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BEYOND THE PROPHECIES For Teniola, a young lawyer seeking to be married before her 30th birthday, only one thing stood in the way of her happily ever after- prophecies. When her mother's obsession with finding the perfect, prophet-approved son-in-law threatens to break her fifth chance at love, her mother's unmarried best friend, Ronke, must unravel the secrets of her own pasts to keep history from repeating itself. Will Ronke succeed at helping her friend see that faith, divine mentorship and absolute dependence on the word of God was the only way to victory or is it too late for her to see beyond the prophecies?

Because l am a girl,dody ahmad

Because l am a girl



Why do parents want boys and hate girls, even though the girl is able to do what the boy does, and more ،like the heroine of the story, Celine, because her father abandoned her, her sister and her mother for the sake of the boy, and because her mother gave birth to a girl, he does not want girls but wants boy The boy is the one who will keep his name, from his point of view that the boy is the only bond and the only provider, and that the girl is just a heavy burden and shame Must rid of him, by marrying her off to anyone In addition to,several Problems that girls face in the..society