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Hierarchy Novels

The Incubus and His Secretary,Anna Kendra

The Incubus and His Secretary



When Sanaya Johnson joined Reefwood Inc. as the CEO's personal secretary, little did she know that she would be facing the biggest man whore in all history, Lancelin Eustis. She hates him and his whorish ways with all her heart, but the six feet five, sex on legs, brute of a man attracts attention wherever he goes, no gender bars. And she soon starts to fight an internal battle to either join his conquests and enjoy a few nights of unbound passion and desire or keep her feelings hidden and endure the torture of watching him take yet another beautiful woman to his bed. Lancelin Eustis has it all. Wealth, power, the looks of a Greek God and beautiful woman falling at his feet by the dozen. But what he doesn't understand is why his stubborn and full of life secretary hasn't fallen for his charm yet. But what started out as a game for him to get under her skin and maybe into her pants, turns out to be far more powerful than he could have imagined. For he hides a secret that can cost her life.

Lies Of A Thousand Lives,Publisher

Lies Of A Thousand Lives



Author: Nyssa A. Stravage """You wrote that prophecy."" I accused her, narrowing my eyes at her. ""Yes... I did."" Can somebody just slap her in the face? ""It was my best composition. And that says something, since I'm actually a modest girl. The prophecy about Donald Trump was literally: Be aware of the Cheetos running for president. I was lazy at the time."" She shrugged. *** If you're looking for a hero, turn around and go look somewhere else pal, because this one here ain't one. And yet again, Angus is dragged into a life that has him so confused with all the monsters trying to adopt him, and ghosts flirting with him and zombie centaurs and prophecies and BLOODY MEDUSA!!! To don't mention that damned parasite soul in him that gets angry when Angus refuses to die. Like seriously?!!! Always forgetting his sword when running to his death, with his jeans falling off at the worst time possible, the sarcasm that will probably get him killed one day and being the annoying piece of sh-anyway... Angus has to fight against himself and Ancient spirits to get alive out of this mess. But like the mighty and powerful Doctor Strange once said: ""Try me Beyoncé."""

The Kings Mate,Publisher

The Kings Mate



Author: Beth Venning "Clara Jacobs didn't like being in the spotlight, she actually tried her hardest to stay out of it. She had a few issues such as abandonment issues, the fear of talking to anyone she wasn't familiar with, she sounds so confident right? She always assumed she'd just be a side character to everyone's life, she was never going to have an important role in society so it was acceptable for her to be that way....or so she thought. It turns out she had one of the most important roles in society, she was the kings mate which made her the queen. Not something she ever thought would happen for her to be honest. She gets thrown in at the deep end and somehow has to navigate her way through her new life, with her mates help of course. Just when she thinks it's all going smoothly, people from her past throw a spanner in the works sending her life in a spiral once again. Follow her story to see how it really is, to be The Kings Mate. "

Possessive Love: All My Adoration Goes To You,Yi Shi

Possessive Love: All My Adoration Goes To You

Young Adult


At the age of nineteen, Vicky graduated from high school and her life took a dark turn. She had become his slave, going through such horrors that would leave anyone paralyzed. Steve, the young heir of his family’s vast wealth, was none other than the devil who made her life a living hell. Finally, he got tired of her and set her free. As she thought she got rid of that nightmare, he was the CEO of the company where she worked. Stepping into the devil’s trap again, she wouldn’t surrender easily this time.

Office Romance: Mischievous Secretary VS. Bossy CEO,Ren Ping Sheng

Office Romance: Mischievous Secretary VS. Bossy CEO



Charlotte, working for Simon as her secretary, took full advantage of this job. She made cash on the side by selling the charming CEO’s photos, slippers, and his other belongings. The reason why she worked so hard was only that she wanted enough money to move out of that terrible place with her mother. She thought she hid this secret well, but he already found out how she earned the money from his admirers. She was unaware that no matter what happened, he wouldn't close the door on her.

Surrender To CEO's Pure Adoration,Diewu Pianpian

Surrender To CEO's Pure Adoration



Esther had been imprisoned for accidentally injuring others in defense of her stepsister. Little did she know, it was all part of her stepsister's plan to take her role in the family and everything she had, including her boyfriend. Fortunately, hope arrived when he came into her life and saved her from this dilemma. She thought she had finally found Mr. Right, but it was not meant to be. She soon discovered that he was already engaged to another woman. Depression overtook her and almost suffocated her to death. She disappeared from his life, thinking she was free once more. However, when she met her new boss, she knew she was not and instead got trapped by his mad adoration.

Billionaire's Perfect Match,Xiao Wang

Billionaire's Perfect Match



Daria had been promoted to the role of the CEO's secretary but it left her feeling confused. She was so happy that her career was taking off but what she didn't know was that she had unwittingly stepped into a romantic trap. On her first day in her new role, she encountered a challenging situation. She walked into her boss's office to find him tussling with a woman. While trying to help him, she ended up accidentally stabbing him with a cactus. She couldn't understand why an average girl like her was chosen for this important role in the first place and now she was terrified that she would lose her new job on the first day itself. What would happen when she learned the truth? Where would their story go?

