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Charming Commando: Grow To Be The Best Actress,Gujian Qitan

Charming Commando: Grow To Be The Best Actress



Muriel started her career in the entertainment circle as a stunt double, but with her eye-catching looks and excellent stunt moves, she soon caught the eye of the top directors and was offered even better film opportunities from then on. However, she had been trained as a professional commando, and she had been secretly tasked to spy on the entertainment circle and ferret out any criminal activities. Never had she expected that she would not only accomplish her mission perfectly, but she would also become the best actress. In the end, her winning performances might also win her Mr. Right.

Billionaire's Bride: Eternal Love,Xiao Ye

Billionaire's Bride: Eternal Love



Their lives were switched after a fateful car accident. When Ivy woke up in the hospital, she remembered nothing, including her own name. However, a strange man who addressed her as "Cassie" told her that they were engaged. She married this charming billionaire and indulged in his limitless adoration. What she didn’t know was that she had stolen her twin sister’s happiness. When the truth was revealed, he still wanted to be with Ivy, but she refused him relentlessly and left. Five years later, he finally met her again. As he looked affectionately into her eyes, he wanted nothing but one more chance to win her heart back.

True Love In Trial Marriage,JESSICA LYONS

True Love In Trial Marriage



The Trial Marriage Club (TMC) gave its members a chance to live like real married couples. Not only had Faye signed up for this exciting opportunity, but she had also now become a VIP member with the highest score. She had even become the official spokesperson for TMC. However, she was unaware of the trap that lay ahead! Mathew had discovered her secret and he had the perfect plan in place to avenge his friend. Left with no choice, Faye was forced to take the plunge and begin a trial marriage with Mathew. All's fair in love and war, but who will win in this game of love?

His Saved Slave ,AgonyGirl

His Saved Slave



Leila was doing a role-play drama on the stage. All the people there were mesmerized by her beauty and her acting but two dark eyes fixed on her was up to no good. Damien took out his phone. He dialled a number... "I want you to kidnap a girl. Her name is Leila. I will send you the address. Drop her there..." He said with an evil smirk playing on his lips. Leila didn't know that her little mistake would make her life more miserable. She messed up with the wrong man. Damien was now sitting peacefully gawking her like a hunter to his prey.





Life is never being easy , "yes" particularly for me . Well let me start my own story so first thing you must aware of never of me is :- 1. I have done wrong things and some of them were hurt but that was not my intention to do it . 2. For that read the hole messy, sexy , cliche story. And I forgot to introduce myself " Hey .!! I'm Pratiksha .

The person I am online,Janis Ross

The person I am online



Have you ever wanted to be someone else? To make up a new life and see what happens? Well you can be anyone you want to be online so Jacey does just that. Can she continue this lie and still have the man she has fallen for?

Something Like Chemical,enaid_aglaia

Something Like Chemical



Waverly Alaia Knight is known for her best chemical experiments, she makes the perfect antidotes and poisons that the FBI and RVS has been using since she started working for them. Summer came and one of the bosses instructed her to make a love potion, to easily manipulate and conquer some of their enemies. But while making the potion, an unexpected accident happened that turned her life upside down. Will she able to bring back things in their rightful places? Or she will be trapped in her mistake and be punished severely?

Alex Brim, Hero for Hire,krushandkill

Alex Brim, Hero for Hire



Follow the two lives of Alex Brim on Azurath and Sakamo Ryu on Earth. On Earth, he is a fifteen-year-old boy with ascendency of English-Japanese. His father was English, and died before he was born. His mother was Japanese and died of tiredness when he was three, trying to keep two jobs to grant him a house and food, after his father’s death. He is a Part-time worker and has a lot of secrets that grants him an easy going life as a High School student. On the Magical World Azurath to where he can travel by using a magical pendant, he is Alex Brim, a Hero for hire and a Mage Summoner, a rare evolution of a Mage that enables him to make contracts with different Spirits of the elements and use their powers. His help is needed from time to time, because of the Magical Voids that appear in the sky from where Monsters fall, making the lives of the different species that lives there, a very hard one. … Alex shouted to the Orc, surprising everyone: - “Eat him already! He is in my way, I want your head and the pretty Magical Orb you have inside you! You are not dead already because that dumbass is still there, but as soon as you kill him, you are all mine!” The Orc let his hostage go that fell on the ground with a muffled bump. The Orc raised his mace to the sky and screamed, giving the signal for the Goblins to attack. At the same time, Alex whispered: - “Give me a little of your strength, Shinatobe.” A small dot of light near his right ear answered in a low voice: - “As you say, Master.” ...





