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Failed engagement Novels

Exposed,Z Cr4vinz




My ex-boyfriend Grayson posted my half-naked picture. He bullied me for years. He caused only havoc. I lost all my friends. Never mind that I was disowned by my family. So tell me, why am I in love with him?

Your My Addiction,dianalovesdiane

Your My Addiction



Xavier a Playboy billionaire became one of Doctor Emma's patients. She doesn't like him a bit since she hates a man like him who playing a woman's heart easily, in short, she hates man whore or Playboy. But Xavier offered her help, but in return, she will spend a night with him. One month after that faithful night together! She found herself pregnant and Xavier is the father. She refused Xavier to take responsibility for the child. But Xavier never allowed it to happen. Will she succumb to him? Will she give up? Or will they have happy ever after together... He bows to make her fall for him... hook or by crook Will she? Find out here

Dangerous Twist,NSM Writes

Dangerous Twist



Getting married wasn't the problem but getting fixed with someone you can't imagine being with in the future was the main problem. The Carson's and the Benson's made an agreement to join their children matrimonially to keep their long term relationship and partnership sealed. Mikky Carson the only child and heir to the Carson's who is supposedly to be wedded with Anita the only child of the Benson's. Mikky found this sudden arrangement totally awkward and not quite called for . But he has to do it so as not to ruin the long term partnership with the Benson's who had been of a great help to the Carson's. On the other hand, Anita the only child of the Benson's finds this sudden arrangement as a dream come true. She had always wanted something more intimate than friendship with mikky whom she would do anything to be in his arms. Meet Gracia Santos. The daughter of the personal cleaner of the Carson's at their company. Mrs Santos who happens to be Gracia's mom was given the opportunity to work as a private cleaner at the inner room of the Carson's company. The pay was pretty good and would do for her and her only daughter as a single parent. What happens when Gracia takes a day off at her work place to assist her mother in cleaning the room for the Carson's board meeting. Only to coincidentally meet Mikky Carson who finds her interesting and suddenly wanted to mingle. Things led to one situation to another as mikky and Gracia finds themselves falling deeply in love with each other which led mikky to calling off his engagement with Anita.

Adore You,Authoress BJ

Adore You



Melissa Roark Rancic will do whatever it takes to protect her daughter from her Vengeful ex-husband as she testifies against him. Meaning that Colin O'Brien the man she'd jilted must step up to protect the family that was his all along

Submission: Love Born With A Desire,M. SHARP

Submission: Love Born With A Desire



On her wedding day, her fiance became a vegetable. Everyone blamed her, pushing her into a corner, but a mysterious stranger threw her a lifeline. However, he offered her help only on the condition that she married him. He was the most powerful man in the city, while she was a shunned woman who had almost been sent to jail. He didn't just want her submission, but also her heart.

Press Me To Your Heart,VERDA CASTILLO

Press Me To Your Heart



Angela already had plans to marry the love of her life. However, when he came up with frivolous requirements like giving him a son, washing the dishes, becoming an ‘obedient little housewife’, she upped and left. After that, she made a promise to be a bachelorette her entire life. What she didn’t expect was for her to sleep with a man who she barely knew. Edward had made every intention of pursuing her, trying all the tricks up his sleeves as Angela tried her best to avoid stepping into his traps. In a game of cat-and-mice for a love that would last a lifetime, would Edward be able to catch her? And if he did, would Angela let him?

Pull You Closer Into Me,Sophie

Pull You Closer Into Me



He needed a wife to deal with the pressure and expectations from his family, she needed a new husband to replace her groom, who ran away the day before the wedding. However, it turned out, they both had conflicting agendas. While Elsa, disappointed and disillusioned on the institution of marriage and love in general, thought their marriage was a simple business agreement, a temporary solution to save face from her embarrassing desertion. Soren, on the other hand, broke the contract and fell in love. He took advantage of every opportunity and used every underhanded and unfair means in his seduction book, to pull her closer to him day by day. What would he do to win her heart? Would she fall for his tricks and fall in love with him too?

Mr. Right Or Mr. Wrong,BRADLEY CANNON

Mr. Right Or Mr. Wrong



Three years ago, he brought another woman to their engagement party. He humiliated her in public, and she left away without hesitation. When she came back, he realized that she was the one he only wanted. To get her back, he tried everything he could do to get closer to her. Yet, he only got a sneer from her. How could she trust him again? How could he heal her broken heart?

Love Order From CEO: Stay With Me,Qing Cheng

Love Order From CEO: Stay With Me



Shelly had always had a crush on Harry, ever since the third grade. However, their love story started with her as a honey trap. To carry out her aunt’s plan for revenge, Shelly got close to Harry and made him fall in love with her. When he found out the truth, he ruined the engagement party and made her pay for her betrayal. He did love her, but when he was overwhelmed by all the conspiracies, hatred drowned out whatever love was in his heart.

While Holding the Pain,Silent Learner

While Holding the Pain



Tithy, a young girl of 22 years who was living someone else's life completely forgetting her identity and she herself was not aware of it for a little bit. As destiny leads the way and everyone has to follow it, none can know the destination. Eventually, Tithy meets Ruhaan, a billionaire as his secretary... Some of Tithy's behavior reminds Ruhaan of a person close to his heart which sometime makes Ruhaan laugh, cry, get angry and moreover cause pain that he has been holding for a long time...

One Sleepy Night,Krungybrmnd

One Sleepy Night



One Series #1 She didn't know that this MAN will change her whole life.