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Slave to Free

Slave to Free

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I don't know if I'm the only one, but it sure feels like it. My mother and father are Alpha and Luna, but I'm nothing to them. I've been forced not to shift, I'm a slave and I am not allowed to speak to anyone in the house.

Chapter 1 First

I'm not your normal girl. I'm too smart for humans, but too dumb for the pack I live with. My parents may be the Alpha and Luna of the pack, but I'm just the slave who works there. They say my wolf form is disgusting, but I think she's beautiful.

"Leto Amara! Pay attention!" The art teacher Mrs. Canne, a ruthless teacher. She's been convinced by my parents that I am a curse. She hates me just as much as my parents do. I tend to stick to the back of my classes just to avoid my teachers.

I sighed inwardly. "I'm sorry Mrs. Canne, but I don't understand what I'm supposed to do. Could you explain it again please?"

I watched as her nostrils flared. "I suppose I could explain it again to those of you who don't understand what you are supposed to be doing."

"Leto, why would you make her angry like that? You know she's going to go back the our parents to complain."

I ignored Demeter like I always did. She was still annoying to me since I met her. Yeah she's my other half, but her whimpering and cowering gets very annoying. Well, I guess I'm kind of like her too. I'm too shy to speak to any one my age. Doesn't matter if they come up to me first or not, I just run away. I guess that's what happens to people like me. I sighed again and opened my mind link to her. "Demeter, you know I have to make it look like I'm human to everyone around us. If they find out that we aren't human, that will be the end of us. Mother will kill us if we reveal our secret again. I know it was an accident, but you know how mother is."

"I know, but still. If we get good grades, we can get into a good collage and get away from the pack."

"You know they won't do that for us, Demeter."

"But we can do it ourselves. If we get a job now, we can save up enough to get into collage. Come on Leto, I don't want to be stuck in this cage anymore. I want to run free. I know you do too."

"Demeter, please. Just wait a little longer. I'll find a way out of thi--" Demeter's growling cut me off and I looked around. She never growled unless I was in danger. I looked at everyone, but they were looking at the door. I followed their stares and saw a male standing at the door. I knew this male. This was my father's Beta, and my major tormentor. I felt the hair raise on the back of my neck. This isn't good. What was he doing here?

"May I help you Sir?" Mrs. Canne straightened her self. I could tell that she liked him. I mean, if he wasn't such a fucking asshole, I'd say he is a good looking man.

"I came to get Leto. Her family wants her home immediately." I didn't spare a second and gathered my stuff. I kept my head down and walked to him.

"I'm h-here." I didn't look at him, but I felt his sneer for speaking.

"Have a good day, Mrs. Canne." He turned and strode out of the room. I followed behind him, but not too close. I stopped at my locker and grabbed my bag. "Hurry up. I don't have all day." He kicked my locker door into my shoulder. I didn't cry out. If I did, he would just do it again. I learned that the hard way.

Once we got outside the school, I noticed at least four others around in the trees. I kept my head down and followed Darrian to the trees. Something felt off. I don't like this. The trees didn't give much protection, but with everyone in their classes, it didn't matter. Darrian stopped and turned to face me. "Strip." He growled at me. I felt my body start to tremble. Not this again. Please anything but this. "Now!" I could see his K9's forming in his mouth. I closed my eyes. This was something I hated to do the most, but if I don't do what I'm told, the punishment is much worse.

I let my bag drop to the ground and with my trembling hands, I removed my clothing. "Good girl." Darrian growled. He may sound like he is praising me, but he wasn't. I kept my boobs and my vagina covered by my arms. "On your knees." I let my already weak knees drop to the ground. I kept my eyes cast downward. I could see all the bruises and scars on my body. I will never get used to anything like this. I heard a zipper and was forced to look up. Darrian's dick was already hard and throbbing in front of my face. "Open up and suck me off whore."

I slowly opened my mouth and he shoved his dick in, making me gag. He laughed as I used my mouth on him. I knew what he liked already. This isn't the first time that he's done this to me. I pushed his cock deep before pulling back to swirl my tongue around the tip. It doesn't usually take long for him to cum. I closed my eyes to hold back my tears. I will not give him the satisfaction of seeing me cry. He put his hand on the back of my head and forced himself down my throat. I felt him pulse as he came. He pulled back and I gasped for air. "Get your clothes on. We are going home." I stood and dressed quickly before he could change his mind. When I turned around, he was already in his wolf form. His fur was a mixture of black and white. He had his clothes already tied around his front legs. I felt him open a link to me. "Get on." In his wolf form, his back was level with my waist. I climbed on, careful not to pull his fur too much. The only reason he carried me, was because he liked the feeling of my boobs on his back. I leaned forward and held on as he took off to the pack house.

