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Contractually Married

Contractually Married

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As they openly say, 'life isn't fair'! Well for me, that's exactly the definition of my own life. Not until i reached the age of 18, where i signed the most stupid arrangement and contract in my life. Do you know what consist of that so called arrangement? Well, let me tell you... it's just me and my name who and which is going to be tied 'contractually' by the end of the name of my 'jerk' (so called ) of a husband. You heard that? Contractually? Yes. We're just going to be 'contractually married' for five years... for five long years. And since it's only for five years, we don't need to act like those typical husband and wife or a lovey-dovey-couple that you can see everywhere, holding each other's hands while walking, hugging, kissing.. and ohh.. eating each other's face, because that's exactly the opposite situation of our marriage. He hates me with all his guts and same with me.. although i don't knowthe reason why and where his hates coming from. So here i am, Arrianna Angela Kelley-Smith, married to Alexander Jonathan Smith who is known to be one of the successful and richest bachelor --slash--womanizer in the whole business state of California. Hmmp! Little did they know, he was already married to me four years ago...


It's only 7:30 am on my bedside clock, but here I am getting ready for my 10:00 am appointment with our president and some higher officials in the publishing company where I am currently working as an editor in chief.

But today's appointment is actually a contract signing for me as one of their romance and fiction writer. Well, you can't blame me for seeking another's not that I am in need of so much money, but writing is actually my passion aside from singing of course. I already finish two stories and when I tried to pass it to one of my bestfriend --- Gavin who is also an editor, he said I must try to give it on board because we are currently in need of professional writers. So, that's the story behind this contract signing.

"Good morning." I greet my friend and apartment mate Cari when I walked to the kitchen to grab some breakfast.

"Good morning. It's Saturday... you're going to work?" she has a furrowed eyebrows while getting her bottled water. She probably comes from jogging based on her outfit and sweats on her forehead.

"Nope. I'm actually going to the office but not for duty." I take my seat and open the cover of my favorite chocolate pancakes on the table. Thank you for this girl for being my breakfast maker.

"But for what?"

"Guess what?" I shoved the first pancake in my mouth.

" Wait--- for higher position?" she's already seated beside me.

"No, but for another position. Uhm... additional position."

"What? What do you mean?" her eyebrows were almost knitted in line.

I grab her water bottled water and take a drink before answering her question.

"It's actually a contract signing of me being one of the writer of our company."

"Wow, really? Congratulations." she said in a wide eyes and hug me. "But how about your current position? It's not easy having two jobs in the same company. How are you going to balance that?" she take her seat again while waiting for my answer.

"Don't worry, I already have plans for that and besides, my job is in the morning and since I go out at four in the afternoon, I always have time and plenty of time to write." I answered her with a wink.

"Okay. All I can say for now is good luck. But I'm warning you, Rian. I want to be the first one to have the copy of your books." she playfully narrowed her eyes on me.

"Of course, you'll always be my priority."

"Oh, you make it sure ah."

"I'll promise." I said with a giggle while hugging her.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

"By the way, what's you're planning for today after your contract signing?" We're now going back to the living room.

"I don't know maybe going to the supermarket and buy some stuffs. Why?" I look at her with a raised eyebrow because she has this familiar grin on her face.

"Well, it's Saturday today...and..."


"'s time to have some fun again! You know Saturday nights with girls and the boys!" she said excitedly while I just rolled my eyes. See? That type of grin on her face... I knew it.

"What can you say? We're going to invite our girlfriends Jenny and Sierra. You can also invite Gavin and Nick. Ahh... I'm so excited."

"Oh, don't forget Sierra's boyfriend."

Yeah, one of our friends have already been engaged. It's Sierra whose boyfriend is one of the top model in California's time magazine. While Jenny, Cari, Gavin and Nick are still single. And me... I'm married. Although not the typical marriage that everybody knows but I'm still married. And only Cari and Gavin knows it among the group.

We're not living in one roof since our wedding. I still lived with my parents, while him... he already had his own penthouse back then because he was already the CEO of their family's company. We never had a date or a formal meeting until I graduated in college and decided to live on my own, although only here around California.

"Of course! You know Paolo is so possessive with Sierra!" I was back in trance when I heard Cari's voice. "As if his girlfriend was made of crystals and diamonds. Hello!" she said with disgust expression on her face.

