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Two bodies Novels

The Billionaire's Proposal,Publisher

The Billionaire's Proposal



Author: Nene The Billionaire's Proposal is an contemporary romance novel that includes erotic, mature scenes and language that is suitable for ages 18 and older. The book surrounds the life of two singles Nyla and Kyle who meets at a bar one night, things get heated between them which results with an one night stand occurring. The two have fallen for each other, even though they don't know each other well, both are afraid of admitting it due to their own fears. A major event happens which results in them admitting their love, but before they can get serious. Major events start happening.

Mr Reigns,Publisher

Mr Reigns



Author: Lechna Baram I was going to die on the stairs. Before I could actually feel the other steps of the stairs, I felt hands wrapped themselves around my waist. My eyes were closed. Why do we close our eyes when there were some dangers? That was stupid. As if with closed eyes, we weren't going to feel any pain. "Fuck. Are you okay?" I opened my eyes quickly when I heard this deep sexy voice. My eyes widened at the sexy piece of human standing in front of me. No human had the right to be that sexy. "God?" I asked. When he rose one of his perfect eyebrows in confusion, I realized how stupid I sounded. His perfect face was everything. His well trimmed beard made him look so handsome. His green eyes was hypnotizing. As his body was pressed against mine, I could feel how muscular he was. He helped up stand up and roughly let go of me. His eyes trailed to the floor. I followed his eyes to see a cigarette on the floor. "I'm sorry?" I more like questioned. Was I supposed to apologize for the wasted cigarette which was going to ruin his health? "Thank you" I said when I decided to look at him again. He was already staring at me. He was wearing a black suit. His hair was perfectly fixed. I wonder how would he look if his hair was messy and he was wearing a Jean. Noticing that he was not going to say anything else, I stared at the stairs. "I'm going to go" I simply said and walked down the stairs carefully. When I was on the grass, I gently lifted my dress so that it wouldn't be ruined and walked bare feet on the grass. I turned my head slightly to look at the man, who seemed to be observing me. He was still on the stairs, his eyes on me. He was model worthy. He did seem to the snobby type of man. I quickly turned around to face the woods. That man could take the breath away just by his looks.

Angel's Badboy,Publisher

Angel's Badboy



Author: Lechna Baram "Why are you acting all mean and rude? I'm just trying to be nice here" he snapped making me stop and turned to glare at him. "I never told you to be nice! Why don't you go back to your little world and forget that I exist like you used to do?" I sneered. "Why the sudden interest!" I yelled in frustration and walked away from him. The bad Boy was simply infuriating. I was stopped. I flew in his chest as he gripped on my wrist and pulled me to him. My back was pressed against his chest and I could feel him breathing next to my ear. "Once I aim for someone, I always get her" he whispered huskily. Angel Harper, A sarcastic Girl. Ace Carter, Typical Bad Boy. Both Stubborn, belonging to different worlds and have different perspectives of life however their destinies are meant to be linked. Is Angel going to let Ace break the walls that she built around her?

His Tempting Love,Anonymous Jasmine

His Tempting Love

Young Adult


Liliana is a friendless, socially awkward, and tomboy who is constantly being ridiculed for her appearance and lack of social connections. However, she is destined to meet a charming prince, and a rollercoaster ride awaits her, which will completely transform her life. Jason is a charming, arrogant jock who has never trusted a girl, who has never believed in steadfast love, and who has finally decided to be with the tomboy girl, Liliana. At first, his goal was to keep the girls out of his way. However, once they both looked into each other's eyes and kissed, once the sparks of love-struck their hearts. "Can you tell me why you're dressing like a boy? "Do you have any idea that you're a girl?" He chuckled, inspecting her from her shoes to her bizarre bun in a mocking manner. "Then kiss me," she said, a competitive tone in her voice as she raised her eyebrows in irritation. She caught him off guard with her words, but she managed to pull him into a powerful kiss that broke his heart. They had no intention of falling in love with each other. But it was their destiny.