It didn't take long to get there. I slipped off his back and brushed his fur back to the way he liked it. I had to do this every time or her would sick his fangs into my arm again. I liked how soft his fur was, so I took my time to make sure all his fur was in place. Once I was down with his fur, I headed inside. The moment the door closed behind me, I was greeted by a slap across my face from my mother. "Who the hell told you that you could go to school before your work is done?" She growled.

I shrunk back from her. "I-I'm s-sorry.. P-please f-forgive m-me M-Mother."

She growled and grabbed my hair. "Who told you that you could call me Mother? You are not my daughter!"

"I-I'm s-sorry M-Mistress."

She threw me to the ground. "Get to doing your work, and don't even think about going back to school until it is all done! I want everything washed twice!" She turned away from me and walked away.

I slowly stood and headed toward my room. I put my bag down and looked in my small mirror. My raven black hair was knotted and my royal blue eyes were dull. "I don't think I'll ever see my eyes bright and my hair shine again." I muttered to myself. I let out a sigh and clanged from my uniform to my dirty rags for clothes. The one thing my mother allowed me to have was a cellphone that didn't work for anything other than music. I put my headphones in and scrolled through my songs. With no games or phone number saved, I had room for thousands of songs. I picked one of my favorites and got to work.

There's a place in my mind

No one knows where it hides

And my fantasy's flying

It's a castle in the sky

It's a world of our past

Where the legend still lasts

And the king wears the crown

But the magic spell is law

T-Take your sword and your shield

There's a battle on the field

You're a knight and you're right

So with dragons now you'll fight

And my fantasy's flying

It's a castle in the sky

Or there's nothing out there

These are castles in the air

Fairy tales live in me

Fables coming from my memory

Fantasy is not a crime

Find your castle in the sky

Castle in the sky

Castle in the sky

You've got the key

Of the kingdom of the clouds

Open the door

Leaving back your doubts

You've got the power

To live another childhood

So ride the wind

That leads you to the moon cause

Fairy tales live in me

Fables coming from my memory

Fantasy is not a crime

Find your castle in the sky

I liked what was called Nightcore. I never got a chance to look up what it was, but that was okay. I liked it so I listened to it. I scrubbed every dish until I shined. I moved on to the laundry then to cleaning the carpets and floors. I dusted and organized everything. When the sun shined through the window of the kitchen, the dishes sparkled. Just like my mother liked. I headed out to the backyard to pull the weeds and water the garden. I wasn't allowed to speak inside the house, but I never got in trouble when I would sing outside.

"In a town in the woods at the top of a hill

There's a house where no one lives

So you take a big bag of your big city money there

And buy it. But at night, when the house is dark

And you're all alone, there's a noise upstairs

At the top of the stairs, there's a door

And you take a deep breath and try it.And the flashlight shows you something moving just inside the door

There's a tattered dress and a feeling you have felt somewhere before."

I struggled to pull a prickly weed out of the ground. I gritted my teeth and pulled as hard as I could. It came out and I fell over, landing on my butt hard. I groaned and stood up. The hair on the back of my neck stood. Someone was watching me. I looked around, but I didn't see anyone. I shrugged and got back to work. I squatted down and fixed up the flowers that got disturbed. I took a look at the garden to make sure that everything was in order before turning away. I grabbed the green bin and headed around the the front yard. I would have to refrain from singing out here. My mother liked to check to make sure that I was pulling weeds and not her flowers. I squatted down again and removed more weeds.

Once I was done watering the flowers after the weeds were gone, I pulled the green bin behind me to the back yard. I rounded the corner and bumped into someones chest. I gasped and pulled my headphones out as I shrank back in fear. Please don't hurt me, was the only thing that went through my mind.

When I didn't feel any hits, I opened my eyes and looked up. "MATE!" Demeter screamed in my head. It couldn't be. Not him. I can't be mates with the Prince of werewolves. He stared at me wide eyed. I quickly dropped to my knees and lowered my head.

"Mate." He said. I flinched at how he said it. Soft. I'm not used to soft. I don't think I ever will be. "Stand, please." I hesitated for a moment, but slowly stood. I kept my head down. The accident that turned my parents against me when I was three, left me with a nasty scar across my face. "Let me see your face." I froze. No. Anything but my face. "Please, let me see your face." He tried to get me to look up, but I stepped back away from his hands. I was starting to get scared again, so I grabbed the green bin and quickly took it to the shed.

"Leto! That was our mate! Go back!" Demeter yelled in my head. I opened my link to her.

