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img img Romance img Ex-wife's Temptation
Ex-wife's Temptation

Ex-wife's Temptation

img Romance
img 571 Chapters
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Author: Bethony
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Anne followed a certain contract: she would get married to Kevin and give birth to his child by the end of the year. Otherwise, she would lose it all. However, it was easier said than done. Faced with humiliation day by day, she had run out of patience. This time, she didn't want to give in. On the day of his accident, she sacrificed herself to save him. Although she lived, she would soon disappear in the face of the world. It wouldn't be until their baby grew up that their fates would tie together once more. She might have returned to him, but she was no longer the woman who was simpering after his love. Now, she was ready to fight for her son.

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