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img img Sci-fi img Run Baby Run (The Last Blood)
Run Baby Run (The Last Blood)

Run Baby Run (The Last Blood)

img Sci-fi
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Author: Khay2626
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"KAEL!" I smiled when he stopped and turned to me. Even though I couldn’t see his face, I knew he was smiling at me. He spread his arms- as if he's been waiting for me to hug him. I smiled even more and was about to run towards him when my game bracelet device rang. I stiffened when the diamond on my bracelet turned red and the sounds that shattered my world rang out. At the same time, suddenly- there was an electric barrier who pop up on the boundary of the temple. "THE GAME IS OVER, SORRY YOU LOSE." _____________ You can cry but you can't run. The battle between life and love. ______________ Photo isn't mine, credits to the rightful owners.

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