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Fallen Rose

Fallen Rose

img Young Adult
img 45 Chapters
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Author: Synonym
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Emma Wisconsin is a transfer student along with her bubbly twin sister Lisa. Unlike her twin sister, Emma is a quiet kind and tends to confide to a little group of friends. Her once perfect but not so rosy life is turned into a chaos zone of which she can't handle alone, she meets a charming funny guy named Israel, a badboy but caring Freesville high star student Flynn and a lastly Eric. Flynn Nile is your potential badboy that got every girl's attention, but unfortunately for them he's got his eyes set on a quirky teen girl who he claim to love but has no beginning of how his love started. Things weren't working for him in the aspect of love based on the reputation he has and a legend that has been written along with his name. As crazy as this story gets there is a honourable mention that shouldn't be left out, the entire beginning to this entire story started with an anonymous writer known in different counties as the Overseer, it's name has spread across several places and Freesville happen to be it's next target. Every character is important as they bring a whole lot to the table, their uniqueness connects this story proved what teenage life especially in your sophomore year. Do watch out for the MILFs, Lisa and also try to figure out who the Overseer is.

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