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You Are Mine, Omega

You Are Mine, Omega

Author: AlisTae
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Chapter 1 1

Word Count: 1606    |    Released on: 07/11/2023


best friend Teresa told

who was chatting with his friends at t

ys on him which h

f our Moonlight Crown Pack an

school with Teresa. It was our bre

turned my h

as j

your eyes suddenly fell on him." She sai

friend. She knew ev

a's daughter. He can't l

look at me as an ordinary girl, no

love you back for sure. Othe

you." I pressed my hand o

t lesson to begin. We w

rt was that it was one of the few classes w

with Teresa when I saw

er together, not knowing whether

om when I felt a push from my ri

iny hands and muscular arms were wrapped around me. I

forehead with a little fringe scatt

you o

at his attractive features. He was in his

ar student. Everyone glanced

ack after clear

k you." I res

walked inside

in love with Ethan. He was the most handsome boy they had

re. I liked him since he once saved my life when I was in dan

was t

twisted my head and sof

ss on the cheek from you. B

chmake me with Ethan, just as she ha

ry. Teresa, don'

I am not sure how you are going t

sroom. The class was completely crowded. I looked for a seat and

s, which were rather

arrived and be

o select the best sponsor for your produc

attention in every lesson. I wanted to do

of our school. We are fortunate to

ding me, was st

d and sai

perplexed by wha


me E

great honor." The

ied hard no

around here loves to butter

oncentrating on his book. But I might argue that his focus was

each other. Not only was my father his father's

an had

Alpha, Neil Iversen. He was the son o

e was just five years old. Alpha Ne

Neil's shadow. Alpha Neil wanted

was some

as well. He and Eth

nd his son Ryan Iversen ha

since I was eleven years old. It had been almost

ou go t

s. "Huh?" Teresa was the

g today. Seniors are givi

not even a stude

ool," A girl in my fr

see the Dean today, and a professor told ou

." I m

mplete opposite of him. In our childhoods, I

company me?"


Ethan is def

n, I sighed. He was no

sa dropped me off at home s

e in my house. I dial


received the call. "

e starving. Enter the kitchen. I made yo

What brough

if I could help her in cooking her son's favorite foods. Yo

y, m

up the

ends with Luna Ella, therefore we were really close family f

ok a shower. Following t

in blue jeans and a loose black shirt. My hair was pulled back

." I said

ve to the club where our sen

the smoke and the loud music. I had never been to a

e drinks." Teresa remarked

y popular student in our sc

Ethan conversi

." I said to Teresa bef

angers; we were

m and came to a


him, but then I saw his ex-girlfri

" He

t to say to him o


around without replying. I took a s



someone who

not my

l standing behind him? How could he possibly say

s. My tears had ma

ble to me. I saw a haze.

nly crushed again

but could not see anyth

mes, and my vision

of black eyes

lled to the fa

wline, thick brows, and

own to my clothes befo

d his deep,


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