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Bullet In The Heart

Bullet In The Heart

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To protect her mother and young brother, Jessie had no choice but to accept the blind marriage her father had arranged for her. But just before she could tie the knot, her fiance abducted her because of a mysterious accident she got involved in the past. However, Cupid has never stopped being mischievous as Jessie unexpectedly fell in love with him. Unbeknownst to Jessie, getting married into that family would stir and trigger the unfathomable drama and power that she would endure her whole life. Overwhelmed with conspiracy, misunderstanding, and love affair, she thought that happiness would finally come to her after all the drama has come to an end. But to her dismay, another blow totally defeated her. Where did her love go?

Chapter 1 Seek Wealth By Selling His Daughter

It was already ten o'clock in the evening when Jessie Lin came home from school. The street was full of noise, as if it were very lively. However, her heart was still depressed.

With her eyes full of sadness, she could not even remember when she had started to become accustomed to live all by herself.

Although she was not physically alone in the house, she still felt like it, and acted like she was alone. She did everything all by herself—eating, sleeping, shopping, and even leisurely watching drama series on her own.

Being like an introvert, it seemed that Jessie Lin had always been alienated and very difficult to get close to.

Meanwhile, when Jessie Lin arrived home, the villa was as dark as usual. However, today was a little bit different for it seemed more unusual than before. When she came home, she saw the Butler, Lucy, waiting at the door.

"Oh, hey, Lucy! Why aren't you asleep yet?"

"I'm glad you're back, Miss Jessie. The master is waiting for you in the study upstairs. He asked you to go to him as soon as you came back."

Jessie Lin then looked up at the study on the second floor. She gave Lucy a quick nod and a yes, and then went upstairs.


"Come in."

Jessie Lin pushed the door open and stood beside the desk. In a low voice, she began to talk to her father and asked, "Dad, what can I do for you?"

"There you are. Yes, in fact, I have something important to discuss with you. Have a seat." Darren Lin, her father, put down the documents that he was holding, and said with concern, "Jessie, I know that although you are the eldest daughter of our Lin family, I am aware that I have never provided you with much good things. I know that you are going to graduate next year, and you are too innocent for your own good. Which brings me to my decision to arrange your marriage. I want to find a good man for you, so that you will have someone to rely on in the future."

Darren Lin spoke as if he were a good father to her. He felt guilty and wanted to make up for his past mistakes because he very well knew that he had owed her a lot, and for many reasons.

'Innocent, huh?'

Jessie Lin sneered at herself. Ever since she was ten years old, she had already realized and had been in touch with the reality of the world around her.

She knew at an early age that she was basically a dispensable member of the Lin family, except for a little bit of value that she was worth. If she had not disguised herself, then maybe she would have never stayed alive until now!

'Hmm...Rely on?' She knew that she could only rely on herself and no one else. Who else could she rely on?

Her father who only had a brutal heart? Or her mother? But she was very mentally ill that she could not even take care of herself, let alone her own daughter!

Jessie Lin became silent for a while. With purity and innocence, she then looked straight into her father's eyes full of cunning and said, "Thank you for your concern, Dad. But I don't want anything or anyone to rely on. I just want to be with you and mother for all my life."

"Oh, my silly daughter! That would be so unfair to you! Jessie, I am just thinking about you and your future. Your mother and I will leave you on your own one day. And besides, look at your mother's current situation. I hope you understand that we can't just put all of the burden on you alone. You will be very tired if that happens. In any case, you must have heard about the Lan family. I have talked to them several times and they all like you very much. We share the same hope that our two families can be united by marriage one day."

"The Lan family?"

"Yes, you are not mistaken. In fact, the Lan family is a noble and respected family. Although Mark has some disabilities, I'm sure that your life will be secured as long as you marry him. What's a little disability for a life of comfort and security? Aside from that, as long as you are in the Lan family, we will surely have a backer in the future, and our family's business will also be..."

Upon seeing her father's sparkling eyes, Jessie Lin felt so sick of him. Just listening to his controlling demand made her despise him very much.

He said he was doing this for her.

But, she knew well what was behind his sweet words.

Come on, he was asking her to marry a disabled man! Wasn't that equivalent to destroying her whole life?

Really? For her own good? She could take care of herself and she did not need him to worry about her future! He meant well. It might have sounded promising, but in fact, he was just afraid that if she refused to marry the man, then he couldn't do business with the Lan family!

Although Jessie Lin knew about everything and what was going on, she had always worn the same mask in front of the Lin family.

She had to pretend to be docile, considerate, and obedient!

But she also knew that she couldn't be too obedient. After all, she was a person who had her own opinion and own life.

No one would believe that she would listen to every word Darren Lin said, not even herself.

"Dad, I heard that Mr. Mark was disabled and got disfigured because of a car accident. I'm afraid..."

"Don't worry, my dear daughter. I have already met Mark just recently when I went to their family's house. He wore a mask all the time except when sleeping. Don't worry, he won't scare you. Also, you won't be able to see him in the dark when you sleep. Don't be afraid. I'm sure you will be fine."

"Dad, I really don't want to be married into their family. Why don't you just let Ellie get married to Mr. Mark since the Lan family is so wealthy?"

As soon as she finished her words, Darren Lin's big palm hit the desk so hard that it almost made a hole.

But before he could say anything, his kind and guilty face suddenly changed into a malicious and angry one.

"I will be the one who arranges your sister's marriage, not you. You don't need to worry about it. Anyway, I've already set up your marriage. You'll move to the Lan family's villa in half a month. No objections! Now get out of my sight!"

Jessie Lin stood up from her chair, biting her lips. There was a mist in her clear eyes as she felt so hurt by her father's controlling and harsh words.

But just as she turned around and was about to leave, Darren Lin spoke again,

"Jessie, don't pretend to be so obedient and meek every day. I know what's in your mind. If you, by any chance, want to protect your crazy mother and your younger brother, you know what you should do!"

She closed the study's door. Her once pitiful look had long been replaced by coldness and insidiousness as her hands clenched in anger.

She thought to herself, 'One day, Darren, I will make you cry and beg me for mercy!'

Just when Jessie Lin was about to enter her room, she heard a shrill scream coming from upstairs along with the sound of things falling onto the ground.

"Oh damn you, Darren! I hate you. I'm going to kill you..... You son of bitch! Ivy! How dare you seduce my husband! Go to hell!"

The voices and cries only became louder and louder as she walked upstairs.

Jessie Lin couldn't be any more familiar with this voice. As a matter of fact, she was used to those ghostly screams every day during the time when her stepmother joined the family when she was only ten years old.

She got scare of it at first, but soon enough, she gradually adapted to it. And now, she was so used to it that she ignored it whenever she heard that sound.

Slowly, she then gently pushed the door open and saw that the room was a complete mess. The once luxurious curtains had been pulled off and were just hanging in the air. The bed was messy, along with the clothes, cosmetics, and glass pieces that were all over the floor.

Her mother was disheveled and scrunched in a corner, crying, laughing, and talking to herself.

Standing at the door, Jessie Lin looked at Irene Xiao without saying a word. She recalled that her mother was born in a rich family. When her mother was young, she was very beautiful and pleasant. During that time, she was even praised as the woman that any man would want to marry.

Knowing such a background, no one had ever expected that she would turn out to be like this in the future.

But all Jessie wanted was to walk over and hug her mother. After all, she had deeply longed for her comfort and warmth, but at the same time, she also wanted to hug her because she felt sympathy and pity for her own mother. At that moment, she just wanted to hold her mother in her arms, regardless of the reason.

However, no matter how ordinary it seemed to other people, she considered her mother's warmth and love as a luxury.

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