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Little Miss Bitch

Little Miss Bitch

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When Danielle's mom offers her friend a place to stay, Danielle never thought it would be where she lived. Danielle liked it when it was only her mom and her; she didn't need intruders to 'make the house more alive'. But when Danielle's mom's friend arrives, she also never thought her mom's friend would be bringing a boy with her. Enter Cole Walker. He is attractive, arrogant and according to Danielle, he is 'the walking STD'. When Cole sees Danielle at school every day, he thought nothing of the sort. He thought she was just one of 'those girls' who locked themselves in their room all day until dinner. That was when he realised he was wrong. According to Danielle, Cole is 'the walking STD'. According to Cole, Danielle is 'little miss bitch'. What happens when you have a cocky, arrogant player and a sassy teenager under the same roof for god knows how long? Well, you get wrestling matches, make-out sessions, bets, arguments and even love.

Chapter 1 NO.1

[ I have changed the name of the book to 'little miss bitch' so if you saw it as 'little miss annoying', it has now changed to 'little miss bitch'... by the way, that's the only thing that did change so everything else in this book is the same ]

Danielle's P.O.V

"Oh my god, look who decided to show up to school today!" Maya says dramatically as she leans against my locker, smirking slightly. I roll my eyes and elbow her out of the way, opening my locker.

In a few sentences, Maya has been my friend ever since we were little. Maya has a bubbly personality while I have an 'annoying' one according to my best friend.

"I was forced out of the house, " I reply, dropping the books into my locker that I didn't need till later. When I close my locker, Maya is still smirking.

"Well, fill me in." Maya says and I sigh, leaning my back against my locker as I remember the memory.

"Danielle, get your ass out of bed!" I hear my mom shout and I sigh, rolling over to snuggle up to my warm pillow. A few seconds later, the blanket is suddenly ripped off me, causing me to groan.

"I told you to get up." My mom says and I grab my pillow, throwing it at my mom. I couldn't see if it got her though since my back is turned to her but I didn't care. There is no way I am going to school today. Why? Because it is Monday.

"You have three seconds, " My mom says and I feel my pillow hit the back of my head, making me turn around to face my mom.

"Or what?" I ask, slightly frowning. My mom grins and bends down to grab my leg. I let out a squeal when she pulls me off my bed, making me land on the carpet.

"Now get up." My mom says and I groan, my face muffled into a pillow that I tried to grab onto to save me from falling onto the floor. Traitor.

"Nah, the floor is pretty comfy." I say, closing my eyes and I hear my mom groan and her hand grab my foot again.

"You don't get up, I'm going to drag you down the stairs young lady!" My mom says and she starts to drag me out of my room. When I realise that I might get carpet burn, I shoot up, holding myself up with my hands as my mom still holds onto my leg.

"You going to get up?" My mom asks and I let out a sigh, nodding. My mom drops my leg and stand up, making my way to the bathroom.

"I was dragged out of my bed and when I still didn't get up, my mom started to drag me out of my room until I got up. After that, she rushed me out of the door when I got ready." I say, letting out a sigh.

"That explains why your hair is a mess, " Maya says and I gasp, my hands going to my hair. For you people out there who aren't hair obsessive like me, I don't think you would even understand why I am panicking right now.

"Give me your mirror!" I snap, turning to Maya to see her laughing. I glare at her when she buckles over, clutching her knees.

"I was... only j-joking, Dani." Maya manages to say through her laughs and I grit my teeth. I quickly take out Maya's hair tie and watch as her brown hair falls down her back, making Maya stand up straight with a pissed off expression on her face.

Oh yeah, never take her hair out of her pony tail because one, she hates when her hair is out for some odd reason and two, it ends with a phsyco either pinning me to a locker or tickling me; both things I did not want Maya to do to me.

But did I give her hair tie back? Hell no.

"You give me that hair tie." Maya says, her tone cold. I chuckle and cross my hands over my chest.

"Who's laughing now, huh?" I say, watching as Maya holds her hair up with her hand. I ignore Maya's growls and protests and start to make my way to class.

"Go to hell, Danielle!" Maya shouts at I flash her a smile before entering the classroom. My face falls when I see a whole class staring at me with a blank expression. The sudden urge to throw a chair at them all crosses my mind and I can't help but smirk at my sudden idea. Oh, such a great plan.

"Why are you late, Danielle?" The teacher asks and I look over at her, pointing at the door.

"My friend said that I should go to hell so I tried to find it. It took me a while but I'm here." I say, a small grin on my lips. The teacher rolls her eyes and tells me to take a seat. I walk down the row and find an empty seat at the back of the class. That's wierd, usually all the seats at the back are filled.

Suddenly, I hear a knock at the door and I snap my head, looking at the boy who is grinning at the class. I roll my eyes when Cole sends me a wink - something he usually does to all the girls - and instead of flipping him off, I just leaned back in my chair.

