces at the age of 16 or 17 it super nerdy, I bet he got a lot of predators or bullies around here. Opposite me was this good looking guy, very moderate with his hair gelled sideways giving him the perfect rich guy look.

I said nothing to both of them as I just took my seat gently in between them.

I was a damn introvert at my formal high school, I literally never existed there; I was a shadow, I had zero friends, zero enemies, with zero lovers, and zero life there. When we moved here three days ago I promised myself to zone out of my introvert existence, and confront this world a little, I mean I can’t be alone forever, I need to confront this world a little.

I’m Cheryl as u know, and there’s nothing to know about me except, I have faced the worst and still facing the worst from my family, just know my mom is dead, she died of lung cancer, she left me and dad with Kai my little brother. And since she left, the world took a hell turn on us, something am not ready to let out yet.


We are done with class as I quickly start packing my stuff. Like a flash I zoom out before they could stop me and start socializing. “Oh Cher! U gotta chicken up or at least Hen up“ I said to myself. I was rushing to my locker when I bumped into these group of jocks; the particular one holding a ball.

“Hey, watch it nerds,” He said full of disdain, ewww he just made me hate him already.

“What? All time playing sport block your eye and brain to know yuh the one who bumped into me!” I replied with a small ridiculous small, then pass through his middle and friends after packing my books who is by the way awed, barged him aside purposely before walking away.

Nice one Cher! I complimented myself for not running away, I guess I had this baddie in me but never really know.

I keep stuffing my stuffs inside the locker when the bell for lunch rings. It rings in my head I lost my school map; I try looking for it but found nothing ‘great. I was scheming and picturing the map in my head, when the cute rich guy from class earlier leaned on the locker beside me. *Panic attack!

“A walk to the cafeteria,” he said with a nice gesture.

“Huhhh? Oh no I’m fine, I have a map...I got it right here,” I said waving a drawing paper.

“Ugh, I see but am still walking you there anyway,” he replied crossing his arms. “Oh and I’m Cole, Cole lensherr.” he added, stretching his palm at me. I took it like am being forced, then lowers it; I’m not really good at making interacting.


And yes, Cole turns out to be the best in short period of time of me knowing or meeting him, he managed to make me laugh more than three times; something I rarely do. We order our lunch telling stuffs about each others, mostly mine are madeups. I don’t really have cool stuffs to talk about ‘and who said making friends is bad.

We were eating and chatting peacefully when suddenly these five girls catwalk in, the HAZEL’s I think, I don’t want trouble or anything to do with them so I turned my head and try talking to Cole who shunned me, and surprisingly everywhere in the cafeteria is quiet as if the Queen of England decide to grace us with her presence, I look around and see the HAZEL’s talking to the lunch lady who is by the way shivering like some rotten tomatoes.

Something suddenly click in me and suddenly feel like causing a commotion.

I stood up taking a stand on my table and clearing my throat really loud enough to draw everyone’s attention, then I begin “I suppose we’re all here now except for some people, but 80% students are here so I believe this is the right time to introduce myself-“ I stopped when I heard. “Isn’t she the new girl you said couldn’t introduce herself properly in front of the class.”

“Told you she got some vibes.” I scoffed at that, gossiper. “My name is Cheryl, Cheryl Blossom, a fresh newly transferred student, do not background check me because that’s all you’d still be getting,” I get down to see a raged HAZEL’s descending my way.

“Who the hell are you? Who the fuck do you think you’re?” Their leader whom I guess said

“Uhmmm, it Cheryl, I just said it like right now,”

“It obvious she don’t know the rules,” one of her minions said

“I see, well look here ugly bitch, these are the rules.” she begins, while I pick silently on my nails. “Rule one, Do not talk wherever I am-“ I cut her off saying “I’m kinda hungry can we deal with the rules later plsss,” I said holding my both palms together in a pleading manner, and now she looks like a mad lion.

“Rule number two, never interrupt me whenever am talking, rule number three, bow at my feet so you can live and graduate peacefully at VHS.“ I laughed at that one, earning a glare from the five of them. “Lastly, I will always be your queen bitch, so stop acting all slutty or bitchy and blend in.” She completed her empty speech while trashing my lunch, she turned back alongside her minions all walking away.

I fumed thinking of quick comeback, I sat down thinking and planning my comeback, even Cole couldn’t say a word, and all eyes are still on me for like I don’t know to these mean girls, I watched them took their sit and chat happily while others eat like someone being held prisoners.

I stood up from my lunch table walking over to theirs, getting there I slammed both my hands in front of their leader.

“Excuse me bitch! Thisee are your rules you haven’t heard mine; besides they’re too empty to follow,” I gave her a shrug. “Now you listen to my rules,” I said to them dragging an empty chair to sit on. “Rule number one, never in your life try to intimidate me, rule number two, do not give me rules. And lastly, again never try to intimidate me unless you want venom, spilling all over your contaminated skin.” I completed my own rule or speech also trashing her lunch, while a lot of phones are up for tomorrow’s school headlines, and lots of gasps filling the air as I also catwalk out.

I head straight to the school girl’s restroom to change from my home dress to my uniform and touch myself up a bit, until I keep hearing this strange noises from outside, I keep quiet saying nothing; but gosh I hate crowds.

I was watching my face till the rustling sound above me had me looking up to see a whole bucket of water descending on me. My whole body was now all sticky alongside my uniform was all now freaking wet, I was covered in a mud water!

That little bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!


#Inspired by Mean Girls

A/N: what do y’all think of Cheryl’s first big challenge let me know your thoughts, suggestions. Adhere to any typos, review your thoughts.

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