Alexandra Macholin Kings is a rich and powerful man who had never experienced love from a woman all his life.starting from his mom down to his ex who broke the last string making him the monster he turn out to be.But what happens when he was forced to marry Joanna Daniels ? A beautiful lady from an average family who's grandpa Daniels was in good alliance with his own grandfather Kings whose only wish is to see his grandson get married and have kids for him. His grandpa thinks that Joanna is the rightful person to change his stop him from hating on woman.But is he right?Was she able to change his perspective about women? Did their marriage work out?.

Heartbreaks to Love ,Mai Books

Heartbreaks to Love



Yvonne Malconde, a rich girl who had everything she wanted and fell in love with a rich guy. Their love brought troubles and sorrow to her, her father died from a heart attack leaving her mother, unborn sibling, and her. She hadn't expected to hear the news of his engagement on the net, It was publicly announced that he was getting married to someone, who she never in her wildest dream expected, "Her childhood best friend." She and her Mom decided on moving away to a faraway place, where no one could reach them or think of looking for them, to start afresh. She believed she could keep the past from the present but suddenly, the people from the past, she wanted to forget, came barging into her life. She got a job to work as a CEO's assistant, she couldn't meet with her boss before he traveled. So she had no idea who she was working for until his sister came to represent him for a meeting. It was that day, she knew she was working for her ex-lover (first love), she was excited and happy, to see him but seeing him with her again is making her doubt if they were truly meant to be. Fate is set on her and her ex-lover's case, ready to bring them together but will the people both from present and past allow them to be together or split them the more? How would they meet to start with?

You May Kiss The Bride,Bstallion

You May Kiss The Bride



Ruthlessly rejected by her family after her mother's death, Eryna found comfort in the arms of a sweet and caring guy Simba, He was in every sense a perfect life partner who loved Eryna deeply. And once Eryna was 18 she decided to marry him. But life had other plans for her. On the day of her marriage after they had exchanged their vows, They met with an accident that parted them for a lifetime. Eryna managed to live through those years with Simba in her heart, until one day when to protect her sister she married a cold-hearted prick who was the polar opposite of Simba. What would happen when two similar forces are brought together, would they repel like the same sides of a magnet, or would something spark between them as time passes by.

My Arrogant boss my crazy secretary,Authoress Sonnia

My Arrogant boss my crazy secretary



Clara who is lazy to get a job . But later job due to her Mum's constant nagging . She got a job as a secretary for Anderson who promise to teach her a lesson.





