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Being born as twins, Phidelia and Phidel were separated at young age due to one or two reasons. Phidelia lived with her aunty in Netherlands whiles Phidel lived with their parents in Australia but they had always kept in touch. On one way or the other, Phidelia mysteriously went missen, making her parents return back to Netherlands with Phidel with the bid to find her sister. They tried to find out more from the school authorities but nobody seem to give them any good answers. Phidel then thought there was only one way to find out the whereabout of her sister and that is to get enrolled in the school which she did. She, from her research found out that her sister lost her life to bullies. She felt bitter, seeking revenge for her sister as her spirit hoovers around her and She is the only one who can see her. What really happened to Phidel? What is the reason behind their separation? And how is Phidelia going to get back at her sister's murders? Will Phidel's spirit ever leave her sister? Join me in this journey to find out more. Disclaimer: Picture not mine, credits to the rightful owner.

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