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Chapter 7 No.7
Words Count: 1283    |    Released on:03/01/2023

I stood in front of the stove as I cooked some eggs for me and Delilah. I was in my long sleeve t-shirt dress and my hair was down my back. Usually I wouldn't be home at this time but Mr. Burkley called me this morning and said the only way I could come back to work is if I didn't get the job. Madam A also called me and said that Mr. Burkley told her to tell me not to come in as well. They're basically forcing me to get a new job and it made me want to strangle the both of them. But since I can't do that I started cooking eggs.

I turned the stove off and put the eggs on two plates. I went into the fridge and grabbed some vanilla almond milk and I poured it into the cups. I grabbed our food and walked over to the living room. I set Delilah's food down in front of her as she sat on the floor and watched Paw Patrol. She grinned up at me.

" Thank you Bribri! " I smiled and kissed her head.

" You're welcome baby " I walked over to the couch and took a seat. I grabbed my laptop and opened it. I waited patiently as the screen loaded slowly and I typed in my password. I opened my bank website to see what bills needed to be paid. Even though I get the rent bill in the mail, I still have other bills to pay online. The first one was Delilah's savings and college funds. I deposit at the least $150 a month. The water and electricity bill was $250, gas was $100 and rent was $700. So let's do the math. I get paid $1,600 a month, subtract $1,200 worth of bills and I have $400 left. $200 for food, $40 for the bus, $80 for clothes and small things Delilah asks for and I have to store the other $80 either in savings or our rainy day money because when we have leaks and damages in the apartment it was costly.

Mind you this is when it's not freezing cold and we're stable for the time being. I have no money left afterwards. I also have to pay for costumes for the winter show this December. Even though we can get free classes, Madam A can't pay for all of our costumes and expenses. Mr. Burkley already pays my phone and internet bill so I couldn't ask much more from him. As of now I only have $170 and the bills are coming in quickly.

On top of all of that I need to find some kind of money for the holiday season which begins in just less than a month. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, DELILAH'S BIRTHDAY FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE! I'm happy she doesn't go to school yet because god would I tremble. I opened the next tab and sighed as I saw the ad for KR Inc. The interview was tomorrow and you had to RSVP for a spot. I grabbed my phone and bit my lip. I dialled the number and held it up to my ear.

After a few rings someone picked up " Hello. This is Anna Wilson, assistant to the Department of Accountancy and secretary to the CEO of KR Inc. How may I assist you? "

I cleared my throat as I spoke " I'm um- c-calling for the personal assistant job opening.. " I heard the clicks of her keyboard in the background.

" Name? "

" Brielle Newman " I heard the keyboards clicks stop and Anna didn't say anything.

" Um.. Is everything alright? " As if she was woken from a trance she continued to type on her keyboard and she spoke again as she cleared her throat.

" Yes everything is fine. Now Brielle the interviews as you know are scheduled tomorrow morning at 11:00 sharp. You must arrive with your résumé, identification and application form. Would you like me to fax it to you? " I bit my lip again.

" I don't have a fax machine.... or a printer "

" That's quite alright miss. Since it is too late to mail the forms to you, if you could give me your address, I could send one of our driver to deliver them to you. " One of our drivers? How many could they possibly have? I gave her my address and she typed it into the computer.

" Alright. His name is George and he will be at your home in less than 20 minutes. I will also send an outline of a résumé that you can also fill out "

" Thank you "

She paused again " You're welcome Brielle. Hope to see you tomorrow. " I hung up the phone and Delilah walked up to me and sat in my lap.

" N-new j-job? " She whispered as tears were already forming in her eyes. I stroked her hair.

" I'm afraid so baby "

" B-b-but why? You can't stay with M-Mr. Burkley? " I shook my head.

" I love Mr. Burkley sweetie but aunty is really having a hard time with some things and a job at the library just isn't enough " She looked down and traced patterns on my stomach.

" You leave Dede? " She ask softly and my heart shattered.

" Of course not baby. I know I haven't left you alone for a long time but I would never leave you. If I do go to my new job, I'll just leave you with Mr. Burkley. Wouldn't you like that? " She shrugged and looked back up.

" I guess so.. Will Killy still visit? " My cheeks reddened slightly.

" I don't know baby but I'm sure he will " She nodded her head and laid her body on me. I stroked her hair as she continued to draw patterns on my stomach. After about 10 minutes I heard a knock at the door. I picked Delilah up and put her on my hip as I walked to the door. I unlocked it and made eye contact with a man who had black wavy hair and glasses. He looked to be in is late 30s. He had on a white button up shirt, a dark jean jacket, black fitted jeans and brown chelsea boots. And like every guy I know, he was taller than me.

" ... Are you George? " I asked as he looked at me for a second as if he was examining me.

He nodded his head. " Yes miss, my name is George. I was sent by Secretary Anna to give you these " He handed me a yellow folder and I took it out of his hand as I thanked him. He stared at me for a few more seconds then he looked at Delilah.

" He doesn't usually do this type of delivery... " I heard him mutter something under his breath but I didn't quite understand.

" I'm sorry? " I said and he shook his head.

" ....I'll see you around Brielle " He looked over to Delilah for a split second. She was looking up at him smiling as if she knew who he was. He walked to the stairs and I closed the door.

" Well wasn't that weird... " I said lowly and she shrugged as she hopped off my hip and ran back to the TV. I went back to the couch and pulled out a pen. I started to fill out the applications to get ready for tomorrow.

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