If The Crown Fits(Book 2),Kiraran

If The Crown Fits(Book 2)



Second Book of "5 Princes and I" Rosalie Amber Stan's world is now upside down. Not only is she supposed to learn about her dead kingdom but she actually has to learn how to use her powers alongside her familiar, Custard. Adding to her list of problems; the rogue king, King Ferius, will stop at nothing until he gets ahold of Rose's blood. So it is now up to the princes to protect her until she learns how to protect herself. Which could take a while with her refusal to cooperate with them. Will Rose be able to master her powers and learn how to defend herself? Will she be able to learn more about her heritage and revive her dead kingdom?

Run Baby Run (The Last Blood),Khay2626

Run Baby Run (The Last Blood)



"KAEL!" I smiled when he stopped and turned to me. Even though I couldn’t see his face, I knew he was smiling at me. He spread his arms- as if he's been waiting for me to hug him. I smiled even more and was about to run towards him when my game bracelet device rang. I stiffened when the diamond on my bracelet turned red and the sounds that shattered my world rang out. At the same time, suddenly- there was an electric barrier who pop up on the boundary of the temple. "THE GAME IS OVER, SORRY YOU LOSE." _____________ You can cry but you can't run. The battle between life and love. ______________ Photo isn't mine, credits to the rightful owners.

The Princess and Her Famous Criminals,CC_Lee

The Princess and Her Famous Criminals

Young Adult


There was once a girl who was born in the capital. Her name is Luan. The princess of The Seventh Kingdom. Loved by the people in the palace, but she wasn't known by many since the King doesn't wants to expose her daughter until it turned 18. When everything is going according to plan, she was kidnapped. She sneaks into the palace as she wanted to see what's outside. The Capital was so beautiful that she doesn't wants to go home anymore. Then she realized, as soon as she looks on the dark places of the capital, it wasn't a fantasy world at all. It was all about hunger, poverty, happiness, and sadness. As soon as she woke-up, A new story begins to unfold. They said a princess needs a prince in all fairytale. But it turns out she only needs people who will treat her with simple love. Criminals. That's what they are called. What's wrong with gifts that came from a bad deed? It was all because of care. And because of the things she learned from them, she's no longer a princess. But also a criminal. The princess who celebrated her birthday on a garage where they live. A simple debut, yet addictive love that everyone could ever ask for. She couldn't wish for more. Until that day came. The search was finally over. The princess was caught. And everyone who took her away from the palace was slain by the King. As she couldn't believe what her father did, she goes after him and ready to stab her own father. But then, her head was sent. When she woke up, it was a deja vu that she came back on where it all started. Before her 18th Birthday.

The Adopted Alpha ,Independent_mhee

The Adopted Alpha



Clare Adam-Baros is an Omega adopted by the Alpha family. She leads a lonely life and is always bullied at school by pack members. Enter the hot and mysterious Hunter Pyrros who for some reason spends the whole day boring holes in her back. Added to her parent's birthday gift in the form of an ancient lunar filial binding and Clare's life is about to change in more ways than one. How would Clare manage her new Alpha powers and fight for her position in the pack? p.s Clare is actually destined for way more and Hunter is just the person to guide her all the way. Enjoy!

It Begins With Her,NathanFrost

It Begins With Her



Over one hundred years ago, a group of world’s best scientists gathered in New York City. Their sponsor, a hidden figure, funded them generously to experiment on humans to create an army composed of super humans. The fund was enough to get rid of any moral complications from the scientists’ minds. These types of human experiments were mostly kidnapped from the harsh streets called ‘Powerful’ because they were given extraordinary powers. Eventually, the process was a success. However, one day, six years after the initial experiment, almost all of the Powerful escaped, and hid among society. Slowly, they spread all over the world starting families and secret societies. Apart from their powers, the Powerful were set apart from society due to their strange colored eyes and hair. This was an unintentional side effect of the Power, but it made the Powerful easier to be spotted. A government was form by the unknown sponsor.  It was not dependent of the world’s existing nations. Its goal to the public was to round up and euthanize the Powerful because they were too powerful to control. But they are really stove to keep the atrocities they committed secretly. New York had changed so much from what it was in the early twenty first century. Manhattan, being where the Powerful were originally from, became a kind of haven for them. Many had scattered and gone abroad but others declined to abandon their homes. The Bronx was no more. The Bronx became a city of anarchy and terror. The only people that could get through there in relative safety were Powerful. The entire city had adopted a whole slew of brand-new names. The two most usual were Vampire City or Suckersville. Only the vampires that drank fresh blood situated themselves in the city. The rest were satisfied with the country away from humans. The government build up headquarters in Manhattan to gather together the Powerful. Manhattan was not the sole location that a branch was build up. The government had built up different branches in all the hot spots where Powerful were all over the world. The government had a distinct group of people known as agents to fulfill its task. Most of the agents were normal humans, but some of them were Powerful. Numerous Powerful were forced into militaristic organization. Powerful agents were not all the time signed up by force. A few did it willingly, but their reasons were never mentioned. So far, the Government was effective at achieving its goal. Most of the Powerful left were young, fit, and brilliant. As a result, many orphans roamed street pressed into adulthood before they were even in their teens. The story of the ceaseless war between the Powerful and the government begins with her.