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The Alpha King's Magical Mate

The Alpha King's Magical Mate

img Werewolf
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Author: Mother04
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"Please Amara. You have to do this for me." Luna Clarissa begged her old friend. "I don't think I can, Rissa." Amara replied. "You're stronger than you think. Please do this for me. He cannot know." Luna Clarissa said in a worried tone. "I am not sure I can. What about you?" Amara questioned. "Don't worry about me. Please Amara." Luna Clarissa begged again. "Okay. I'll do it." Amara replied, defeated. "Don't let anyone see you. You know where to go. They will get nothing out of me, they mustn't find out who she is. Please love and protect her like you would your own. Tell her tales of me." Luna Clarissa said as she looked down at the little pink bundle in her arms. Luna Clarissa gave her daughter one last kiss and handed her to her friend of 20 years. "I will." Amara promised as she turned and ran away from the mansion like he'll hellhounds were on her tail. -------‐---------------------‐-------------------- It's been 21 years since the brutal murder of Luna Clarissa. Laurel grew up with stories about her mother and her mother's bravery. On her 21st birthday, Laurel decides it's time to come out of hiding and seek revenge on those who took her mother from her. It's time for her to face her sadistic father and take what's rightfully hers. Come along as Laurel makes friends and foes, cheer her on as she fights her way to the top. And who knows, she might just meet her mate along the way. Fasten your seat belts, you're in for a wild ride.

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