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Elder Novels

Do not awaken the Undead king,Silvia Liam

Do not awaken the Undead king



His name is Raive. The one who, 700 years ago, had lost. The necromancer who conquered half the world with an army of the undead, but then was buried alive under a terrible curse: never to die, never to be saved. He was so feared that all necromancy curses were buried with him, so that never again could such a dangerous magician arise. Angelina – a weak historian-necromancer whose only talent was a flawless grasp of the language of the dead. Fate willed it that she find a mysterious gravestone and break the seal holding the one who was never to be released: Raive – the King of the Dead! What will happen to them next? Will the Undead King help this unknown girl or will he use her mysterious blood to regain his own power and speed his way to the throne? What can they both do when passion begins to ruin all their plans, and dark desires call forth the worst poison?

Under the Sun,Inuwa Usman

Under the Sun



Alhaji Basir was a respected business magnate in Gidan kowa. A noble man who married Nafisa, Mallam balarabe's only daughter. They both lived a blissful life until one night when they were murdered in cold blood and the only son they had, Al-warith was missing. Al-warith grew up under the care of his grandfather, Mallam Balarabe in Gidan-lafia and those behind his parents death were still after him. Mallam Balarabe's struggle continued when he found out that Al-warith was missing. He left for Gidan kowa with Lawal and Zahra in search of Al-warith and were shocked when they saw strange things. They arrived Haske village in the night and met Shiek sunusi who told them that Al-warith is in danger and should leave for Domina village immediately. Will they survive the spooky danger of the night?

Daddy's Babygirl,Niko

Daddy's Babygirl



Is there such a thing as "Love at first sight?" And if so, can Cindy find a way to show Alex? The names are changed, but the story is true. This story began 8 months ago. But the past has a way of rearing its ugly head when you least expect it to. Cindy King is a 48-year-old mother of seven, five boys, two girls, all over the age of 18. She had been working in her hometown of Wadsworth, Oklahoma for going on two years now, but still finding it hard to meet her ever going monthly bills, she makes a last-ditch decision and go to Vante, Oklahoma, and apply for a job at the only Casino there. Thinking this is just going to be a job to help pay her bills and maybe just maybe help her move away from her ex-husband and finally have a life to call her own. She walks into Dunbar's Buffet after the hour's drive over, she looks around and her eyes fall on a man that smiles' brighten the entire venue, and without realizing it she can not tear her eyes away from him. Even not knowing his name, can not hinder her heart rate that went from her normal 105/80 sky-rocketing to what felt like 300/160 in as little as two microseconds. Cindy had given up on love, especially after her ex-husband not only cheated on her but had mentally, verbally, and physically abused her during the 25 long years of the relationship and marriage. And after so many years of being told you are fat, ugly, and treated as less than a speck of dust under someone's shoe, you tend to start believing that everything they say is true. Even if it's not, and you think that you never deserve to find much less have someone that truly will love you. This is the way Cindy felt because as she looked into the unknown man's eyes, she thought 'If only I was worthy enough to have someone like him, then I could truly and finally be happy in life. But I will never be beautiful or worthy enough, so I won't even try." So she continued to say Hi to her new co-workers, even as she still could not look away from the man. Alex Martinez, a 22-year-old man, shy and mysterious, keeps to himself because his last girlfriend used him and cheated on him with another man for two years before Alex caught them. He is standing at the fryers about to pull chicken up, hears a timid voice of the new employee, another female. She is saying hi to the other co-workers, who are trying to get her attention, but when Alex raises his eyes to see what the female looks like, his eyes find her's unwavering from his. And he thinks " What is going on in her pretty little mind, why can I feel her eyes are touching me in a wonderful feeling as if her fingers are running along my very skin?" As he turns back to the fryer vat to pull the chicken he can still feel her gaze fixed on his profile, and he side glances at her to find that even though the others are between them it feels as if no one is there. Toby Parks, a 36-year-old man, loves his husband, but this new girl has his eye in a way that no other female has ever gotten to him. She is kind, sweet, but damn if she doesn't have fire in her eyes and a temper to match his very own. But why is her eyes on Alex, is there something happening, I say "Hi" and she kindly replies with a timid "Hi" back, but she never removes her eyes from him. And all I can think is "If he hurts her, I will kill him on the spot." Will Cindy and Alex make it, or are they doomed from the very start? Keep reading to find out.

