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Chapter 8 No.8
Words Count: 1411    |    Released on:03/01/2023

" Do I look ok? " I asked Mr. Burkley for the tenth time as I came out of my room.

" You look great Brielle. It time for you to go now. " He said. I asked him if he could babysit Delilah yesterday and he said yes. What I didn't expect was for him to show up at my apartment at 9:30. I walked back in and groaned.

" Ugh I don't like it " I said looking in my bathroom mirror. He grabbed my hand and pulled me from the bathroom. He took the key from my pocket and locked the door.

" Hey! I was still using that " I whined and he grabbed my applications and my purse.

" Well guess what hon, you've been at this for the past hour. The only thing you're using now is the door " He pushed me to the door and I groaned.

I didn't own not one pencil skirt so I had to use one of my other regular skirts since I didn't want to show up in pants. I straightened my hair and made a part to the side and paired the skirt with a burgundy sweater, black tights and some brown ankle booties.

Delilah ran up to me and gave me a big kiss.

" Good luck Bribri!! " I smiled.

" Thank you Dede. I'll see in a little while ok? " She nodded and ran back to the living room. Mr Burkley opened the door and turned to me.

" Good luck Brielle. "

" Thank you sir " I smiled and walked out the apartment and onto the busy streets of New York City. I caught a taxi and I sat in the back. I rarely rode in taxis. The only time I did is when I was late for something and I only had 25 minutes to get to the building. I gave the man the address and he drove off. After about 15 minutes I noticed the area start to look a little more expensive. I gasped as I looked up at the huge buildings that was covered in mirrors as it reflected the sky and the streets. There was one that caught my eye specifically.

He stopped in front of that building and I paid him and stepped out. At the top in huge black LED lights it said KR. I walked to the front door and two security guards stood there.

They looked down at me " Identification is needed to enter the building. " I pulled out my ID and the other guard put it in some slot thing and the button turned green.

" Clear " He handed me my ID and I stepped into the building. They lobby was filled with people talking, bustling and hustling. I walked up to the receptionist and she typed as she ignored me.

" Um Hi.. " I said and she turned to me and looked me up and down as she grimaced.

" Can I help you? " She had a grey vest on and her blonde hair was wrapped in a bun.

" I'm here for the interview scheduled at 11 " She looked into her computer and spoke as she didn't even glance at me.

" Name? "

" Brielle Newman " She continued to type and she pointed to the left.

" Take that elevator to the top floor and speak to Anna " I nodded as I thanked her softly and walked to the elevator. I walked in and thank goodness it was empty. I looked at the buttons and my eyes widened. There is a total of 82 floors in this building. The other buildings on the block have the same or a little more. And I'm pretty sure he owns from about half to all of them. I hit the top button and the elevator started to go up. After a few minutes, I reached the top. I walked out and it was more quiet up here then down stairs. To the right of me were doors that had plaques and to the left was a desk. I walked up to the desk and I woman with brown hair looked up at me.

" Hello. Are you here for the interview? " She asked. I looked at he name on the desk and it was Anna.

" Yes.. My name is Brielle. We spoke on the phone yesterday.. " Her eyes opened slightly.

" Yes Brielle I do remember speaking with you. Can I see your applications please? I need to make a copy for Mr. Russel. " I nodded and handed her my papers. She made a copy of them and gave them back to me. We walked past the CEO office and the plaque was gold and it read CEO.

" The boss is getting ready for the interviews which will begin in 5 minutes. In the meantime please have a seat " We walked into the waiting room which had grey couches back to back and coffee tables. The women here all had their hair in updos or fine makeup. The were all dressed in vests and pencil skirts that were raise a little high and pumps that were at least 7 inches of the ground. As I walked in they looked over to me in disgust and whispered. I took a seat in the back and sighed.

Anna came back around and spoke.

" Good morning ladies. Mr. Russel would like to start the interviews now " She called the first name and one of the women stood up. After about 5 minutes she came back with tears strolling down her face and an angry scowl. As more women were called they all came back either angry or upset. Some even came back amused. I bounced my leg as my anticipation started to build. If those women couldn't get the job, how do my chances look?

" Brielle Newman? " Anna called and I looked up.

" Mr. Russel will see you now " I stood up cautiously as I followed her with my things. I specifically remember hearing the same thing in the trailer of Fifty Shades of Grey. We reached the door and she left me to it as she walked back to her desk. I opened the door to see a man standing at his window looking over the city.

" E-excuse me Mr. Russel? I'm here for the intervie- " I didn't finish because from the back of his head I could already tell it was him. He walked over to his office chair and sat down.

" Have a seat Brielle.. "

" K-Killian? " I asked dumbfounded.

" Y-you're the CEO?


" I sure am "

" Why didn't you tell me? "

" Simple. You didn't ask. "

" I can't work for you " I said as heat rose to my cheeks. Being in a room or building with him everyday would surely make me go crazy.

" Oh is that so? " He stood up and rounded his desk.

" I'm sorry Killian but I can't " The way he intimidated me didn't sit that well with me.

" And what about your niece hmm Brielle? What about Delilah? What job is going to offer you what this one has to offer " He walked closer to me and I started to back away.

" I'll tell you what sweetheart... this city, this state, hell in a few months this country, revolves around me. Try finding a job where they'll hire you, try finding a way to keep your apartment.. Because guess what Brielle. It won't happen. "

Tears came to my eyes " Y-you can't d-do that " He stopped a foot away from me and stroked the side of my face.

" Oh but I can darling. I can do many thing you are not aware of..... " Even though I should be furious and stomping out, I'm not. Something about knowing he has complete control of my life made the butterflies in my stomach flutter. He pressed the intercom behind me and spoke.

" Anna you can send the rest home. I found what I was looking for. " He looked me up and down and I blushed.

He placed his hand on my lower back " Come along Brielle, we have much to... discuss "

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