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Lolita Novels

Diana In The Dark,Ryk Brink

Diana In The Dark



Diana Harrison is the girl's next door but be thankful she doesn't live next door to you. Under her shy pretty girl exterior lives something a lot darker. On the surface, Diana is happy to go lucky senior at university high California. Smart, funny and will laugh at all your bad jokes. She has a strapping boyfriend and a terrific grade point average. She seemed to have everything going for her. But her bold future is teated by a dark fascination with serial killers but that borders on obsession. Although some might find that strange and may not want to invite her to their house party or to the prom she manages to keep her desires a secret. However when a real killer moves to town, her inner and outer worlds begin to collide. A series of strange dreams and some haphazard internet snooping has landed Ditzy Diana in between the sights of the real thing and now she has no choice but to come and see.

Master Duan’s Beloved Wife: A Lovely Spendthrift,Flying-Lines

Master Duan’s Beloved Wife: A Lovely Spendthrift



He Yueyu should have been thankful to what she had been blessed with, a pretty face, a slender figure, a super-rich family, and three handsome brothers who always love her. Bored with being a spendthrift, she wanted to live a life in her own way. The first time she tried to taste the forbidden fruit, she encountered Master Duan. A romantic love story ensued. “You’ve never done that? Let me teach you.” Before he realized it, she was already on the top of him...

The Mafia's Heart's Keeper,shaira__M

The Mafia's Heart's Keeper



Hazel Rose, a beautiful 19 year old girl living with a mysterious and dark past that no one knows of. But her life changes when Xavier Knight ,the king of mafia offers her a deal . Xavier Knight , the king of the mafia world is a cold, ruthless monster with striking good looks that makes girls drool and the boys jealous of him. What makes him more devilishly handsome is the fact that he has a dangerous aura that will make you run and hide. He kills without a second thought and remorse. What happens when he meets Hazel?What happens when he makes a deal with her? Will Hazel agree to help him even when she knows he is dangerous ? Will they be able to find love ?What was the deal about ? Two different worlds Two different personalities What will happen when these two collide ? But as people say .... Opposites attract Read The Mafia's Heart Keeper to find out !!

Double Penetration,moira9

Double Penetration



Description While getting a job as a courier, I never thought that fate would bring me into contact with two charming and powerful men. They deprived me of anal virginity and opened up a world of new sensations. Now I felt like I was born again. I am constantly on the lookout for new orgasms, I like it when powerful men force me to have sex and most of all I want to try double penetration. And every day I am now looking for two guys for myself who will help me fulfill my dream. #anal_sex # mzhm # Sandwich

Falling For The Werewolf King,Brittany Heiden

Falling For The Werewolf King



This work contains two books: Book 1 Falling For The Werewolf King and Book 2 Luna Of The Werewolf King.                                                                                                   Book 1: Lily Thornstun, a 24-year-old writer who just wanted to start fresh after leaving a toxic relationship had agreed to be a roommate, but unbeknownst to her, her roommate is Jayce Ryder, a sexy bachelor. He's rude, dark, and mysterious persona leaves Lily to hate the man, even though he looked to be made by the Gods themselves with his hair as black as the darkest of nights, his crimson eyes, and gloriously sculpted tattooed body. She refuses to accept the rising desire she feels for the man, but it only gets worse the longer she's around him. Jayce Ryder, 29-year-old bachelor set in his ways that he was the man, and he can bend every woman to his will. Until Lily arrived on his doorstep with a briefcase and a backpack. Another feeble act of his mother to find him a Mate before the council ruled him as unfit to be King. Like Hell, he'd share his reign with a human woman. Yet he couldn't deny the attraction he felt toward her, and the fire that coursed his veins whenever they touched. She wasn't easy to break, but he'll have her screaming his name by first snowfall.

REINCARNATION: The Strongest Mage of Solstice,nhaa19

REINCARNATION: The Strongest Mage of Solstice



Yule McGregor is endowed with so much mana that made her a powerful mage in the group of Solstice Archmage. Being a commoner with a poor background. Many Aristocrats look down on her and doubt her skills when she becomes the Captain of the HOLY ARCHMAGE KNIGHT on the Kingdom of Solstice. Until the kingdom is jeopardized due to the Demon's threats who have wreaked havoc on the Kingdom of Solstice, the HOLY ARCHMAGE KNIGHT takes action. However, after they beat the demon, Yule died as a result of a grievous injury that no one could heal. but... Despite her accomplishments, she died with deep regrets. she regretted not being able to experience everything she wanted. because she was preoccupied with the responsibilities of being a Captain at such a young age. "If I had another chance, I'd like to live without regrets." As she reincarnated in the body of a child, that has no magic. will she be able to fulfill all of her desires? In the body of the child that cannot do magic, will she be able to live to the fullest? As a powerful mage in the Kingdom turned into a powerless youngster. will she be able to live without regret?





The outline Melissa Gordon is a eighteen year old dragon rider who just started living life and enjoying her adulthood hood in her not so perfect world, she was shunned by many due to the unheard of power she has but nevertheless herr life was perfect but it was ruined by a demon alpha king who wants to take control over all the realms and rule over everything. Filled with hatred and anger Melissa sets out to free her people from the wretched hands of the demon alpha but what happens when her anger melts and hatred turns to love will she still save her people or will she allow herself to be loved by the demon alpha? Find out in Jakkon 

The Pink Foxxx Hole,Aja Pearl

The Pink Foxxx Hole



This is book is a collection of erotic stories, from sexual fantasies to forbidden desires. The material has strong sexual content, mature situations, and sexual trauma. Readers' discretion is advised.

Addicted to sex: Obted sexual,murime@

Addicted to sex: Obted sexual

Short stories


I am named Nela ... before you tell you the situation in which I am currently, I will start by the foundation of my problem. .. 18 years old, I had just had my tray! I have a form that does not go unnoticed in the light of men. I'm a little fine but with a tight-tin hip a pretty chest and a behind bouncing ... Many had already led me praise about my pink lips but good was was no longer more for me ... Already at this age, I could not spend a night without looking at a pornographic movie.