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Alpha King's Purchased Bride

Alpha King's Purchased Bride

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Finding a mate is a blessing that one gets when the Moon Goddess blesses them with a soulmate. People say finding a mate has become a myth now because there are only a handful of people who find their mate. Hence, a new custom was made where Alpha males purchased a bride for themselves and that includes the King, however, a King could only purchase an Alpha female as his bride. Violet is the daughter of the Alpha of the Dark Moon Pack, being a part of one of the strongest pack's she has always trained to be a warrior to protect her pack. Although she has to deal with the over-protectiveness of her father and mother because they are always worried she would land in trouble. She lost her mother at the age of 5 and her fierce attitude does nothing to ease the worry of her father and brother. She lives her life like a free bird who doesn't want to get trapped by anyone, she wanted to live her life peacefully and find her true mate. She is beautiful, smart, kind, loving, and caring, everything one could want in a mate. Vincent is a strong Alpha King who rules his people in peace, he had taken over the responsibilities of a King at the age of 13 when his father died. He was tall, dark, and handsome, his aura carries an air of strength that would make anyone but bow to him. He is a fantasy every girl wants but can never get their hands on. He needs to find himself a bride and as per the custom he has to purchase his bride, an Alpha female because he is already 21 and hasn't found his mate. What would happen when these two opposite souls are brought together? Will Violet be able to find her true mate? Will she be able to fight against the custom that has been going on for so long? Follow their journey to find out.

Chapter 1 Characters Introduction

Main Characters:

Violet Willow Wade - Luna Queen of the Royal Moonstone Pack (Wolf's name Willa)

Violet is a strong Alpha female, having lost her mother at the age of 5 she was brought up by her father and brother. Her mother had died in a rogue attack and ever since she has seen her brother and father being extremely protective over her. At the age of 19, she is the strongest female warrior in the pack, she has trained all her life because she did not want to be vulnerable or weak in front of anyone. She is very loving and caring in nature and is loved by her entire pack for her gentleness and kindness towards them. She despises old customer especially being sold to someone as their bride against her will, she believes that the Moon Goddess still blesses her children with mates and aims to find her own.

She is tall, smart and beautiful, she is 5′10" tall, with a beautiful curvy body, long golden blonde hair that goes down her butt in natural waves and complements her beauty. Her eyes are a shade of grey that almost looks like silver in colour, her face is an oval shape that makes her look even more beautiful with her thin plump lips. Her smile can make anyone forget their pain and sorrow and smile with her, her wolf is as large as an Alpha wolf, she is golden in colour with silver streaks in between making her look magnificent. She is a real form of beauty in both her forms.

Vincent Austin Pearson - Alpha King of the Royal Moonstone Pack (Wolf's name Vince)

Vincent is the King of the werewolves and Alpha of the Royal Moonstone Pack, he has taken over his pack at the age of 13 after his father's sudden death. He is strong, arrogant but he is also gentle, kind and caring when he needs to be, at the age of 21 he hasn't found his mate and has now started to believe that mates are indeed a myth. He now has to find himself a bride, no as per the custom he will now have to purchase his bride, he was happy about one fact that her bride would be an Alpha female and that itself was assuring enough for him that she would be able to take responsibilities has his Queen.

He is tall, dark and handsome, he is basically a fantasy every girl wanted to live, he is 6′5" tall with a body of a Greek God, he has a muscled body that was attractive to everyone's eyes but he wasn't bulky. He had tanned olive skin and 8 pack abs, he has dark emerald green eyes that could drown anyone in its depths, he has a straight face, short dark jet black hair and pink sexy thin lips. His wolf was the largest Alpha wolf anyone has ever had, being a King does has its benefits, he is jet black in colour just as his wolf, his wolf is as strong as he is and they are true partners and have been there for each other. They only ever have a disagreement, Vincent believes he doesn't have a mate and his wolf Vince believes he does.

