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Little Miss Bitch

Little Miss Bitch

img Young Adult
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When Danielle's mom offers her friend a place to stay, Danielle never thought it would be where she lived. Danielle liked it when it was only her mom and her; she didn't need intruders to 'make the house more alive'. But when Danielle's mom's friend arrives, she also never thought her mom's friend would be bringing a boy with her. Enter Cole Walker. He is attractive, arrogant and according to Danielle, he is 'the walking STD'. When Cole sees Danielle at school every day, he thought nothing of the sort. He thought she was just one of 'those girls' who locked themselves in their room all day until dinner. That was when he realised he was wrong. According to Danielle, Cole is 'the walking STD'. According to Cole, Danielle is 'little miss bitch'. What happens when you have a cocky, arrogant player and a sassy teenager under the same roof for god knows how long? Well, you get wrestling matches, make-out sessions, bets, arguments and even love.

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