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World travel Novels

The Angel Descendants,Shan R.K

The Angel Descendants



HOW FAR WILL HE GO TO PROTECT ONE GIRL, WHO IS DESTINED TO BRING FORTH THE END OF TIME William Blackwell has roamed the earth, thriving in both the human world and descendants Realms . He has watched emperors rise and fall in their own blood, and fought battles alongside Lightwatcher's, Elvans, Shifters, Fairies, and Casters. None of which matters now- It didn't prepare him for the hardest battle of his life. It didn't prepare him for Clare Miller, the Lightwatcher hunted by Angels and Demons. After a severe head injury eight years ago left Clare Miller with no recollection of the first ten years of her life, retrieving the unattainable, is exactly what it is, UNATTAINABLE. Her only source to link her to her mysterious past is her overbearing, tight-lipped mother. Clare has no idea the deadly power that surge's through her veins waiting to be unleashed onto the earth. A horrific event leaves Clare with no option but to rely on her estranged brother, Nathan, and an enticing fire Angel, Kalbreal. Hunted by Tempters and Angels, Clare's only hope is the man who walks in her dreams, a man of no face, but eyes of the deepest blue dipped in the finest cut of diamonds, William Blackwell. The race to the end begins. Angels and Demons will fight for their rights while one girl will bring the heavens to her knees. Touched by the heavenly hand itself, Clare Miller must uncover her destiny in PART 1 in The NEW Epic fantasy: The Angel Descendants

Her Missing Pieces, The Alpha's Treasure ,Anna

Her Missing Pieces, The Alpha's Treasure



Does life have to be so complicated?  Zoey didn't think so, that is, until she receives a certain letter. When Zoey initiated her first shift on her 18th birthday, her life took a bizarre turn for what seemed like the better and the worst. She learnt something about herself that had been dangling over her head all her life, but she never understood until that moment. She vowed to learn the whole truth but she couldn't do it all alone, which left her at a dead end once again. Coincidentally not long after, she learns that her mate was the Alpha of the Truemoon Pack who automatically took a promiscuous adoration towards her. Niall helps his lost mate through all possible challenges and mountains, just so she could find those missing fragments about herself and be happy. But when she finds out the truth, will she be?

Ariana Peyton's Diary (Mated To An Enemy),Joyce Dammy Taiwo

Ariana Peyton's Diary (Mated To An Enemy)



At school, she was exposed to bullying and all forms of rebellious attitude from her classmates and teachers. Young Ariana's journey through life was one which was constantly controlled, until adulthood by the aftermath of wrong choices made by the woman who birthed and nurtured her. Running became her hobby. Running from life and on one of her tireless races, she got to a destination of self-discovery. Her life had indeed come off ironical because where she was running from was actually more bearable than where she actually belonged. She realized to her greatest surprise as she kept running tirelessly away from life that there was more to her than met the eye, and it wasn't just her incredible intelligence but something incredibly superhuman. All her life, she met with people who weren't actually people and these meetings had led her to discovering her supernatural qualities, abilities and strengths, and of course her weakness(es). Meeting face to face with a real life werewolf had weirded her out the first time it happened, but on many other occasions, she had become accustomed to it as there were still many more supernaturals to meet, avoid or compete with-in that order. Soon enough, she realized that she didn't belong in the world where her mother and family existed; she belonged in the world of her fantasies-- the world she thought only existed in the pile of books on her shelf. And from here, the story really begins.

Son of the Sea,SHANTOYA

Son of the Sea



When Charles was 10 years old he and his father went on a trip. On their way back his father decided to take a short cut, the road was very bad and at the edge of a cliff. Little did his father know a storm was coming. The rainfall was brutal against the windshield and the fog was horrible. The lost thing they say before they went over the cliff and into the sea was a flash of headlights and then darkness. 5 years later an adolescent Charles Seamos washes up on a beach naked as the day he was born and with amnesia. Two days later a girl shows up at his doorsteps telling him he should come back home to his people and that the sirens are kidnapping the mermen. A day later his mom is kidnapped by a siren. Join Charles on his journey to find his mother and uncover many secrets and recovery his lost memories.

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family,TERI WOOLRIDGE

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family



A forensic expert of the 21st century finds herself at the wrong end of a mysterious criminal organization when she accidentally discovers something in a body she was dissecting. Forced to flee, Harper Chu decides to travel across time and uncover the tangles she has gotten into by pretending to be the daughter of an official of the Bright Dynasty. With her family members not on her side, and a Prince getting intrigued by her unusual skills, will she be able to save and avenge herself, all the while managing to keep her cover intact?

