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The CEO's Pretend Wife

The CEO's Pretend Wife

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Author: shilps
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Rafael and Ruhi are poles apart and can't seem to agree on anything except the plan to be a pretend couple and make everyone believe they are very busy making babies. Rafael is a cold, aloof CEO known for his good looks and intelligence besides being the sole heir of his dad's multibillion dollar diamond business. He has a hot girlfriend who is also an emotionally detached, car fanatic just like him. Everything seems perfect until his dad suddenly arranges for him to be married to a random stranger for business reasons when his partner cheats. Ruhi wants to live life to the fullest and be unaffected by her parents and their orthodox beliefs and pressure. She carves a life of her own with a decent job and a caring boyfriend. When her parents try to force their decisions on her, she comes up with a plan to pursue her love interest while pretending to be the arrogant billionaire's wife.

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