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High school love,M.J

High school love

Young Adult


Tom Rivera, a playboy. He plays with any girl he sees, while some took their lives, some where found in the psychiatric hospital, and some were lucky enough to leave the school, and no one said anything about it. He's is the CEO of a popular cult group known as the VAMPS. They murder and discard whosoever that gets in their way. What happens when Alexandra Diego, the pure and innocent girl moved to town? Will the VAMPS kill her? Or is her heart gonna be broken by Tom Rivera?

Whom did I kiss     ll   A TXT fan-fic   ll,Will

Whom did I kiss ll A TXT fan-fic ll



One is her crush. Other is her guardian angel. Third is her childhood friend. Next is her frenemy. One of the five boys is her brother. One of them is her future boyfriend or maybe husband! Read to find out.

Wishes Upon Stars,tammieainsworth

Wishes Upon Stars



Nikau Kaur is in a band called The Empire in New Zealand. Lauren Ryder is a Captain in the United States Air Force who is stationed in New Zealand and she is a clairvoyant. Nik had started having dreams about Lauren and a song that keeps appearing in his dreams. Even though he had never met her in real life he developed feeling for her wanted to make that song a dream come true and knew it would be a hit for his band. Lauren was also having dreams about Nik and couldn’t get him out of her mind and was puzzled by the dreams she was having.

Unwanted Attraction,Esk8ella

Unwanted Attraction

Young Adult


When Danielle ( Dani ) Collins , a beautiful yet awkward seventeen year old student met soccer superstar Jeffrey Campbell her life turns around . They met when they were still in elementary school and ever since then Jeffery became Dani's arch nemesis , at any slight chance he gets he humiliates her and she hated him in return. Their resent towards each other lasted till senior high school and that's when sparks began to fly , shivers done the spine and stomach flutter . Do you think opposite attracts ? Can their attraction be love even though it's unwanted ? Find the answers and even more in this intriguing story , it promises love , heartbreak and suspense !

You Belong To Me,Roseblaze

You Belong To Me



"Move!" "Ouch!"She glared at me. "Must you act this way towards me even if you and Katherine are in a relationship, can't you at least act friendly with me?" "Relationship?"I scoffed. "Don't delude yourself!" "I saw you both." I smirked and grabbed her hands. "Who was kissing Hinn today?"Her eyes dilated, I was sure she was not expecting me to see that. "You belong to me and no one else!" Robin Heisten a handsome man that grabs a lot of attention wherever he goes but was known as a cold person with no feelings, his past has been a mess but just crossing path with a girl he met once had been the only warm memory he has left in his heart. But what happens when he finally saw her but discovered she has feelings for someone else? Would he let the only lady that warms his heart go?

Staring at Sound (English),ferocearcadia

Staring at Sound (English)



Acel waited for Kiel for a long time after he left her for his own dream; to be a successful musician in his generation. After a year of battling to reach the top, he finally came back with his success and his band mates. She finally got the chance to express her feelings towards the vocalist. When they begin their journey to a lifetime relationship, news comes up about their family history and the real intention of Kiel towards her; to avenge his sister.

The World Only We Exist,lilaclover Lijah

The World Only We Exist



Anya Moore is a pop sensation with lots of people who look up to her, though her passion is something else. Sadie Ozoa wants to chase her dreams and doesn’t want to take no for an answer, but it feels like she doesn’t have a choice. But unexpected decisions they made had created unfaithful circumstances that have brought two different individuals together. Next unthinkable move: run as far away from the situation that could have led to their wishes. They don’t know how they ended up walking together and they don’t know why. But all they want to do is to escape from the environment they were surrounded in. Anya and Sadie thought they would be distant but with every step they took, they started to know so much about each other and what they have one thing in common: they hated how the world has become. They then thought what if they rebuild Earth where it is all ruled by them--and only both of them. The two then thought what if we start to make it a reality? As they go on the journey to create their own world, Anya sees that Sadie is more than an outcast and Sadie sees that Anya is more than just a star--they are each other’s world. But with the world that is against their odds, will they be able to show their truth? In this first debut comes a coming-of-age story about realizing that in order to survive the world, you must choose whether to follow the rules or break them for the sake of doing something right.