Dawn Of The Guardian,Jessi Spiffy

Dawn Of The Guardian



'HELLO MASTER' (The words Faded into the blank page) I screamed and let go of the book 'PLEASE, DO NOT BE FRIGHTEN, I COME TO SERVE WHOEVER THE BOOK CHOOSES' "Wow, I'm now going crazy, what's more weird, the fact that words are magically being written on the page or the fact it just turns itself" 'THE ANCIENT BOOK HAS HELPED PEOPLE GET THEIR DESIRED ONCE UPON A TIME AND HAPPY ENDINGS. BUT ARE YOU READY TO ENBARK ON THIS JOURNEY' She had a perfect life, a perfect family, perfect friends, perfect grades she had everything she could ever want But all that is about to go up in flames. What happens when a teenage girl is chosen not only to save our world but dimensions that have only ever existed in books She has to remember: What you want doesn't matter until it matters where it's needed the most.

The Alpha King's Claim,JMFelic

The Alpha King's Claim



"Love me or hate me, either way I'm already on your mind. I win. You lose." *** As the Alpha King of all werewolves and lycans, Aero needed to be fair to all. He ruled with an iron fist, a steady head and a balanced emotion. He was perfect in everything except for one. He had issues with the opposite sex. Since a child, he hated women. He never liked them and always avoided them. However, what if a woman suddenly materialized on his bed just as he was about to sleep? How could he avoid her then? Genre: Werewolf Romance, Fantasy, Mystery, Adventure, Smut Status: Complete All Rights Reserved JMFelic Books 2020 THIS BOOK IS COPYRIGHTED BY THE GOVERNMENT OF THE PHILIPPINES. THE AUTHOR HAS GIVEN MOBOREADER ONLY AUTHORIZATION TO POST THIS STORY IN THEIR APP. THIEVES WILL BE DEALT WITH ACCORDINGLY.

I'm The Vampire's Bed Warmer,HEAVENinHELL24

I'm The Vampire's Bed Warmer



“ Did you chain her to my bed? “ I slowly opened my eyes when I heard a voice that was almost a whisper. My blurry sight can’t deal with this dark room, but why am'I even here? “ Yes sir! All good. “ Even if I can’t clearly see the surroundings, I can sensed that there are people in this room. I don’t know why but even if I try, I can’t utter a word to say. My body doesn’t obey my mind and remained helpless on this soft bed. “ You can all go out. Better not disturb me by any means. “ I wanted to move my head but I can’t, as if my body was all frozen. I felt someone’s presence that’s getting near my direction. A domineering aura and strong charisma occupied this room. “ Lady, you’ll be in my care from now on. “ I was stunned for what he said. What does this man mean? I can’t even see his face, all I can feel is that, he have this sharp dimmed eyes that’s currently focusing on me. He caressed my hair and sniffed my neck as if there’s a hidden fragrance in it. I can feel his hot breath touching my cheeks and his warm palm teasing my shoulders. My mouth is still shut while my eyes are slowly regaining my sight. “ Lady, don’t blame me. Blame your scent that made my body crave for more. “ He murmured right into my ear and bit it. There’s a sudden heat running in my veins as he planted small kisses on my neck. How did I even get here? Did I climb onto his bed? But I never remembered something like this? And I don’t even know this guy? I’m just a college student who works hard to serve myself. Knowing that my life was always been so lonely, I didn’t imagined to end up like this. And encounter a more heavy burden in my heart.

Wish system: I have new mission every day,I_just_want_to_eat

Wish system: I have new mission every day



Ye Cang transmigrated to a Fantasy World with a Wish system! All he had to do is fulfil the Wish of the Cultivators of the world. At First, it was easy, But it changed when he did a prank. A Prank that was supposed to be only for his junior sister... As a result, everyone Disciple in the sect became bald... And then System released a mission. "Wish Mission: Help the bald disciples of Elemental Sect regrow their Hair!" Ye cang: "..." Although Ye cang was speechless, he still did the mission because the reward was too generous ... That day Ye cang felt that he has found a shortcut to get Wish Points. ..... Follow Ye cang as he Completes strange missions released by the system. He helps people to realise their dreams! And Earn wish points at the same time... Do you say there are limited missions? It does not exist for me!! There is only a shortage of time no shortage of missions.

The Magic In Me,Onajitekewe

The Magic In Me



Isabella Andrew has lived the life of a human all her life, always moving with her father,Mr Jacob Andrew from city or Continent to another not having a single clue why.Finally it was just a day before Isabel birthday,a birthday she had been waiting for only little did she know her whole live was about to change. Isabel had faced a magical outburst forcing her powers which had stayed hidden for years, to manifest in school causing massive destruction to the town Nomay.This manifestation called out to the world of magic that the child of doom lived in Nomay, this made Williams Dravel and the council to get to know of Isabel's location bringing death as they come for her.The council objective was to end the child of doom and William dravel to exploit Isabel's powers for his gain of world dominance.