Supporting Casts:

Melissa Pearson - Vincent's sister, Fabian's mate and Luna of the Dark Moon Pack

Melissa is Vincent's sister and Fabian's mate, they are true mates and found each other on Vincent's Alpha ceremony. They have been inseparable ever since, she is kind and loving, she takes care of her family and pack, just like she seen her mother do growing up. Despite being a princess, member of the royal family and Luna to one of the strongest pack's she is still very down to earth.

She is 5′7" tall and is a true beauty, she has a thin fit body with curves at all the right places. Her skin is fair and looks a little pale in complexion but complements her beauty perfectly. She has dark brown eyes and straight long dark brown hair that reaches below her lower back, she has a round face and beautiful natural red lips. Her beauty could make anyone feel jealous of because everyone wanted to be as beautiful as she was, her wolf is the size of an average Alpha size wolf, dark brown in colour with black streaks in her fur, complimenting her beauty.

Fabian Wade - Violet's brother, Melissa's mate and Alpha of the Dark Moon Pack

Fabian is Violet's brother and Melissa's mate, he has recently taken over as the Alpha of the Dark Moon Pack and found his mate during the coronation ceremony. He was the happiest man alive on the earth to have a true mate with him, she was the most beautiful woman he has ever laid eyes on. He is strong, kind, loving and caring, he could do anything to protect his family and pack from to keep them from harm's way. He always had woman throwing themselves at him like they would to any other Alpha wolf at he wanted to wait for the right person because he wasn't sure if he would find his mate and now that he has, he has never been happier with anything life

He is 6′3" tall, has a fair complexion and a muscled body, his eyes are a light shade of grey and with short dirty blonde hair. He is one of the strongest Alpha's and has been friends with the King since they were kids. However, they have never been to each other's house, but have always been there for each other. He has a straight long face with pink thin lips, his wolf is a bigger than an average Alpha wolf, he is black in colour which only strong Alpha wolf's are blessed with.

Veronica Stone - Daughter of the Royal Moonstone Pack's Beta and Vincent's childhood friend

Veronica is the daughter of the Royal Moonstone Pack's Beta and Vincent's childhood friend. Being the only female friend of the Alpha King she always wanted to be close to Vincent, she was happy that he has not found his mate because she knew that as per the custom he would have to purchase his bride. She wasn't aware that the King can only choose an Alpha female as his bride, she was very confident she would be the next Queen and she wanted nothing more than to rule. She was aware that Vincent doesn't love her and that she is only a friend for him but she still thought he would choose her because who else can be a better option. She was the only daughter of the Beta and was showered with love growing up which made her a proud and arrogant woman who could go to any extent to get what she wanted. She was beautiful but her arrogance can be clearly seen on her face, she would always behave rudely to people with lower ranks and that didn't have a good impression about her on the pack.

She was 5′4" and had a skinny body, her face always caked with makeup hiding her true beauty. She had black eyes, short shoulder length red hair and big plump lips, her wolf is a short wolf with red fur, despite being a Beta her wolf is smaller in size and that is what she hates the most.

Christopher Walters - Rouge Alpha King (Wolf's name Chris)

Christopher is the Rouge Alpha King, his only aim is to rule the entire werewolf community and bring Vincent down. He knows that Vincent is strong but he is aware that he will be stronger if he finds his true mate, the true Queen is the one who can make the King stronger. He has managed to stay hidden and make his army bigger by recruiting new rouge wolves and training them. He wants to find the true Queen before Vincent and take her as his chosen mate to become stronger, when he got the news that Vincent is getting married to an Alpha female as per the werewolf custom because he hasn't found his true mate he was happy that he would be able to get an upper hand by finding the true Queen for himself.

He is strong, tall, handsome and arrogant, he is 6′ tall and has built body, dark eyes and dark brown hair. His eyes resemble his cold and indifferent attitude and his hunger for power. He is not kind or loving, he doesn't care about anything except becoming the most powerful King.

Grayson Wade - Violet's father and former Alpha of the Dark Moon Pack

Angela Pearson - Vincent's mother and former Luna Queen of the Royal Moonstone Pack

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