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The Love Job

The Love Job

img Romance
img 15 Chapters
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Author: E. V Lunar
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Ivonne Johnson, a twenty four year old has to oblige to her father's bizarre condition to bring a man home before he picks his successor, but little did she know that love jobs don't just come and go. *** She's ruthless, ungrateful, and the most cold hearted person you can ever meet. Ivonne Johnson has all the bad characters a lady should never posses, and that makes it impossible to even put up with her. After a bizarre condition by her father, she has to find the one man to play "love Job" with. In her head; get in, fool her Father, get out and run her company. But the human heart is not a tool you can control. Being starved all these years, her heart yearns for love and as fate would have it, Ayomide Adeoluwa Nelson is who it yearns for. But loving Ivonne Johnson doesn't come easy.

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