And that is the time for me to laugh. I really love Cari. She's always more a sister to me than a friend sometimes. It's a different story with Gavin, because he's one of my workmates and he's gay. But that's a big secret that me and our friends only know about it.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

After the contract signing with Gavin on my Side, we decided to go to the supermarket where Cari is already waiting for us. We didn't take so much time in buying groceries, actually we spent all our precious time shopping on some dresses, shoes, makeups and accessories for our girls and gangs night's out tonight. And of course for the following occasions that needs formal dresses and accessories. As for Gavin, we accompanied him to some men's boutique as you all know his real him is still unknown to others.

After our long hours of shopping, we just stopped by to a pizza's store inside the mall for our lunch and then we headed our way home.

"Girls, I'm going to pick you up at 8 tonight. Be ready." Gavin said while kissing our cheeks.

" Sure. Take care, Gav." I also copied his gesture.

"Okay. Make sure with your style and outfit, you're going to turn the club upside down tonight."

Me and Cari just shook our heads and said our goodbyes to him.

When it's already 6 pm, Cari and I were both rushing in our each room taking a bath, because for sure we're going to use our remaining time on putting our dress and facial accessories----you know----makeups.

Well, not for me...but for Cari, yes. I'm not really a fan of it. It's just Cari who always insisting on putting some colors on my face. If it's just me, I will only put mascara, foundation and lipstick, but since it's need to shut your mouth when she's in front of the mirror doing magic on your face.

"Okay done." I let out a long sigh of relief after almost an hour waiting for her to finish whatever she's doing on my face.

"Wow!" that's all I can say. She made my eyes alive by the eyeshadows she put on it, that also compliment to the dress I'm going to wear tonight.

"See? You know, you really are beautiful. You just don't know how to appreciate your beauty and use it sometimes." I don't know if she's really scolding at me because her tone is a little bit softer than scolding.

"Ouch." I jokingly place my right hand on top of my left chest.

"No. Seriously. You're beautiful. How can you explain those numbers of men who want to pursue you if you just really want to give them a chance."

-'haist...this conversation again'-

I thought while rolling my eyes and shaking my head.

"Well, because I don't want to. And I still can't feel the spark, the electricity that runs down my spine whenever they touch me." see... I'm a hopeless romantic.

Now it's her turn to roll her eyes on me.

"And besides, you and Gavin knows that I'm married. That I'm still married." I show her again my finger with my engagement ring...not my wedding ring because I already took it off and put on my favorite necklace as a pendant.

"Married? Forgodsake! Arrianna Angela! Your marriage was just on papers!"

Whoa..she almost screamed while throwing her hands on the air. She's not pissed by that.

"Yeah, I know. But still it's legal----"

"Legal? Spell legal, Rian?"

-'seriously? she want to spell the word legal...'

"What I'm just saying is that you're only married to him on papers and nothing more! Four years of being married for nothing! I mean look a him, still having the bachelor's title while the truth is... he's already been married to you. For christ sake!"


-'Oh! Thank God!'- I can't help myself not to let a silent prayer. Thank you for whoever is on the front door for saving my life.

"What time is it?" she suddenly stopped her tracks when she also heard the doorbell ring.

-'time for you to stop your preaching because its only Saturday today and not Sunday'-

I want to answer her that, but of course being me I won't do that.

"Well, it's 10 minutes before 8."

"Oh, I think that's Gavin. Let's go." she already headed to the door.

"Okay." I just got my purse, containing my first thing, lipstick, foundation, extra cash and my credit card.

I am currently heading downstairs when I realized that I haven't sprayed my favorite cologne. How did I forget that? So I climbed up again and go back to my room. After spraying some amount on my neck and some parts of my dress, I put it on my purse and decided to go back to the living room where Gavin, Nick, Jenny and Cari were already seated on the couch.

"What took you so long? I thought you're already behind me." Cari asked me with a crunched eyebrow.

"I forgot to spray some cologne, you know."

She just rolled her eyes.

"Hi, Rian." Nick kissed me on my cheek while Gavin on my forehead. And Jenny, we hugged each other.

"I missed you girl. I missed this night out." she excitedly throws her hands in the air.

"Me too."

"Come on guys, let's go. We're not going to our usual club tonight." Nick stated while standing up and walked towards the front door.

"What? Why?" all us girls asked in unison.

"Well, Paolo suggested that we can try to this newly opened bar not far from our usual night place." Gavin was the one who answered.

"Oh, okay. Let's try something new tonight."

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