"We can't have a mate. Our mother will be angry. I can't. I'm sorry Demeter."

"No! Go back now!" She growled at me. I closed the link. She was going to be super mad at me later. I opened the shed and pulled the bin in. I looked up at the spider in the corner of the dark shed.

"I bet you won't hurt me." I thought, but I turned away and left it alone. I needed to go see mother for more work. I was done with what I usually had to do every day. I headed in the house through the back door. I heard voices coming from the front room. I went in and stood at the door with my head down. The talking stopped and I felt eyes on me. "I-I'm d-done m-my c-chores. I-is t-there any-anything y-you w-want me to d-do n-now M-Mistress?" I was trembling again.

"Yes. Fetch the King some tea and biscuits." Mother sneered at me. I gave a small bow before walking quickly to the kitchen. I washed my hands from the dirt and got to work in making the tea that the King drinks while he is here. I pulled out cups and sugar and biscuits. I walked back to the front room and set down the tray and gently as I could with my trembling hands. There was a light clink from the tray hitting the table. My mother growled and slapped me across the face again. I stumbled back but gained my balance once again. "How dare you!" My mother raised her hand again, but the hit didn't come. I opened my eyes to see the Prince standing between my mother and I.

A growl rippled through his chest, making my mother drop to her knees. He turned to me and gently took my chin with his fingers. I couldn't stop my trembling from my mother hitting me, but with the Prince being so gentle to me, made me tremble even more. My heart was pounding and I'm pretty sure he could hear it. I stepped back and accidentally knocked the tea tray to the floor. I gasped and dropped down to clean it. I was trembling so much that I sliced my fingers on the broken glass. I winced, but I had to clean this up. Mother will punish me after the King and Prince are gone. "Jacin, why did you stop this maid from being punished?"

"Father, she's not a maid, she is my mate." The room went silent except for the clock that ticked the seconds away on the wall. "Plus, she's actually her daughter." Silence fell again. I caught a glimpse of my mother's horrified face from the corner of my eye.

"I'm going to die. 16 years old, and I'm going to die." I thought. I quickly cleaned the glass and headed to the kitchen. My finger were cut up pretty badly. Normal wolves would have healed already, but since I am not allowed to shift, I couldn't heal like a normal wolf.

"Mate!" Demeter yelled. I turned and looked at Prince Jacin and his father who were now standing in the kitchen door way.

"Come with us girl. We are leaving." The King's tone was final, but I was afraid. Mother was going to hurt me again. They were just toying with me. They are just going to take me and hurt me like mother has. Oh Moon Goddess.. I trembled even more. Jacin stepped toward me, but I stepped back. When I looked up, I knew they saw the fear in my eyes. "Child, we are not going to hurt you." King Ty's tone had softened after seeing the fear in my eyes. I shook my head and pointed to the fridge. They furrowed their brows and looked at the fridge. Darrian had left a note there for me. "Leto, after you have finished with your chores you are to meet me by the river." King Ty read aloud.

Jacin read the note again before looking at me. "What does this mean?" I shook my head. I couldn't tell him. I couldn't tell anyone. The pack turned a blind eye to what Darrian was doing to me. Jacin took a moment to think before looking at his father. "Father, I would like to stay for dinner here." My jaw dropped, but I quickly closed it and turned away. He was going to try my cooking and not even know it. I steeled myself as much as I could and ushered them out of the kitchen. I pointed to the front room and turned away to go back in the kitchen.

I cooked and served dinner before heading back to the kitchen to clean. My stomach growled, but I ignored it. There would be time to eat after I was done my work. I might be able to get a little bit off the bones tonight. it would have to do. The dishes piled up as fast as I washed them. "Hey, Slave!" I turned and looked up at the pack member that called me. He threw a grape tomato at me. It bounced off my head and landed on the floor. I bowed and turned back to the dishes. "Who the fuck said I was done with you?" He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head back I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth against the pain. Any noise would get me punished. "Get down and suck me off whore." He pushed me to the ground hard. I felt the bruises forming on my knees. I slowly opened my mouth. He slapped me. "Faster." He growled.

"What is going on in here?" I heard Jacin. Tears blurred my vision.

"What the fu-- Your Highness. I.. I uhh.." The tears slipped down my face as I heard him coming closer. I hadn't moved when Jacin looked at me. My bandaged hands hanging at my sides, my head pulled back by Bruce and his dick forced into my mouth as tears rolled down my face. Jacin growled at Bruce. "Th-this isn't wh-what it looks like." Bruce pushed me away before kicking me in the stomach. The air in my lungs was gone.

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