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You Are My Secret

You Are My Secret

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#mxb #boyslove Once upon a time... He did something to survive university. He became a sugar baby to a wealthy sugar daddy. Several years later, he falls instantly in love with a boy... who happens to have a very hot and gorgeous father. Will he win the heart of the boy or the father? Or can he be selfish and have them both? Will his shameful past prevent him towards his happy ending?

Chapter 1 Sugar Baby

Beam is a mess while he is on his four being pounded by the man behind him.

"Arghh...!" the man growls and reaches for Beam's member, pumping it together with his harsh pounding.

"Ahhn..." Beam moans as the ecstasy is deliciously building inside his burning body. Being pounded in his ass and the pumping of his twitching member is making him crazy.

"I'm coming! Come with me!" the man's hoarse voice grumbled against Beam's nape.

"Argghhh...!" they come together and Beam's hole flooded with the man's cum while Beam squirts his own on the white bedsheets.

They both slumped on the bed breathless while savoring the heaven they have just reached.

The man's erratic heartbeat is pounding on Beam's back and it seems deafening him or it's also his own heartbeat that is in haywire.

After a moment of silence between them, the man stood up after pulling himself out from Beam's hole. His cum trickled down, tickling Beam's skin, he never used a condom on him. The man walked straight to the bathroom to take his shower.

Beam just stayed in his position without moving while listening to the melody of the running water from the bathroom.

It's always been like this, after a hot encounter between them, the man will take his shower and wear his fresh suit from the closet, leaving the used ones on the couch inside the room.

The door of the bathroom opened and the man went out looking fresh. His towel, dangerously hanging around his waist. His handsome face is devoid of any emotions, if he is even capable of any. Beam is used to this cold man for almost a year they are together. He can only see some emotions from his stoic face if they are in an intimate moment just like earlier.

Beam can only see his vulnerability everytime he is on the peak of his orgasm or he is pleasuring his perfectly muscled body. Other than that, the man is very cold and distant towards him.

The man has already worn his fresh suit but Beam is still in his previous position in bed. Without glancing at him or a single word spoken, the man went out of the door.

Beam sighed and closed his eyes in exhaustion when silence fell upon the luxurious room. He still needs to study later for his final exam. He finished his hospital internship last week and only his written exams are left before his graduation.

Beam decided to take a nap before he will have his shower later, he needs to regain his strength for the review later. Chris would rant his ears if he did not show up later.

Being a sugar baby to a very rich man is quite awesome, considering the amount of money deposited in his bank account every month for his allowance. He gets the money he needs and at the same time, the pleasure in every encounter. The man is a beast in bed but he is considerate. He takes care of his pleasure, not just his. For a sugar daddy, he is excellent and they have a peaceful relationship.

His huge allowance is on time and the man is not difficult to get along with. He just needs to be in the room the instant he was called and the moment the man finished with him, he will just leave without a word.

Beam can't ask for more. He will soon be graduating and he has ample amount saved from the contract which will end on his graduation day.

He became a sugar baby, a tag that he is trying his best to hide even from his friends but he is still fortunate enough that the man he is with is treating him right. He will soon achieve what he has worked hard for and he will bury this past until his death.

Exhaustion took over his whole being and he slept comfortably without even washing.

"Beam what the fuck? You are late" Kent glares at the approaching Beam.

"I'm so sorry Kent, I overslept" Beam apologized to his best friend.

"Overslept? Did you take a girl again? We still have exams, Beam!" Kent grumbled irritatedly.

"No, no, not that! It's just that I'm still exhausted from our hospital internship last week and now the exams. My body is not taking it lightly, so I need to rest" Beam explained sulkily.

"Enough, let's start the review, we already lost some precious time, let's not delay any further" Chris intervenes with the two from their bantering again.

The three start their review and in no time they lose track of time as they get so engrossed with their discussions. It's past midnight that they have realized how late it is already.

"I think it's enough, we have to rest and be early this morning at school. The exam will start by 9 in the morning. We will have breakfast together then we will review a little before the exam starts" Chris instructed the two who were already too sleepy to listen.

Chris dropped Beam and Kent in their dorm as the two are staying in the same building while Chris is in a separate building, one block away from them.

Beam drops his exhausted body in his bed and rests his tired mind. He is so exhausted that he cannot easily sleep. He is thinking of something else aside from his upcoming exams. He is almost at the finish line of his studies, in a month he will be graduating from the university and the biggest hospital where he did his hospital internship together with his best friends have accepted them for their residency after they have passed the licensure exam.

He is so excited to start his career as a medical doctor. It's been his dream to become one.

He grew up from an orphanage and he was adopted when he was six by a childless couple. He was so happy with his new parents, they loved him as their own child.

Beam is naturally kindhearted although a little naughty, he has a normal childhood just like any other kid. He hasn't felt that he was just adopted because he has so much love from his adoptive parents.

But his life has drastically changed when his parents died from an accident when he was in his third year in medical school. His world crumbles down together with his dreams.

Beam and his adoptive parents have dreamed together that he will become a great doctor in the future. He was so excited to fulfill his parents' dream for him. But everything looked dim for him when they passed away.

They both worked hard for Beam's education and Beam thought after two years, he could happily gifted them with his diploma and a degree in medicine. But reality sometimes is harsh, Beam was left alone with a little amount of money from the insurance.

He was fully aware that the money left for him is not sufficient enough to pay his university bills until he graduates. He still has the property where he has spent his whole life and all the memories of his childhood with his parents but he won't let it go just to pay for his bills. He also has his mother's car but he will never let it go also, he knows how his mother loves the car, it's a gift from his father. He decided to take part time jobs but it also cannot supplement his expenses.

Until one night in the club where he was working as a bartender, he got an offer that he cannot resist. It all answers his financial problems so without too much hesitation he grabbed the opportunity.

For more than a year now he has survived medical, in a month he will be graduating and his fulfillment of the bargain will also stop. He will be free. Freedom, Beam just sighed while thinking of that word as he drifted off to deep slumber.


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