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Contract Marriage (GirlxGirl)

Contract Marriage (GirlxGirl)

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Avalynn Grimaldi and Nicole Bonavich didn't realised that they were about to be married off because of their parents promise to each other. Since both family doesn't have male heir, their first born were force to sign the marriage contract their parents had set up for them. How can two person that hated each other to the core be joint in a holy matrimony? Will they do something to break free from the contract they were tricked to sign? Read to find out.

Chapter 1 No.1


"You may take any seat while waiting for Ava to finish up. She informed me earlier that she has some last minute alteration to add before tomorrow's show." Kelly, that hag's personal assistant informed me before she excuses herself.

Well, at least I get to watch the city most extravagant fashion show rehearsal.

I can't help but stare at the boys who walk on the runway. I thank God for He created such beautiful human being. But... I also can't help to feel jealous of the female models with their perfectly toned stomach and million dollar beauty.

"Avalynn, your turn." Wait, did that guy called out that hag's name?

I turned my attention to the runway again and was surprised to see that wench walk down the runway with such confidence as if she owned the stage.

Hold on, she's a model?! That day after our wedding ceremony, she told me she's just helping out her parents with their company and that's it.

I didn't know that she's actually walk on the runway as well. When she posed at the end of the runway I froze. She's ... kinda hot. I immediately shook my head just to throw away the thoughts I have for her.

That hag destroyed my perfectly normal life. It's hard enough to keep this marriage as a secret from my friends at the university, now she's trying to invade my personal time. The only person who knew about this marriage was my boyfriend.

When Dark Horse by Katy Perry played in the background, she took my breath away when she flipped her hair and smile before walking back to where she came from.

Not long after that, she appears together with a group of models from earlier.

"So, this is the infamous Mrs. Grimaldi? You lucky bitch." I'm not sure if she's being playful or she's fucking serious about calling me a bitch.

"It was a shocking news for us when Kelly told us that Ava is getting married. Such devastating news indeed." They all sigh.

"Ha ha, guys. Well, I'm going now. See you tomorrow." They all gave each other kisses on the cheek.

"Don't be too naughty tonight Ava. You have a show tomorrow." Avalynn the hag chuckled before we acted as if we're in love in front of everyone. When there's no one around us, I immediately let go of her waist.

"Ugh. This is so tiring. Do we have to do this for 2 fucking years?!" I can't live like this. We're just married a week ago but now I can't even keep on doing like this. I have a boyfriend to care for!

"Ugh. Just do what I say and everything will be okay." She leads us to where she parked her car.

"I told you that you could use the car I have provided. Why didn't you? There's no restriction about students bringing their own vehicle, correct?" She asked when we both inside.

"No way. That car you provided will only do harm to me." I replied. Seriously, what will people say when they saw a university student driving around a pure white Bentley?

That will cause more question about my life. They all know me as the beautiful, graceful and kind Nicole.

"Suit yourself." She started to drive.

The ride was awkward. We have nothing to talk about and why should we even talk? We don't even like each other. We only agreed on this marriage because of our parents.

It was unfortunate for them that neither gave birth to a male heir but that doesn't stop them from getting firstborn of the family to join in this holy matrimony since same-sex marriage was just made legal in Maestropolitan.

While waiting for the traffic to turn green, she put on her favorite song and just blast it off. I am not complaining because all her music choices seem to be my liking as well.

"Oh, I almost forgot. I bought you a new phone. It's inside the dashboard." She motioned for me to take it out.

"There's another box containing the smartwatch. Since your a student you will need that." Is she buying all of this for me? I thought we hate each other.

"You can throw away that horrendous excuse you call a phone." My old phone ... Did she call my phone horrendous? My boyfriend bought me that phone for my birthday.

I admit it that it wasn't as expensive as the one she bought but still, he gave me this phone with his love and all.

"I will not throw it away. Someone special bought it for me." She scoffed.

"Alright. But please, I bought that new phone for a reason. That phone can help you with your school work as well." She pointed at the back.

"I also bought a whole set of laptop and tablet for you. You're a Grimaldi now." Why does being a Grimaldi has to do with anything?

"Why? Why even bother to buy all of this?" I asked.

"I hate looking at horrendous stuff that you own." She replied nonchalantly.

"Sorry for I am poor, not like you, a billionaire." She chuckled.

"Yes thank you for noticing that. I love that word, billionaire." I noticed we just drove past the apartment building.

"Wait, hey! Isn't that your apartment?"

"Yes." She answers with a straight face.

"Why aren't we stopping? I'm tired. It's been a long day, I want to go home." She took a turn to the right.