Lies Of A Thousand Lives,Publisher

Lies Of A Thousand Lives



Author: Nyssa A. Stravage """You wrote that prophecy."" I accused her, narrowing my eyes at her. ""Yes... I did."" Can somebody just slap her in the face? ""It was my best composition. And that says something, since I'm actually a modest girl. The prophecy about Donald Trump was literally: Be aware of the Cheetos running for president. I was lazy at the time."" She shrugged. *** If you're looking for a hero, turn around and go look somewhere else pal, because this one here ain't one. And yet again, Angus is dragged into a life that has him so confused with all the monsters trying to adopt him, and ghosts flirting with him and zombie centaurs and prophecies and BLOODY MEDUSA!!! To don't mention that damned parasite soul in him that gets angry when Angus refuses to die. Like seriously?!!! Always forgetting his sword when running to his death, with his jeans falling off at the worst time possible, the sarcasm that will probably get him killed one day and being the annoying piece of sh-anyway... Angus has to fight against himself and Ancient spirits to get alive out of this mess. But like the mighty and powerful Doctor Strange once said: ""Try me Beyoncé."""

Mr Player's Game,Publisher

Mr Player's Game



Author: Lechna Baram Nya is a seventeen years old girl who just moved at his mother and his step father's house. She will be living with her best friend Shane and Emma who are also her siblings. Shane's best friend , Jake but also their neighbor started feeling strangely attracted to Nya. The two decides to play a game. Will the player change for the only girl who he might be falling for? Read to know. Don't worry the story is more interesting than this summary..

The Kings Mate,Publisher

The Kings Mate



Author: Beth Venning "Clara Jacobs didn't like being in the spotlight, she actually tried her hardest to stay out of it. She had a few issues such as abandonment issues, the fear of talking to anyone she wasn't familiar with, she sounds so confident right? She always assumed she'd just be a side character to everyone's life, she was never going to have an important role in society so it was acceptable for her to be that way....or so she thought. It turns out she had one of the most important roles in society, she was the kings mate which made her the queen. Not something she ever thought would happen for her to be honest. She gets thrown in at the deep end and somehow has to navigate her way through her new life, with her mates help of course. Just when she thinks it's all going smoothly, people from her past throw a spanner in the works sending her life in a spiral once again. Follow her story to see how it really is, to be The Kings Mate. "

The Queen's Pet,Publisher

The Queen's Pet



Author: Coletxxie "Queen Lena Lancaster of the Western kingdom had a deep raging hatred for the race of werewolves since the death of her beloved sister. She enslaved every wolves in the west and made sure to make them suffer for hundred of years. What would happen if she founds out that she is destined to be with a werewolf. 'Forgiveness...forgiveness is not easy to give. But when you learn to forgive only then shall love sprout within your heart. And when you let love sprout, only then shall freedom be truly yours.''"

Sex With A Beast,Publisher

Sex With A Beast



Author: Ridiculous Aniyah moves to a new town, where she discovers she is the mate of an Alpha werewolf

Melancholy,Fictzy Novelooze




People mostly are looking for fantasy, dragons, werewolf, CEO lovers and romantic once. But what about the life that came from reality? The world that we used to know? Escaping this sad reality wasn't that so easy but.... She slowly walked and peek, inside there is a peacefully sleeping lady, a memory came flashing to her, how she tried to escape from her deep melancholy, suddenly a small smile formed to her lips as she whispered " now I can able to sleep, not only for tonight but forever". What the most sad person wants to do?





When the country's ousted President was prisoned, he came up with the plans to overthrow the government with the help of his rich friends. Six young men are brought together to stop these from happening. Would they stop them?