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img img Romance img Beyond Her Lies
Beyond Her Lies

Beyond Her Lies

img Romance
img 9 Chapters
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Author: Dannywrites
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It took one lie for Adelina Delgado to convince the world that she remembers nothing about him; Jonathan McCurby, the fiancé she had before she slipped into a coma that left her in a minimal state of consciousness for three years. Love turned into anger, frustration and eventually, hate. It was what she told herself to feel whenever she saw him. But, unlucky her. Her mouth could deny all it wanted, but her body would always give her away. Her resolve cracked. Heat surged through her body. The tension was immense. Her imaginations ran wild. The familiar scent left her insensible. She was slowly melting away, sandwiched between the wall and his hard frame, and he hadn’t even touched her. Yet.

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