"We are going home." Huh?

But we just drove passed THE APARTMENT! When she took a road towards a gated community with huge houses on each end, I don't have the slightest idea of where we are going.

"From now on, we will not be staying at my single pad anymore." Single's pad? That apartment was huge! It can even fit a whole family inside it.

"I bought us a home. I really don't want my family to be nosy and keep on asking questions about everything."

When she suddenly drove up to a beautiful, modern design house she turns off the engine.

"This is our new home. It's not fully furnished but you can do whatever you want with it." She got out of the car and walk straight towards the entrance.

When I got out I didn't even have the opportunity to call out to her before she went in, leaving me alone. Wait, what does she mean by I can do whatever I want with it?

Does she mean I get to design the interior to my own liking?!


"Hey! Hold on! What did you mean when you said I can do whatever I want?" I asked out loud when I'm inside the home. Oh God, this is such a beautiful home.

"You're studying to be a designer am I right or am I wrong? Why not use this home to explore your artistic side by designing it. Except you don't have to touch my room and my office. Except for that, you may do as you please."

I know I know, what does she meant by her room, am I right or am I wrong? I chuckled.

Well, you see, when we were forced to live together, we decided to have our room separated. Well except for some circumstances like if our parents decided to visit us, we will have to sleep in the same room but if we're alone, we won't be bothering each other much.

Since I'm busy with my study and her with her work, we hardly see each other. We only meet for breakfast or dinner but then again, we have our very own life to deal with, so we don't care much.

"Oh, about the honeymoon. I hope you can find some time off for a whole week." Honeymoon? Hold the fuck up. We're actually going?!

"Don't get any ideas that we will be doing what married couple will be doing." I suddenly said.

"Don't make such funny joke like that. Why would I touch someone like you?" She's such an old hag! Ugh, why do I have to live my life with this bitch for 2 years! Why?!

"Pack your things. We're leaving tomorrow after my fashion show." I nod. But hold on, where are we going exactly? Since we will be leaving after her show, it must be somewhere near right?

"Where are we going? A resort and Spa? A clubhouse? Where?"

She looked up at me as if she's asking if my question were something she never heard off.

"Was that your ideal honeymoon place? A resort and spa? Clubhouse?" I shrugged.

What so wrong with that? She probably never even been to Maestropolitan famous resort and spa. Well, my boyfriend and I planned to have our yearly rendezvous at that resort soon.

"We're going to Santorini." I never thought my mouth could drop this low before.

"Did I heard that wrong? Did you just say Santorini? Like in Greece? Like another country?!" Avalynn nods.

"Once we arrived, we will go our separate ways. You may explore whatever you want to explore." She took a seat on the stool and eat whatever she just made.

I took a peek at her plate.

"There's more on the stove." She said after swallowing her food. There's more? It smells so good. She was cooking?! I took a plate and actually get myself the food she just prepared.

I didn't even know she was cooking while we talk. I took a seat on the stool and moan as my tongue taste the food.

"This is good. I didn't know you can cook." She chuckled.

"I have a roommate who's majoring in culinary arts when I was studying abroad. She taught me a thing or two."

I just realized that this is the first time we actually spend time with each other. It's not ... that bad... spending time with her.

"Oh. The house isn't fully furnished but every room has their own bed. Choose an empty room you want to make it as your bedroom." She informed me.

I didn't realize she finished her meal already. She took out her phone and was so engrossed in them while drinking her water.

"If you wish to use the library, it's not far from the living room. Although it's full of my kind of book and my major when I was in school. Also, the WiFi password is Avalynn Grimaldi. My room is on the top floor. If you need anything just knock. My office is over there." She pointed while looking at her phone.

Oh, it's near the kitchen huh.

"The maids and butler will be here after we're back from Santorini. Don't worry about doing the housework. But from the looks of your room in your own house the other day, I doubt you'll be doing any kind of housework." Did she just insult me?

"If you wish to bring some friends or that boyfriend of yours, please tell me beforehand. I really don't want to tangle myself with your friends. I'll do the same if my friends wanted to come over." Does she even have a friend?

"If you wish to use the car, just walked past the library through the double door. That door will lead you to the garage. I give you permission to use any kind of vehicle inside my garage. Except for the one on the helipad, I'm sure you have no license to pilot a helicopter." Hold the fuck up! She owns a helicopter?!

"Do you even have any question you would like to ask? It's like I'm talking to a brick wall." She put her phone down and turned to face me.

Jesus, how can someone so evil can be so beautiful? I am fucking jealous of this old wench beauty.