Oh, who's Cole you ask? In one sentence, he is an arrogant, attractive player who likes to break girls hearts because his mom broke his when she told him that he was a mistake. Okay, maybe I'm lying about the mom thing but he does like to break girls heart for entertainment. Oh and he has a huge ego, like most boys in this school.

"Let me guess, you were looking for hell too?" The teacher asks Cole and I smirk. Ah, funny.

"Actually no, some chick wanted to have a quickie with me in the janitors closet so yeah. That's why I took so long." Cole explains and I nearly burst out laughing when I see the teachers face. I just wanted to take out my phone and capture the moment because damn, her face is priceless.

"Oh my god, never say anything like that again because - ugh, just take a seat." The teacher says, gagging as the words recall in her head again. Well, thats what I'm guessing.

Cole salutes the teacher and starts to make his way down the row of tables and chairs before taking the empty seat in front of me. I let out a sigh and rest my hands on the table, laying my hand on them as I feel my eyes slip shut.


"Thank you, " Maya mutters as I hand her the hair tie back with a small smile.

"You still angry at me?" I ask and Maya quickly ties her hair up in a pony tail before letting out a short sigh.

"Yes." She says and I wrap an arm around her shoulder, flashing her a grin. We start to walk to the lunch line and I point at the food.

"You choose what you want and I'll pay." I say to Maya and her face lights up with joy as she starts to ramble on about the pizza and how she likes it but she wants pasta. God, I should've just said 'what pizza do you want' but of course, I just had to open my mouth without even thinking.

"Maya, just choose one." I say as I watch as she debates over the pasta or the ham and cheese pizza. Maya hums to herself as she looks at the two items and I wait impatiently, tapping my foot against the foot against the floor.

"Okay, I'm grabbing the pizza." Maya says and I nod as she slids the pizza slices onto her tray and give the lunch lady the money and walk off, sitting with Maya at our usual table.

As we both eat the pizza and talk about how our last two classes were, the bell rings and I find myself walking to my next class with Maya. I'm so glad that I at least have one class with her on a Monday.


"I'm home!" I shout, walking into the house. I throw my keys onto the table and jump over the couch, landing on what felt like the television remote.

"Hey Danielle, can I talk to you for a second?" I hear my mom ask and I turn the television on, watching as the show Catfish comes on.

"Only for a second." I say, grinning slightly as I turn the television up. My mom comes and sits next to me and snatches the remote off me, turning the television down.

"Do you remember my friend Andrea?" My mom asks and I nod, crossing my arms over my chest.

"Yeah, why?" I ask and my mom sighs, playing with the bracelet that is on her arm. My mom usually did this when she is nervous or stressed and since she doesn't look stressed, I'm going to take it that she is nervous for some odd reason.

"She needs a place to stay and before you start shouting and punching things-" I cut my mom off with a glare.

"Don't tell me you asked her to stay..." I say, my eyes narrowing. My mom went to open her mouth but the look in her eyes told me the answer is didn't want to hear.

"You have got to be kidding me." I mumble, standing up and making my way over to the kitchen. I grab the first thing I see - which is a pencil - and snap it.

Okay, before you start saying that I need to go to a mental hospital because I have something wrong with me, I am not usually like this. Well, thats when someone moving into my house isn't involved but since it is, I act like this.

Let me tell you a short story. When my cousin had to stay over for a week because her mom had to go to Japan, I didn't take it that well. I mean, I like my cousin but it's just that fact that I'm not used to new people coming into my house and making themselves comfy. I hated the fact that people can just act like they live here when it's temporary. Sadly, some people just didn't understand that.

So, when my mom had mentioned her friend staying over for god knows how long, I act like this because I'm not used to people who I barely know 'moving in' for a while. I guess this is why my mom was nervous before; she was going to tell me this.

"Danielle, please-" I cut my mom off and and smash my fists on the table in rage. Okay, maybe I do need help but let's just deal with one task at a time.

"I don't want anyone here. No one." I say, gripping at my sleeves of my jumper and my mom sighs. She rests her hand on my shoulder and flashes me a small smile.

"It won't be for long, I promise." My mom says and I roll my eyes.

"You said that last time when your niece came over for a 'few days' and you know what happened? It turned into a week. A long, painful week." I say, removing her hand from my shoulder. I bite my lip and run my hands through my hair.

"When is she coming?" I ask, raising my eyebrow at my mom. She looks at the calendar on the wall beside her and I notice her playing with her bracelet again.

"Today." She mumbles and I grit my teeth. I walk past my mom and walk into my room, slamming the door shut.

I'm actually considering going to a mental hospital. I mean, at least I don't have to share a room with some creepy stranger.


This is the first chapter of Little Miss Bitch. What do you think of Danielle's personality? How do you think Danielle will take it when she sees her new housemate?

You know what to do.




I love you all and hopefully I'll update soon.


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