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Ugly Novels

Mr Tycoon's Ugly Wife,STARMOON

Mr Tycoon's Ugly Wife



He, in charge of the world economy, was arrogant and dignified. Lan Qiqi was an ugly woman with an ugly birthmark on the face. However, the most eligible bachelor was addicted to an ugly woman and imprisoned her by his side like a canary. He occupied her almost every day. He spoiled her, spoiled her to an extreme extent that no one dared to air their opinions. He spoiled her as he wanted... If anyone dared to say she was ugly, he would definitely break their teeth into ashes...

Betrothed To The Mafia Boss,loverr_1

Betrothed To The Mafia Boss



Camila Robinson, is a nineteen year old student. Who met and fell in love with Jason on the first sight. But Jason on the other hand never wanted to have anything to do with her. But then they found out they were both betrothed to each other. Jason never wanted it but has to do it because of his parents. And it turns out Camila's parent were not really her biological parents. Do you think Jason is her brother? What if they turned out to be siblings what would happen to the child she's carrying?

The Heart Made of Secrets ,Anastasia Anderson

The Heart Made of Secrets



Samantha, her sister Sara, her brother Herry are all orphans. They have supernatual abilities. Samantha fell in love with Matthew Romanov who is the son of their foster parents. At the same time, a vampire named Paul Connor asks for Samantha’s hand in marriage. How should she escape from his control? Crystal is kidnapped by a vampire named Victor , her boyfriend Nicholas is left for dead. Three remarkable women who learn secrets about their family while they are fighting for their happiness.

All He Needs Is Love,Chiduben

All He Needs Is Love



This is a story of a young boy,who at an early stage of life wants through love.He faced many disappointments but later accomplished his goals. The quotes which are used at the beginning or end of a chapter is just to illustrate what the chapter means.

My Sassy Boss,Snowmoon

My Sassy Boss



Sunny is an aspiring writer who wants to venture into the world of writing erotic romance. One night, while she was browsing some photos to use as her book cover, she saw a picture of a very handsome man with golden blonde hair yet green emerald eyes. Sunny used the photo without knowing what awaits her after the man in the photo knew that his photo was used in an erotic novel.

Vetting him,Janis Ross

Vetting him



Rayne was a beautiful curvy woman but she didn't see that in herself. She thought no one would ever truly love her so when Kayne comes into her life she thinks it's all some joke. Can she get over her low self-esteem and let him into her heart...