Note; Book contains dark scenes, violence and extreme B.D.S.M activities. Might be offensive to sensitive readers. ~ "You like it don't you?" He asked as his fingers brushed my cleavage, unbuttoning my shirt and pulling my breasts out of my bra. I moaned when his cold, hairy, strong hands came in contact with my hot, hard nipples. "Yeah, I do." My voice was strained in wanton need. I widened my legs as my skirt rode up to my lap showing my set of white lacy-soaked panties, any form of reasoning had flown out of the window. The only thing I cared about was letting this man touch and fuck me whichever way he chooses to. He came in between my outstretched widened legs, and I almost paled in return. His fingers started to tease and pull on my hard nipples, pinching and pulling repeatedly sending a mini orgasm to rock through my body. How could someone have an orgasm from just nipple foreplay? It's Mr. John. Anything is possible. "You like this don't you Maria?" He asked sultrily into my ears, as he rocked his hard bulge in my wet panties. "Yes!" I cried out, I didn't care if anyone heard the loud throaty moans from my throat. "Say yes sir!" He pinched my nipples and I shrieked. "Yes sir!" A scream tore out from my throat. "Oh...Please stop teasing me." I begged his groin rubbing on my soaked panties was killing me, I couldn't take it anymore. "You want me." He purred into my ears. "I need you badly." I almost screamed. "But how do you want me?" He traced his hands on my panties band and slammed it to my skin. "Oh." I gasped, biting my bottom lip. His fingers slid into my clit massaging it, his fingers found my juices as he smiled and brought it to his lips. I started rocking my hips back and forth, to his groin. The friction gave a pleasing relief to my throbbing pussy. "I want you inside of me," I begged, as my pussy throbbed when he got out between my legs. "This is my office and if you want us to have a crazy fling, I will lay out the contract." He said biting my earlobe and rubbing my cleavages, twisting my nipples a bit. "Contract?" I asked, what does he need a contract for? A contract to fuck? That's madness!... ******** Maria is trying to put her life back together after she was abandoned by her childhood sweetheart on the altar. Leaving her family behind she moved to Orano, where she got a Job in MTC. A new future she wishes to create as she runs into John, a sexy bachelor. Soon a crazy obsessive fling turns into something more. While they try to fight their connection, evil lurks within. Will they survive with their hearts and souls intact?





IN THE POPULAR CITY OF BEIJING Zhou Xiuying is known as a stubborn girl who loves being outdoors despite her parents warning She's just 17, she's from rich family, has plenty of friends, crazy, rude, clumsy, music and dance freak and she's pretty naughty Zhou Xiuying has boyfriend named Cia Gua, she loves him alot but little did she know he's just using her for her family wealth and power One-day she went to his house to give him a surprise visit for his 18 years old birthday but instead she's the one who got surprised Cia Gua was cought in bed with her best friend Mei Ling, she was so shocked and heartbroken, Cia Gua didn't care, he told her the truth that day, he told her that he was after her family wealth and nothing else Zhou Xiuying was completely shattered that night, what she wanted was to be along, a strong rain happened to be falling by then but she didn't care, she ran under it, running to wherever her legs can take her That same night, the same time*** "Chase it, don't let it get away" noises were heard,group of scientists lab team were seen chasing after a beautiful girl of 17, it's not just a girl it's a robot. It happened to malfunction The robot was faster than them so they lost it, while the robot was running unsure of where it's going, Zhou Xiuying was running opposite and they ended up hugging themselves Due to the rain and storm, something happened. Zhou Xiuying was electrocuted to comma and all her emotions got inside the robot The robot is now programmed to hate any guy with black hair and green eyes or busty girls with blonde long hair, or anyone as long as they are mean and harmful, the robot now knows it's a girl but it don't know who it is, the robot knows her name is Zhou Xiuying but doesn't know anything about the real Zhou Xiuying Worse the robot think it's a human Now what will happen when a girl of 17 found the robot and brings it to live with her What will happen when she brings the robot to her school And what will happen when the robot sets her eyes on...... Permit me to stop there for now Who can't wait to read this mind blowing story brought to you by rhemaromance Buy your popcorn right now and wear your glasses and let's chill

Love Games,The Filthy Diaries

Love Games

Young Adult


The book contains a little of everything, but it's primarily BDSM, similar to World's Best Diet Plan, loving people playing games. This is fantasy and not reality. Because it is a fantasy, STDs don't exist. I'm not advocating unsafe sex. As a change of pace, it's written from both people's points of view. Julia loves reading BDSM erotic books. Her husband catches her reading one of those books and then they both try out playing sex games where Julia gets to be a slave and she loves playing these love games with her husband. But will these games affect their marriage? Let's find out by reading how it all started and how it's going!

Saved By The Alpha,Lillith M Kennedy

Saved By The Alpha



Tyra is looking for love and stability. After a terrible heartbreak, she decides to go to a very special agency to place her with a daddy, but the daddy wolf she is placed with is cruel. Luckily for Tyra, her savior is coming for her. What happens after the Alpha saves Tyra? Do they fall in love, or does she run? Trigger Warning!!! Daddy Dom and abuse can be triggering for some. There are also very explicit sex scenes as the story unfolds.