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Guardian Novels

The Oak,J. A. Fabroa

The Oak



They said objects can absrob the energy of its owners or the remnants of an event. It cannot easily be erased by mere washing or altering its physical from. It remembers and sometimes, these imprints could become fatal. A troubled family, mentally and emotionally wounded by a vicious event, decided to move to the country side to heal their wounds. They bought a house which has been in the market for two decades. According to the realtor, the asking price was beyond any of the locals could afford, that's why it remained unsold for a very long time. The hopeful family believed their decision will help heal their family, little did they know, it will test what little sanity, each of them had left.

Death's Daughter (Book 2),Katone Tsume

Death's Daughter (Book 2)



This story is book two from my original book called New Home, New Town, New Life. This story continues with Penelope and Death. Read and find out what happens.

Alpha Tiana: The Unknown Wolf,Eugenia Amakubukuro

Alpha Tiana: The Unknown Wolf



After leaving the werewolf wolf Tsauno alongside other members of the Tsauno Werewolf Clan, Enrique Sean aka Rico settled in Lagos, Nigeria with only one purpose to find his Alpha who happens to his god-daughter so he could take her home to reclaim her birthright. What he never envisioned was meeting his true and second chance mate after twenty-one years. Tariana Edi Mante aka Tiana is a different kind of girl, extremely protective of those she loves. She knew she was different even before she turned eighteen especially with the fact that her eyes always changed colours to reflect her mood. What she didn't imagine was that her life would change with a single interview. The pull toward her boss is irresistible. What would is she to do now that she found out her or life was a lie? Or that she was adopted? Or that she was the key to ending the ceaseless and mindless attack? Or the fact that she is the true Alpha of the Tsauno Werewolf Clan on of the strongest Werewolf clans in history?

A living THING,SBany

A living THING



After a traumatic, virus infected, robot attack, Kyra has to live with her father's purchased android bodyguard. Her life long fear of robots does not make it any easier, as she have to spend all her time with this strange 'man'. He is perfect. Everyone seems to fall in love with him. But there is something more to him. What if he is not just a simple machine. Kyra notices, he is not so perfect as everyone thinks. He is acting strange and does weird things, that Kyra cannot rationalize. Time passes and it seems he is getting worse. Is she safe from her own bodyguard? What is happening to her robot? And what meaning she has in his life?

The Anatomy of Wind: Beware!,mugisha

The Anatomy of Wind: Beware!



What if what you thought you knew was nothing but Lies and that the meaning of Love from your perspective is different from reality? Or is it? Can you marry a Fiend? What about a bloodthirsty, Ruthless Harpy, a demon on earth? Is love worth risking your life? Can true happiness lure you to the deadly vicinity? Once upon a time, a happy couple found themselves in a similar situation, where you get to choose whether you trust in Love power or you Demolish all that you have built for a long time. What if it was all an illusion?

Mariposa my love,Temmy Crown

Mariposa my love



The prohecy of the crystal fairies and light fairies was almost fulfilled but rejection and pain came in. The history of the mystic magic realm stated that the faires separated into two sides after a misunderstanding. The light faires and crystal fairies. Liana was the princess of the light faires and Damian was the prince of the crystal fairies. When the fairies found out about the prophecy, they told Liana and Damian to go and fulfill it but brought rejection and pain to themselves. They aborted the mission and went their separate ways. Years later, they realized that the prophecy was revealed to avoid and destroy their enemies the dark fairies. What happens when the dark fairies emerge to take and destroy? What happens when destiny gives the fairies another chance?

The Girl in Apollo's Oracle,Lafaerie

The Girl in Apollo's Oracle



Eleena was starting her day normally when suddenly a strange creature attacked her. In a blink of her eyes, a man showed up and rescued her only to find out that his knight in shining armor is Apollo--- the multifaceted god. Apollo brought Eleena to his world to protect her from other creatures that are after her head because she is believed to destroy the world they are living in. Eleena, who is just a normal teenager, got mixed up in the messy world of the gods and with a handsome and kind god protecting her, it’s not hard to find romance amidst the chaos. Whereas, Apollo swore to keep Eleena from any danger but what if they end up hurting each other? After all, Eleena is still the girl in Apollo's oracle.

The Blood Of Devil Hunter,Jhon Hicks

The Blood Of Devil Hunter



Iris never imagined that she could fall in love with an immortal figure who was known to be so cruel. Was it about her having a strange fetish with that creature, or because of her charm that couldn't make her eyes blink for a few tens of seconds. Jonathan Hickman, the demonic figure most feared by the demon hunter organization. His first encounter was like an ocean of magic. Bewitched by the figure of Iris who gave herself up to avenge the deaths of her adoptive parents. But unfortunately, Iris was chosen to be one of the members of the demon slayer where the main target of the organization was to hunt down Jonathan. The two intersecting roads miss each other. Need each other. How will the story continue? Will Iris betray her friend or will she have to let Jonathan die at her friend's hands? Read the full story in this novel.

The God of War,NJ.T

The God of War



The God of War returned with glory, only to find his daughter sent away from home and his wife...