"I do have a question. Why are you posing as a model? I thought you're a hardcore businesswoman." I asked. I just need to make sure of it.

"You know, a normal human would ask me that when we're inside the car earlier. Anyway, before I work for my parents, I was a model. I model since I was 12. My mother was a model and my sister currently in training to be one as well. So the runway and I can't be separated. I basically grew up on the runway." Really?

Before my parents told me about her, I don't even know her name.

Well, I never care about any of this before. Hell, I don't even know what's going on in any social media, to be honest.


After a thorough search, I decided to take the room next to Avalynn's. It's not because I am scared of staying alone ... it's just I have fallen in love with the view that'll greet me every morning.

Also because it has the biggest goddamn bathroom complete with a walk-in closet!

Now I wonder how big Avalynn's room compare to mine. But, she made it clear to me on the very first day when we live together that it's forbidden for me to enter.

I wonder why she always makes a huge deal of it.

Oh, I haven't text back my boyfriend since I'm home. I need to tell him the new address. But still though, having all this new stuff even though that hag bought it kinda nice.

Who would've thought I'll be using such expensive phone before?

Suddenly, I heard Avalynn's white noise machine. It's been a week and I concluded that that hag has her own schedule she has to follow.

Like every morning she woke up at 5 am. She will go for a jog, after that she'll be preparing her own breakfast. After that, she will be looking through her agenda for today while eating than getting herself ready for the day. I'm not sure what happened next because usually, I'm in bed at the time.

If I was lucky, I maybe caught a glimpse of her in the kitchen, humming some tunes, preparing the meal.

Sometimes she's acting kind and prepares my breakfast as well. But that hardly happen for she doesn't have much free time. After texting Christopher, I went to the windows and looked out at the night view of this place.

This home totally overlooking the city of Maestropolitan. I wonder who's our neighbor are since this neighborhood seems like it's a home for famous people.

Eh, wait, if Avalynn really did model since she was 12, she's probably famous herself, right?

I went to my bed and took my phone again.

Avalynn Grimaldi. My eyes widen when I saw the result. Oh, shit ... this many! Just about that old hag?!

Avalynn Grimaldi, 24 years old, firstborn of the well-known couple of Aaliyah and Theodore Grimaldi that took the Maestropolitan fashion and entertainment industry by storm not long ago.

There's even a rumor going on stating that the lady of the house of Grimaldi is connected to the royal family of Maestro.

So, if that's a fact, meaning Avalynn's father is a duke right? Wow. Well, still, it's just a rumor. I don't trust rumor.

Everything about her ... is the opposite of me.

She's rich I'm average, she's successful, I just took the first step on the stairs towards success.

She's popular I'm not.

She's standing on a different ground from I am. But why did she even agree to this marriage?

Why didn't she even try to protest like I did? Ugh! This is so frustrating!! I am not aware of what I just click on but the images that came with the article is something else.

Pictures of Avalynn with several hot models and celebrity-filled my phone screen.

Hold on, is this what they called a .... she's a .... with the last picture on the very end of the search, I now know who she really is.

Avalynn Grimaldi, she has the hots for someone from the same gender! Well ... she is married to me.

Most of her past relationship was with a woman. Not to mention a woman who's in the same cycle as herself, popular and rich! Some even heiresses!

I was taken back to reality when my phone started to ring. I smiled when it's Christopher.

"Hello, babe." Christopher chuckled.

"Hey. You really live the life of the rich and? famous huh?" His question made me wonder.

"What do you mean? I'm just following what she said. If we got separated our parents will start questioning our motive." I head he sighs.

"I know. I'm sorry but what is this about you going to Greece? How long?" He asked.

"A week. Honeymoon to be exact." I heard he gasped through the phone.

"What?! Honeymoon?! Why? But... NO!" I chuckled.

"Don't worry about it. We agreed to go on our separate ways. Speaking of separated way, wanna come with? She's going to be all alone but I have you, right?" He didn't say anything.

"Me? Going to Greece? With you?" I can just imagine how excited he is for us to be alone.

"You naughty boy! So? Will you? Come on Chris, join me. We could treat this like our own honeymoon." I urge.

"But your wife. Will she even allow me to go with?" True ... but this is Avalynn we're talking about.

"She doesn't have to know. I could sneak you in. I'm sure there's staff following her like always. Just pretend to be a worker or something." He thinks for second before agreeing to my suggestion.

We'll be using the private jet so it's easy for me to 'smuggling' him. We ended the call with a kiss on the phone.

I can't wait for our time alone in a foreign country but I just have to be extra careful in front of that hag. I don't want her to know about him tagging along.

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