A Christmas With Lucifer,OJ Blessing

A Christmas With Lucifer



Why is he known as Lucifer? Because he is the devil himself, disguised as an Angel. He is a ruthless and merciless individual. Jessica Valdez is someone you should get to know. She exemplifies perfection. Parents who are perfect The ideal boyfriend The ideal best friend What happens when everything she thought was perfect turns out to be a betrayal?!! Finding out she was sold to the Heartless Lucifer from the moment she was born... It's only Christmas... A Christmas with Lucifer

The Tale Of The Lost Vampire Queen,C.Ellica

The Tale Of The Lost Vampire Queen



Jessica was isolated from the rest of the world because she was odd, stronger, and unusually smarter in a way that made her different from the rest, yet she had no memories of the past.  She had no home and was a social outcast, but her circumstances had worsened into a new sick, painful certainty that only the broken could see, and she was nothing more than a barren soul. Nevertheless, everything had changed on that fateful night. She was turned into the creature she feared the most, someone darker than the shadows of her fears. Then she met him, the man who appeared from nowhere. Victor, the handsome vampire who declared that he was the vampire queen's protector. He who saw her true self, her vulnerability, and her fear. He was someone who desired nothing more than to taste her power and to protect her lineage. She, however, felt the misery tearing her from the inside out. It had a devastating impact on her mind and spirit, yet he possessed a mysterious power and ability that even the powerful were unable to foresee. Now the enemy was on her trail, fighting a war for her crown, and there she was claiming her own, as the lost vampire queen. Follow her adventure and unravel the tale of her journey into the world of lust, passion, and love.

My Hybrids,Abbie

My Hybrids



"Tsk tsk tsk, someone's being a bad girl." I leaned ahead arms crossed while facing her fidgeting form as Damian leaned back hands in his pocket behind admiring her from his position. My beautiful Princess in a white pencil skirt, lilac petal blouse, slender legs in a strap form heel, hair wavey and flowing in their crazy curls, luscious lip. Perfect definition of beauty combined as it highlights her skin tone. Damn i'm in love... "Baby girl, why have you been avoiding us for some days now. Do you know it hurts?" Damian asked. She sass. "Sorry Sir, but I've been quite busy with work and I didn't know my attention was much needed apart from what i'm employed for." Letting her sarcasm roll as she bit her lower lip... 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 23 Year old Daisy King is your every day girl with the sweetest charms to lure people to her. Little did she know her bosses were waiting for the right moment to claim her and reveal their true selves. Will she accept them as her mates or call the fucking asylum that two psycho are after her. Not all movies were a lie as a whole new world of adventure, tears, truth and romance awaits her.





A teenage girl loses her will to live and commits suicide in a bid to live. Her abusers thought it would be the end of her — but they were wrong, dead wrong. When bodies start turning up and deaths can no longer be naturally justified, It becomes an open secret that Victoria Dante's spirit is walking through the halls of the Halide Academy and her thirst for blood is stronger than ever.

Conquerors Of Mars,Edrich Berniest

Conquerors Of Mars



With the impossibility of life on Earth becoming real and the realization of the impossibility of living on Mars in the long term, with the physical structure of the human body, scientists are developing a new biological body fully suitable for life on the red planet and a way to transplant the anyone's brain into that new body. The drama that does not need financial condition to be part of this transition, before the end of life on our planet, and as adaptations and moral consequences involving the adoption of this new way of life, guide this story, with doses of philosophical reflections, novels Unexpected events and a dash of comic relief.

Crazy In Love,Publisher

Crazy In Love



Author: Lechna Baram Kimberly Ella Perry Is a seventeen year old girl who just moved at her Aunt Lucy's because her parents are too busy working. The beautiful young girl will meet the mysterious, hot Aaron Johnson. Aaron find himself attracted to Kimberly but unfortunately, he's not single. Where is this attraction doing to bring them? Is a story possible between them?