Kali once said, "be careful who you trust. Remember, demon was once an angel." ... Manuel Kagura Anastacio is a simple and family oriented guy. His fate in mortal world which is the earth was a big misfortune, because first, when he was born, his father died. Second, he became the center of bullying because of his physical appearance that called ugly. Third, he confessed to his best friend then, he was rejected by his best friend. After that rejection, accident happened and cause him to die. Then, he went to the place called Purgatory - where all the soul being judge whether they go to Paradiso or Impyerno. As he wake up, he met his guardian angel named Guardian Toki, and find out to be his attorney in Purgatory. As the destiny start to play with him, Manuel Kagura Anastacio was given a chance to live again and reincarnate to Mundo da Fantasia where magic(Hold) exist. Together with Guardian Toki, they will fight against the creatures with evil intentions and eliminate them. But before they reincarnate, the ruler of Purgatory, which is Supreme Dea Justo, was given a new name for Manuel Kagura Anastacio into Sephtis Kali, also given a new name for Guardian Toki into Vita Guia and given a title THE TWINS OF PURGATORY What adventure awaits to Kali ang Guia? How they manage to fight and eliminate evil deeds? How will they encounter love in the midst of their adventure?

Suyi the Unfortunate Soul: Undead (SUSU),Maple Writes

Suyi the Unfortunate Soul: Undead (SUSU)



Everything that she could remember was that she had dropped dead and fell face first at the grand staircase that she was descending. Cause of death? unknown She thought she will be going straight to the reincarnation pool at the heavens, but who would have thought that she had already used up her 10 lifetimes, and each life ended with her suddenly dying at the same age of 25. And each time, she would have no idea how she died. Aggrieved, wronged, and unwilling! Who wouldn't be? After thousands of years doing missions, leveling up, fighting monsters and kinds of stuff, she finally became a Goddess, excited as to finally, she could take a rest. "Go to these worlds, do tasks, save planets, conquer tribes, build things and etc. Do something, earn respect from the undead, and gather believers among the living."

Super Son In Law,Author

Super Son In Law



Ten years ago, thirteen-year-old Bai Shuang saved Lin Yuan's life when he was seriously injured. Ten years later, Lin Yuan, a nobody who was seriously injured and dying, has grown into an invincible God of War who shakes the entire underground world! In order to repay the kindness, Lin Yuan willingly gave up the supreme glory and dignity of being the God of War, and sign a contract of son-in-law, accompany her side. Lin Yuan did not care cold eyes and ridicule, , he endured humiliation and became the super son in law

The omniscient dream,DaoistXkukHV

The omniscient dream



I dreamed... I had a very strange dream... Too honest... Feeling like a permanent... So strange... ***************************************** An 18-year-old boy is living an ordinary life, when he is dragged into a strange system. And this story has been recorded the whole body of discovery as well as the colorful world around. He meets strange friends, but truly loves him in a world full of lies. He must confront the killing, the sound to live on. As well as to protect a world he considers hell.

Into the Unknown || King Caspian,Elisa Arrighetti

Into the Unknown || King Caspian



INTRO Destiny is a skilled player, it is able to make possible even the impossible...but destiny does not play alone. When it seems that there is no more hope, when we believe that we no longer have the strength to go on, when we feel lost and, at the same time, imprisoned by our own life, then more than ever is the time to hope, the time to fight to find ourselves and break our chains. All Elizabeth wanted was an escape from an ordinary life, a world she couldn't fit into, a past that haunted her every night. She needed to find her place, find a home. And Narnia needed her. DISCLAIMER The rights of the plots, some of the dialogues an characters are reserved to the writer C.S. Lewis and the director Michael Apted. I own only the characters, dialogues and scenes not present in the book "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Trader" nor in its cinematographic representation. Cover by me

The Exploration,oluwatosin melody

The Exploration

Young Adult


Book 1 in ADVENTURE SERIES A prophecy released a thousand years ago came to pass, when two different schools were paired for exploration to an ancient museum. Demini and plan high school had been rivalries for years because of their differences. Demini is a prestigious and well-known school in mecianda while, plan is an average school. Because of their differences, they hated each other for years but an exploration that paired them together changes everything. What happened? Find out in this amazing teen adventure novel......

Life After Death in Another World ,Echo Nufuar

Life After Death in Another World



Austin has a rough life. Though his family was not poor, they were not rich either. He always daydreams to escape reality, and oftentimes he imagines himself being super rich, a genius, and possessing a super power that no one could rival. This way he will no longer worry about expenses, demand of society, and security. However reality always slapped him to realize that it will never happen. But little did he know that because of an accident, all of his frustrations will come true.