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Chapter 15 No.15
Words Count: 1592    |    Released on:03/01/2023

Third Person POV

Brielle hurried into Killian's office as she was already six minutes late. It was Tuesday and she had forgotten the important files he'd given her to review over yesterday in George's car. Luckily George saw and met her a little less than halfway to retrieve them to her. She had yet to prepare Killian's coffee and she felt under pressure. Even being slightly late to anything made her panic and overreact.

She placed the files on his desk and the coffee right beside it. She hurried to her office to make it seem like she was already there. She clumsily tripped over her feet when all of a sudden Killian caught her small body in his arms. He had walked in a bit earlier when she was frantically making the papers on his desk look presentable. She didn't even notice him as she was too busy trying to make it seem like she got here on time.

She blushed as he steadied her back on her two feet. He looked her up and down before averting his eyes away. Brielle was in a mocha colored turtleneck dress with green boots. Her hair was in it's natural wavy state. To say she looked ravishing would be an understatement.

He had to control himself before mindlessly taking her against his desk but now.. we're just getting off topic..

—— locked chapter ——
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