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WARNING: It may contain explicit scenes, bullying, triggering words, violence and psychological aspects scenes. " Pitiful....I'll make sure you are pitied Hunsberg university, don't you think? " " Soon you'll be so pitiful, it will get so extreme that each and every people in there will feel sorry and disgusted by your pathetic life. I'll make you find yourself wishing that it would be better if you're never born." ...... Jennie Wilson POV She was a poor, a daughter of a labourer and innocent girl. She gets into one of the most prestigious college in the world she always dreamed and worked hard. The Arcadia University. A college to the elite, where children of diplomats, rich people find themselves in this exclusive university for its reputation and fastest hub to success in life. Will Jennie Wilson be able to survive in this prestigious college? Vincent Ainsworth The only son of one of the largest tycoon businessman in the world. He was like fire. He was hurt and depressed. He loved his ex Eva Smith so much. His world collapsed when his ex called off their relationship. He was way beyond broken. She never looked back at him. Since Vincent was going through depression, his friends asked Jennie Wilson to help him out, because she was the only one who could make him come out of his depression. Will she be able to repair him? Will he allow her to heal him?....or will it become WORSE.

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