Super Son In Law,Author

Super Son In Law



Ten years ago, thirteen-year-old Bai Shuang saved Lin Yuan's life when he was seriously injured. Ten years later, Lin Yuan, a nobody who was seriously injured and dying, has grown into an invincible God of War who shakes the entire underground world! In order to repay the kindness, Lin Yuan willingly gave up the supreme glory and dignity of being the God of War, and sign a contract of son-in-law, accompany her side. Lin Yuan did not care cold eyes and ridicule, , he endured humiliation and became the super son in law

The Alpha's Heart,Publisher

The Alpha's Heart



Author: Nana Adu "You're mine. It doesn't matter where you come from." His hand grips my wrist, stopping me. "You know it matters." I turn away, hiding the moisture in my eyes. I can't cry. "Eliana please! Look at me!" He tugs me back into his arms, tightly embracing me. "I won't let you leave. You belong with me." ***** Eliana was content with her lifestyle, as her pack's slave. Horrible, but it was all she had ever known. There was nothing better to compare it to. Alpha Noah keeps his distance with everyone and although head of one of the strongest packs in the nation, his past haunts him. Things like love and friendships are unknown to him. Unimportant. She's hurt and so is he. What happens when mates with such different views on life and experiences, meet? Will a connection spark? Or will the fuse fail to light? And when the lurking past faces them again, what will they do? *** A puppy love kind of story that's full of passion, ig. Not your usual werewolf book.





Messy Evangelista came from a happy family. Their state in life is in the middle-class. But she met Miguel Hernandez, the man who has intimidating eyes,handsome and mysterious. The man she loved even though she didn’t know him fully yet.And the man who changed her life. How would she accept when she found out that the man she loved was the reason her parents died 5 years ago? SNEAK PEEK Messy almost fainted from what she found out. Her whole body was numb from the pain and her heart was numb. He could not fully imagine that the person he trusted and loved so much was the cause of the bitterness she had experienced in the past years. "You are the reason why my parents died and their deaths is not an accident! You fool me!!!" She shouted at miguel in shock. He couldn't speak due to surprised. She laughed heartily and had a bitter voice. "But I won't be surprised, because you're good at turning people around. And just a flick of your finger. The impossible will be possible. That's how you rich people are, everything goes through money and you think you can hide the incident for the rest of your life. You're wrong because fate itself is looking for a way for me to reveal who you are." she said angrily as the tears did not stop dripping down her beautiful face. When Miguel recovered by his surprise, he was about to approach Messy but she raised her hand. "Stop right there,Miguel.And don't dare to explain coz I will never believe you anymore!" "I regret why I met you. You are the worst thing that ever happened to my life. I regret why I loved you so much. Now you have nothing to rely on me because I'm finishing what we have. And please I don't want to see your face anymore because I can no longer see you, even your shadow!" he said emphatically as he sat on the floor hopelessly. Miguel left angry and could not see the expression on his face. Miguel couldn't even explain on his side. He felt sorry for Messy and whoever presented false information to Messy they will face their consequences. Meanwhile Messy could barely breathe from the pain she was feeling and at those times she wanted to disappear because of the hopelessness of her life.

I'll be with you,Pink N Black

I'll be with you



She fails in love....... but Her Dream came true. When she fly from Pakistan to all over The United States. An ambitious, excellent , gorgeous yet innocent , religious , talented , black eye beauty's next goal is to be independent and support her family as well. She want to use her talent. Simple! isn't it ??? No! Life is not a piece of cake. Even having degree , talent , confidence , beauty with brain ,,, she is unable to have a job. Why? Because of her 'back round'. 2 years have passed since she came here. But it's like she has wasted these years. Now it's time to fly Back!!! ————————··· People - or should I say his own mother - have turned a soft heart boy into a frigid , bitter , cold heart and savage men. A young selfmade billionaire , a sinfully sexy body and face , a successful business men and with a black hurt heart is just spending his life with his father, brother and only a friend. He restricted himself from having any kind of relations with people except business - specially women. His hater towards women is increasing day by day. His broken heart is all cold no emotions all emotionless, but if you just try to know him you will found emotions a cold hearted men who have a golden heart. He was living his life without love, without life patner it was like a body without soul....... ————————··· Then she enters in his life. His black heart betrayed him. It pumps faster and skip beats when it is under the gaze of that black eye beauty. But his brain is telling him something else...... ————————··· HASHTAGS # Pakistani muslim girl # American non-muslim man # love and hate # secretary # billionaire romance # jealousy # possessive How they will complete each other ??? To know let's live their life together... ————————··· ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ •People who are going to read this novel from "Religious point of view" ,,,, then this novel is not for you. PLEASE IGNORE IT. •And read this novel as a love story.