Tangled Up in Blue,Courtney Hume

Tangled Up in Blue



I'm tangled up in an irresistible boy named Blue. I didn't mean to fall in love with him. I went to college to become a journalist. And maybe to forget about how much I miss my mother. But then I met Blue. And everything changed. He's a hero. A battle-scarred veteran looking for a fresh start. He's a talented musician. He's passionate and intense and unbelievably sexy. When I'm with him, I can barely breathe. After just a few months, I can't imagine my life without him. But Blue is hiding something. He has a terrible secret. And when I find out what it is, I know I have to make a life-changing choice. Can I throw away my future for him? Will he sacrifice his freedom for me? How far will we go to save each other? ~~~ If you enjoy steamy and emotional stories featuring complicated good guys and the bold women who love them, check out Tangled Up in Blue!

Daddy don't hurt me,Charon

Daddy don't hurt me

Young Adult


Nova Hawk has it all. Money, reputation, a loving family and amazing friends. But she lost it all when she wakes up in the middle of the night after her eighteenth birthday party. Someone is in her room. She gets kidnapped by a group of six men that form a rockband that tour around America, giving concerts along the way. The lead singer Brad is the scariest of the six men, he also claims to be her biological father. After a while Nova finds herself enjoying the freedom she never had. She learns to play electric guitar, she travels to places she never went and feels closer to her mother that ever. Will she choose to stay in the live of rock, sex and alcohol? Or will she escape her horny father and friends to live with her younger sister at her aunt's house? Ps: I'm Dutch, English is not my first language. I'm sorry if I made any spelling mistakes. Pps: Be aware of strong language, abuse and rapings. Don't read it if it's too dark.

My Brothers Best Friend book 1,emmaheath031015

My Brothers Best Friend book 1



He ruined my life He told me he loved me He told me he would wait for me He cheated on me. That’s what you get for believing the bad boy That’s what you get for knowing Ashton Barraman Courtney Mendez was always a A + student until she decided to show the whole world who she really was, this caused a lot of people to look at her differently. But for one person she made mad and wanted nothing more to make her suffer her brothers’ best friend; Ashton”Asher” Barraman. True to his word he did just that, he made sure she got expelled for something she didn’t do. One year have passed and Courtney is back and ready for anything he throws at her cause she knows she has friends and a loyal boyfriend Bentley Jovanni, but is this guy all he seems? will Asher unmask the guy she beleived all this time to be on her side. This isn’t a typical love story cliche this is about two teenagers fighting for their right to be who they truly are join the journey of Courtney and Ashton’s life. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Mafia's Star,Rapunzel_0207

Mafia's Star



STAR OF THE MAFIA KING He is a cold hearted and a ruthless personality who can send shivers down the spine of the person who stands infront of him but at the same time, he is also the heartthrob of the world. Aarav Malhotra is a business man, one of the top most singers, most eligible bachelor for the outside world and a happy go lucky guy with a cold hearted personality. But just like every coin has two sides, no one saw the second and dark side of his life who is still the scared and love craving child. Naina chatterjee is a person who's soul is filled with music and dedicated to music. She is a simple and happy go lucky girl with a beauty that can drown anyone. She loved someone in the past and is still loving. But she didn't know whether he is still loving her or fell for someone else. Aarav looked into Naina's eyes for the first time and fell for her even without knowing her. After a few days he directly said looking into her eyes "I loved you and will always will do forever" making Naina the most luckiest girl on the earth. Time passed and something disaster happened and Aarav stood infront of everyone and looked into her eyes again and said "It was never the thing we expected or we lived in. Shanaya is my girlfriend." It broke her heart into zillion pieces and she felt thousands of ants biting her flesh and hurting her. Will she ever forgive him for whatever he did? Will he ever realise his true feelings towards Shanaya or Naina? ~ MAFIA'S STAR...........

BET!(The all fell for her),Beekay Writes

BET!(The all fell for her)



Meet Emily Brown, seventeen year old highschool drop out who lost the only people she called her parents. She was taken from the streets by her late guardian. When they died, she was back again on the streets again. Working as a pizza deliverer. She was kicked out of her workplace cause of a little misunderstanding....... And she found a work vacancy at a big place, With the people she's been dreaming to work with when she makes it. Will she get the job? Will fate be of help to her? There are good and bad moments. Sweet and sour moments Memories that can never be forgotten.... Find out in this intrudging story.......