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Chapter 4 Kidnapped by him

Word Count: 1030    |    Released on: 02/02/2024

was cheating on her, that’s all we found about her boss.” The private investigator said and I sighed, irritated by the fact that someone else had already gotten down with her before me. “Ja

left. I took the long pipe on the table, and I started smoking from it, happy that I wouldn’t have to spend another day without her by my side. Suddenly my phone chimed, I hurriedly checked because I was already expecting a response from her, and it was just as I had thought. “You’re sick whosoever you are! Let me be!” This was her response which made me very angry. I wanted to show her immediately that she’s mine and I wouldn’t let her be! “I’m indeed sick over you,” I muttered to myself with a loud scoff and I left the room. I needed something or someone to vent on. [At midnight] “Boss, we’ve been out her for hours now but she’s still not out yet,” Hector said and I ruffled my hair in frustration. I’ve never been this stressed in my entire life because I’ve always gotten whatever I wanted, but why is this so hard. “We’d keep waiting till she comes out,” I replied. It’s been days already and I always comes here to look for a perfect opportunity to take her away, but I don’t know why she decided to keep herself hidden. I’ve always sent my men to see if there’s any sign of her to no avail. But now I’m here to do it myself, if she doesn’t come to me, I’ll go to her myself. Hector quickly opened the car door for me, but as i made to leave, my little girl immediately came out together with her friend and I halted. My henchmen was already close to her, pretending he was passing by, but they were bugs in his ears connected to mine, so I’d be able to hear their conversation. “It’s late Freda, you shouldn’t go out. Since you told me about that man I’ve been restless. I don’t want you getting hurt,” Her so calle



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Chapter 32 I have a surprise for you
Chapter 33 Enjoying the cool breeze
Chapter 34 Leave me alone!
Chapter 35 A kiss after his torture
Chapter 36 Do you want me to fuck you like a slut
Chapter 37 I don’t want to see you with any man
Chapter 38 Finding out things herself
Chapter 39 You don’t love me, you’re just obsessed
Chapter 40 You can believe anything that makes you sleep well tonight
Chapter 41 Feeling sick
Chapter 42 Being all touchy
Chapter 43 Kidnapped
Chapter 44 Do whatever you want with her
Chapter 45 No one will come to save you
Chapter 46 Hitting her
Chapter 47 You want her Come and get her
Chapter 48 Saved by him
Chapter 49 Asking for forgiveness
Chapter 50 A beautiful sex with him
Chapter 51 Shopping at the mall
Chapter 52 Shocked at what she saw
Chapter 53 You’re not special at all, you’d soon be replaced
Chapter 54 And she’s back
Chapter 55 Going back to Freda
Chapter 56 I’ve never promised you anything before
Chapter 57 Staying with Freda
Chapter 58 What are you
Chapter 59 Getting Miranda out of there
Chapter 60 Strip!
Chapter 61 Anger and disappointment
Chapter 62 Kissing her
Chapter 63 In his drunken state
Chapter 64 An amazing night, disappointed the next day
Chapter 65 Cheated on yet again
Chapter 66 Not going after her
Chapter 67 I'm back now, you're done warming his bed
Chapter 68 Watch your tone young lady
Chapter 69 A fight with Freda
Chapter 70 A punishment for them
Chapter 71 Strip me naked and fuck me hard
Chapter 72 Now in the mood
Chapter 73 Now in the mood
Chapter 74 Her tears, his regret
Chapter 75 I want you to love me, Hardin
Chapter 76 I want you to fuck me harder
Chapter 77 What are we now
Chapter 78 I have a girlfriend, Freda
Chapter 79 Confiscated goods
Chapter 80 Get your weak self out of this mansion
Chapter 81 Learn how to defend yourself by yourself
Chapter 82 Looking for freda
Chapter 83 I have to tell you something
Chapter 84 Wanting to interfere indirectly
Chapter 85 Accusing him wrongly
Chapter 86 A one on one fight between the both of them
Chapter 87 Why did you set a match between us
Chapter 88 Leaving for training tomorrow
Chapter 89 At Jim’s mansion
Chapter 90 He wouldn’t be here until you’re done with training
Chapter 91 Why was Jim looking at her that way
Chapter 92 The thoughts of Freda
Chapter 93 A date with Jim
Chapter 94 Wanting to kiss her
Chapter 95 Friends
Chapter 96 Pleasuring herself while thinking of him
Chapter 97 Shut the fuck up!
Chapter 98 Not asking about her
Chapter 99 Saved by Hardin
Chapter 100 His anger
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