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Long-distance relationship Novels

Remember Me, Aliyah,agirlwhocannotwrite

Remember Me, Aliyah



Aliyah was a girl from 2020 and in just a snap of the clock, she was transported to a year where the biggest twist of her life was about to happen, where she was destined to meet a young soldier who will change her fate. In the year 1950, where her boring life will change.

Diary of a family love cycle,Aleeusubee

Diary of a family love cycle



They started as strangers. Khaleel Kamara is the popular kid in school and Tonaya Whitley is a foster girl that got assess into an elite private school through scholarship. Upon starting of a new semester, Khaleel and Tonaya were needed to improve their grades. They were paired up on a project that could help with the problem. Working on the project, Khaleel found a diary which might lead Tonaya to finding her parent but also reveals a path to Khaleel's unknown true identity. However, on their journey, they started to develop feelings for each other which made them came across Jealousy, Rivalry, Bully and Envy. *** Daniya Kamara and Morgan Koch grew up together, they started as friends. When puberty hits, they both developed hidden feelings for each other. However, despite trying to avoid ruining there friendship, they still expressed their feelings, but then...Morgan moved away to college in different country and Daniyan stayed to pursue his career on art. They tried keeping up with long distance which started to erase the trust they had for each other. What will happen to there friendship? And will they be able to hold on to their trust for each other?